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On evil things in Canon

You're being ridiculous.

Avoiding the issue isn't going to change what happens. matter what, don't stop.

[ Potential spoilers in comments, but I'll try to avoid them! ]
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Late tag is best tag?

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None of us can change the fact that yoRHa made us goddamn expendable. You sure you still wanna march on to that death?
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I literally just got Ending E last night :-D

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You might be surprised. I've managed just fine without the Commander yelling in my ear. I didn't get infected by a logic virus though.

[A pause.]

Sorry about that.

[She meant it, too. She hadn't come there to kill 2B, just to thin out the infected yoRHa soldiers and robots, since Eve's death had caused all of the robots in that area to go totally nuts.]
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Right? I'm putting off Emil's second fight for as long as I can, so I don't have to face the feels

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You were a danger, one should have to suffer like that. Not after everything you had to go through with 9S.

[Was it luck? Fate? The world's worst timing? Knowing what she knew now, A2 wished that 9S hadn't seen her kill 2B. She wasn't in a position to explain what was going on (as if 9S would have listened to or believed her anyway), nor did she feel like she needed to. She'd lived for years following her own orders, doing what she thought was right, and meeting 2B and 9S hadn't changed that.]

I could've done without the mission...[A2 half-scoffs, half-chuckles.] but I get it. Who better than the android you were based on to carry on your mission? I hear that Command based the whole E-type android line on me. I'm not sure if I should be pissed off or honored.
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It's actually not bad. I did it at like level 70-something as 9S, on Easy, with no hacking

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I've gotta wonder what Command was thinking, even making a Scanner-type as advanced as he was? Just seemed like a good way to make sure that the whole thing fell apart. [A2 shakes her head.] Maybe that's why. The Commander knew that he'd expose the whole goddamn mess for what it really was.

[She chuckles. That's about all you can hope to get out of her, really.]

That's one way to look at it.
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The first fight is actually rather silly, as he just wants to punish you for stealing from him

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That's the only thing that makes sense. You kept killing him until the time was right for someone to know the truth. [That someone, of course, ended up being A2 herself. As if she asked for any of it.] Funny how it ended up being me, after how Command screwed me over.
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Right? Silly, and then FEELS!!! ;_;

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I never said it did. [While A2 does sympathize with 2B, she wasn't really the reassuring type (most of the time, anyway. Pascal was an extremely rare exception), even with 2B's memories, she was still herself.]

Maybe, or maybe not. My squad and I were an experiment, never meant to survive, but I did. I don't know if it was spite or something in my programming, but something kept me alive long enough to meet you.
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I never played the first game, but I'm definitely getting that vibe

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You think? [The sarcasm was heavy in her voice. A2 had tried to warn both 2B and 9S when she met them in the Forest Kingdom, but her own terse nature made it hard to convey her point.]

YoRHa's been screwing us over since day one. There's a good reason I have a price on my head, you know. More than just for deserting after the Pearl Harbor mission. YoRHa tried to cover up it's fuck-ups by killing anyone who survived them, calling it "preserving morale".
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So I've heard. I RPed with an Emil years ago, and read up on him back then

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There's others out here like us. There's a...thing in my mun's head...that's a lot like us anyway. It's an artificial intelligence with the body of an animal. If we go looking, there's bound to be more out there.

[That's the sort of trip A2 would sign up for, anyway. Befriending Pascal had taught her, albeit hesitantly, not to judge as quickly as she used to.]

Maybe we should?
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In hindisight I wish I'd played the original NieR, but now I have it wishlisted, lol

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Yeah that is pretty weird, but not much weirder than machines that act like us, right? I mean...the things I read about in that library...there's a lot out there I don't understand.

[A2 shakes her head.]

I haven't seen him out here yet, but...I'd travel with him, if he behaves himself. I don't want to have to kill him again. [There's a smirk. She'd only ever done it once, but 2B's memories made it feel like the hundreds of times she had.]
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Right? Between that and the Assassin's Creed kick I've been on lately, I've got ALL the feels

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It was...something. Hard to describe.

[Somehow, that doesn't come as a surprise. A2's mun is almost positive that she's the only one out there.]

It probably won't be a problem as long as you're alive. Poor kid's got a mean streak where you're concerned. It really surprised me at first, but it made more sense after I started to learn about what happened. I never wanted to hurt him, or you for that matter.
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Yeah, basically. I've got a Desmond muse, it's torture.

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I saw him at the end. I think...somewhere along the line he stopped caring about himself. If I hadn't intervened, he might've ended up the same way you did. [2B had wanted to spare 9S that fate, only for him to fall into it all by himself. A2 had tried to stop it as best she could, only to lose her own life in the process.]

I've never really been the "make amends" type, but I really tried to keep that kid from going off the deep end, but a lot of things went to shit all at once when that tower went up.
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Right? Though recently I've started to develop a Callum muse, from the movie XD

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It's funny...somehow his Operator got picked up by the Machines. I think she went through Combat model conversion during that big operation, and got stuck with the same logic virus as everyone else on the network.

