Jan. 3rd, 2017

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Nice of you to remember me. Now where are Tohru and Hana? What about Kureno?

What do you mean you can't find them?! You're giving up too easy! Move it or lose it! We're wasting daylight!

[She stomps into the distance, filled with determination.]
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As weird as it feels to have you writing me stuck in bed and not on a plane to Daytona...I need you to focus on my personal life, not my professional one. If Connor isn't happy then giving up the Rolex 24 and all of that won't mean anything. He's who all of this is for.

I'll handle my business with the Race of Champions. I always do; that's not what I'm concerned about. What I'm worried about is making sure the man I love is taken care of, and that all the things we've been through recently haven't complicated our relationship. Focus on that and the racing will work itself out. I'm not a champion for nothing.

Although the back spasm was an unnecessary touch. I hate you for that.
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...Nice of you to remember me after- remind me, how long has it been?

Kind of wish you'd stop cackling about how much my life sucks. It isn't a great situation, but it's got to be done. Someone has to watch her back.
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Well, shucks!

[ He's not clinging those noodly arms to anything but thin air, as you can see. But when it comes to fourth walls, Wander is perfectly okay running head first into solid brick. After all, it's been a while and just because 'it's been a while' doesn't mean one dusty muse could be an less affectionate. Anybody but him. ]

Fancy seeing you around again. I just knew [ A squeak ] you wouldn't forget little ol' me!
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So it's time for the game to start again...hopefully no one dies this time.