Jan. 10th, 2017

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I am aware that you're excited to see her.

But have you considered that having Krul and Yuu-chan in the same place might not be the best? What do you think will happen when she grows thirsty?
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Well, mun...it's good that you're updating the Kalma Clan's history. Maybe it'll help you move us forward? I'd really like to know what happened to the clan. Somehow...wondering if they're still alive is even worse than knowing that they're dead...

And Erebus...the longer we sit around and do nothing, the more time he'll have to spread more darkness upon the world. We have to stop him...
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--No! Absolutely not.

Do you have ANY idea how uncomfortable this is?! Not to mention that it's an incredible waste of time. If there was an award for Biggest Waste of Time, THIS would win it.

And stop calling me "muse" immediately.
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Oh my dear min,

I had hoped it wouldn't come to this. That you would continue to resist revealing me to the world. I was perfectly happy remaining just another member of your mind. And don't even get me started with your thoughts on my current entanglement. It is none of your business what I choose to do or not do in my protection of the Librarians and their Guardians. My choices are my choices and that is all.
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 About time you showed up, honey. I was starting to think you'd never show your face!

You seen Jack? I miss him something awful...