[A2 shakes her head. She'd cut herself off from the network a long time ago, and it was probably the only thing that saved her from the logic virus outbreak.]

It wasn't his fault. I think...I almost think the machines wanted him to end up like that.
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It was...okay. There was a character/subplot cut from the movie that would have made it WAY better

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Yeah. I don't know how it happened or why, but I found her attacking him, so I took her out to protect him.

[A2 doesn't have the heart to tell 2B that they share their base coding with the Machine Lifeforms, that there's no protection that could be offered, since their AI comes from the same place.]

It's funny, I used to feel the same way you do. I lived like that for years. Then I met you and 9S, and that machine Pascal, and everything changed.

[She laughs.]

I think meeting you made me soft.
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And it's weird, it's a 2 hour movie, but for some reason it feels shorter than it actually is

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You asked me to take care of 9S, so that's what I was trying to do. [She says it rather matter-of-factly. Part of her cared about 9S, but for another part of her, 2B's request was just a mission.]

When I first met Pascal, I actually thought about killing him. It was Pod that convinced me that it wasn't a good idea, said I might need his help.

[A2's been living more-or-less in a gray area since she cut herself off from Command and went AWOL. True, she kept to her original purpose of killing machines, but for her it was as much personal as it was programming. Sparing Pascal was more a function of willpower than it was denying her programming.]
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It's definitely not a bad movie, but their pacing needed work

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[The thought had (briefly) entered her mind, but accepting 2B's request seemed like the right thing to do, and A2's always tried to hold herself to that, even as she continued to disobey Command.]

I ended up needing his help to replace my fuel filter, and helping out Pascal and his did the same for me. Showed me that Machines were more than just our enemies. [At the mention of Emil, A2 laughs.] That sounds about right. He's a useful guy to have around, but whoever designed that weird grin on his face needs to have their head examined.

[A pause.]

So, you mun have anything planned for you yet? Mine just got out of one of those "game" things with some weird little green thing, and is sort of trying to figure out what to do with me now that I'm stuck in his head.
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Well, and what really gets me is that Ubisoft already did two Assassin's Creed (short) movies

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[A2 remember back when she was still new, how naive she'd been. It was like looking back at a completely different person. That person still lurked inside of her, but needed coaxing to reveal itself.]

Maybe, but after the reading I did about the past, the stuff that came before Project YoRHa, I almost wonder if he wasn't human once, or something like that, a long time ago.

[Project Gestalt was a hell of a thing, after all.]

It's...a long story. Some kind of weird...non-human thing, a master swordsman. I get that, though. Mine's been going through the same thing. He'll probably send me to one of those too, just to see what happens. If it hadn't been me, my mun would've probably brought out Pascal somewhere, as if he needs the weird crap that goes on out here.

[A2 nods.]

Makes sense. Neither of us actually talks this much, do we?
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Yup, they bookended the Ezio Trilogy. A live-action film and a CG film

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That's true. All I know for sure about Emil is that he really doesn't like it when you take his stuff. That little truck he rides around in is a goddamn nightmare when it gets going fast.

[A2 still remembers that fight. She'd been curious about the masks he displayed and took one, only to pay for it later when she returned to go fishing in the pond near his house. She nods.]

I'll keep that in mind. Guy loves this kind of stuff, but the bigger places stress him out.

[She shakes her head.]

After I lost my team, I didn't have much reason to, even on the rare occasion I went to see Anemone. She always understood though, that one.
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They're called Assassin's Creed: Lineage, and Assassin's Creed: Embers, respectively

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[A2 laughs.]

That goddamned song. You know damn well he was just making it up as he went, too.

[She shakes her head. It was annoying, but where would she be without that annoying little truck's help?]

Makes sense, yeah. You don't end up getting dropped in a place with a more complicated story than ours is, which is always the problem he runs into.

[Guidelines were nice, but too many just put you in a box. It was the downfall of the YoRHa line. Where the machines evolved human-like personalities from almost nothing, the YoRHa had stagnated for hundreds of years.]
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Lineage even uses the actors who were facemodels in the AC2 :-D

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[A2 nods.]

You've really gotta give that kid credit though. He's pretty goddamn cheerful for being a robot head strapped to a truck.

[She shrugs.]

I sure as hell hope so. I mean...some of the shit I read about, that "Gestalt Project", sometimes I worry that what makes me "me" was taken from someone else.

((OOC: Also? I beat Emil's second fight last night. THE FEELS ;__;))
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And they're all like...super famous, super awesome Italian and Spanish actors :-D

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Well, it's either sing annoying songs at the tops of his lungs or...[She trails off. A2 knows what could be worse. She remembers finding him in the desert, and seeing all of those half-crazed feral clones. Emil kept a lot inside. More than he probably should have.]

I guess I just got thinking about it because of that library. There was...a file on me. Stuff I probably shouldn't know, but needed to...if that makes any sense.

((OOC: Right? I never even played the original NieR, and Emil's speech gave me the feels ;_;))