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SONiKA ([personal profile] cowardsoftware) wrote in [community profile] dear_mun2012-01-04 08:46 pm

SONiKA: Pander

so thats how ur gonna do it
they said 2 some1 else "bonus points 4 laughter and/or feelings"
even though when it comes to feelings, i got it going on
but instead ur going 2 beg
ok well they will probably laugh @ that
(uncomfortably cuz they pity u)
but im still not sure it will happen i mean im an AU of an AI and shit
the people dont accept us robots no matter where i go, its a fact of life

and u say u cant use ur other samples bcuz they dont have any computer puns in them?
that must be hard. just like getting ur license something u still havent done...

it's a hard drive, and no1 understands.

there now all ur problems r solved w/this convenient abuse of dm's 4th wall
dont mistake, even though im bugging u i rly want 2 get in myself
if this SBURB thing pirates me away then i wont hav 2 worry about being homeless after i [Esc] my ex bf
and i will have stolen his laboratory 2 an alternate dimension as well! all +s
it will b nice not living on the same planet as him <3
lets make it work baby