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Canon is The Dark Tower series, Voice testing a very confused muse.

...Cry pardon, Ma'am, but is this a good idea? I mean, I've got things I'm meant to be doing. Places I'm meant to be going, and people I'm supposed to go there with.

Ka-tet and all that. And really, I should be getting back. Who's gunna feed Oy while I'm gone? Or make sure he smiles every once in a while? I mean, don't get me wrong this is a nice set up you're offering and I say thankee sai for it, but I've got a place there.


Well, I guess if I'm stuck, I should at least ask you to find more pictures of me. And really? 'And that is the truth'? I know why, but that's some taste, Ma'am. Some taste.
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yeah, i'm glad i somehow found this post so relativley soon after you put it up

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[His stomach clenches. His arms wrap themselves around the boy instinctively, and it's probably a good thing Jake's face is against his chest rather than looking up at Roland. Roland's thinking of a promise.]

[But that doesn't apply in this case, does it? No. No, of course it doesn't.]

[That conclusion helps. His answer is still difficult, but it isn't impossible.]

As I wanted to stay with you. But I knew I'd meet with you again. This is a detour from our path, Jake. Nothing more. There is no power in existence that can keep us from finding our way back to it. Have faith in that, and never lose it.
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[That clenched stomach develops into outright pain and Roland's arms tighten of their own volition around the boy. His own silence feels too long; the words he chooses to end that silence feel like an excuse.]

Ka will tell, Jake. It's the only thing that can.

[It can't be an excuse. It's the only thing there is.]

And we'll be there to meet you after. That I do know. And so do you.
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[It's been a long time since Roland's dealt in any real way with children. Luckily his memory is long, too, and he remembers that time well enough to turn his I hope so into something just as true but a little more optimistic.]

I don't see why not. That's the benefit of being written by someone new for a little while - we can walk more than one path at a time. Things aren't all bad, Jake, as false as that might sometimes seem.
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Hm. You get used to it after a while.

[Roland watches in approval as the boy masters himself. The feat even earns Jake Roland's version of a smile.]

Feeling better?