bloodandwhiskey: (5.)
Proinsias Cassidy ([personal profile] bloodandwhiskey) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2017-08-07 10:43 pm

Canon is Preacher. Spoilers for 2x8 (x-post to d_p)

I don't need ya feelin' sorry for me, now. I don't need yer pity, I don't need yer blubberin' about just... I've been a shite father, all right? Been nearly seventy years, hasn't it? Better late than never, I'm always told... had t'be his Da at some point. Christ knows I wasn't when he needed me. It'd make up for the right bastard I'd been, wouldn't it?

But maybe I'm just sick of it, all right? Sick of seein' the people I care about get old and die. Figure if it's all goin' t'hell, might as well not be the last one left alive.

Lucky for Denis, he doesn't get out much. Dunno if this'd fix him or if it'd just make him sick forever.

Do miss the beach, though.

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