Oh boy.

Apr. 5th, 2017 01:02 am
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 First of all, y'haven't even touched m'canon in ages. How're y'meant to even write properly f'me, much less this--alternate universe thing ya got goin' on here.

, I like t'think 'm a patient man, but y'really pushin' it.
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We both know that you only did this because the name was available.

Is it really so difficult for you to decide on a single option and develop that exponentially instead of leaving them all open? I understand that because you don't have intentions of putting me anywhere with a set structure, like a game, that it shouldn't be an issue for you.

But how am I meant to keep these ...different versions distinct? It's easy for you, you just run with whatever ridiculous idea crosses your mind and I'm the one who has to live it.

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No. I already have, thanks to you, my hands full at all times. You do not need to give me more of my former-Darth-Revan memories back. Really, you should be grateful people even go along with the ridiculous notion that is 'Force reincarnation'. I don't care how well you think it explains the mantra that there is no death, only the Force, I have a full time job living this life - which you may have noticed is in a state of thorough disarray as of now, again, thanks to your total lack of planning.

I also do not need to become 'more involved' with my family. Please stop throwing me at every iteration of my father that shows up. Although he admittedly is safer talking to me than getting himself knee-deep in trouble with another smuggling deal gone awry - Force only knows how he survived before he met Uncle Chewie - my mother is here. She can handle him. I have to focus on the Force right now, not whatever melodramatic dribble you feel in the mood for at the moment. Which is also why you need to stop seeking out Lukes. I will face my uncle when my reconnection to the Light is stronger and I have made more progress undoing the damage I wrought as Kylo Ren.

And stop bringing up my tauntaun. Many people strong with the Force have connections to creatures. It is not 'cute'. [He crosses his arms indignantly.] Besides, it isn't as if there's anywhere here I could bring Tom-Tom along, anyway.
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So, you have put some more thought into this. I still do not think it is a good idea, but I will admit that it is an interesting one.

I would much prefer if you could decide what era to use at least, if nothing else, and whether or not I am still a part of the program or if it was disbanded as Marissa's was, or if I was able to escape from it in some other way.

I can also say that I do not approve of your plan to play out different versions and 'see what sticks', these are the sort of things you should know before playing with something like this.
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I'm not sure I like this idea of yours. The one about making me some sort of fairy creature was alright, but this one isn't as good.

I wouldn't mind having the powers, this Force, but the rest seems unpleasant, it's as if Marissa's project actually had a chance of working, and that doesn't make sense.

...though I suppose making me some sort of fairy creature didn't really make sense either.

At least wait until after your vacation, think it over while you're away, decide if it still seems like a good idea once you've returned.
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Gee, look who remembered me. [This is not the expression nor tone of voice of an amused teenager. He raises an eyebrow briefly, unknowingly echoing the way his older brother used to.]

I'd say I was flattered or something but you only remembered because you were researching nuclear disasters. I'm not gonna be jumping for joy over that. You know, as a whole, mostly my field of science is safe. It's when non-scientists decide to deploy it that things go, well, nuclear. [Hiro winces at the pun, and then presses on before anyone can linger on it. He'd groan at his own bad humor if he weren't so stressed out.] Weren't you going to do an AU with somebody else? Or just RP in general? Try Honey Lemon, everybody likes her. I'm like, one-fifth that energetic. One third as likable. Which I'm totally not apologizing for, by the way. Especially since I - we, the team - saved the day with less risks to the team's safety than canon because I wasn't afraid to work in more combat-ready features.

Given the wicked rough levels of homework I gotta deal with double majoring, I can't see how I have time for this. Seriously, my brother is going to come back as a ghost and just. Stare me down until I wake up and get back to it, no matter how rough SFIT gets. I'm kinda amazed that hasn't already happened, to be honest. So whatever I'm supposed to be doing here, I can't. I'm flattered - not really - but I can't.

Not that anybody wants help from a 'mad scientist' anyway.

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Yes, mun, it is exciting that you got to meet Greg Weisman a couple weeks ago. 

And yes, I'm happy you're thinking about me again.  You spent a lot of time working out how my universe would work (even if you "borrowed" quite a few ideas from some of the fanfics you used to read), and writing lots of little vignettes.

But that fact remains, I'm one hell of an AU, and not even a canonical one.  So you'd have to find a game that allows for that. 

Though like I keep telling you, you could just play me non-AU and make the middle of The Mirror my canon point...
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I don't think I should be here. I need to find my way home.


You think I should consider this a vacation?

It does seem far more safe than the Underground. Maybe I could stay here for a little while as long as you promise to send me back.
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Unless you have Bulma's machine, you literally don't have time for this.

Also all these technical difficulties you've been having seem like even the Universe wants you to stop. The name all these glitches are virtually trapping you with barely works, it's just vague enough to somehow draw a tenuous connection to myself.

Just. Don't.
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...They're free. I did what I could.

Why have you brought me here?

[They're still covered in flowers, but thankfully, they can still walk, and their hands aren't numb anymore. The only sense they lack is their sight, obscured by the full wreath of buttercups.]

I still... cannot return to the surface like this.
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[Here stands a goat man in a lab coat looking unsure.]

Howdy... Mundane was it?

Are you certain this is the best course of action?

I know that you have assured me that time does not pass while I am here, but I still feel as if I should be at the Lab guiding the human rather than here.
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So where are you going with this? You think I'm redeemable? Don't make me laugh. You have already taken away some of my hard earned powers abd screwed with others. No, I'm not pleased with that. Don't you dare weaken or break me. Or this will end ugly for you and everyone else.
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...Could you and the creepyred-head who happens to have it in for me for whatever reason please stop referring to me as a "sacrifical lamb"?

Whatever it is you're planning and hoping to discuss with Rider's mun doesn't sound all that great me either me or him. And I'd prefer it if I didn't wind up as giant snake chow. Just because I'm a regular human with mage abilities in this AU of yours doesn't mean you have to render me completely helpless you know.


...Mun, She's smirking my way at me again. What should I do?!
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Me? Being Force-Sensitive?

I don't know, Mundane, it seems like it might be more hassle than it's worth. How many times has that universe killed off nearly every Force sensitive or gotten into some huge civil war because of this Force? For something that's meant to bring balance to the universe, it does seem rather good at causing strife. Especially for that one family...

Also, you know Grandfather wouldn't like it. The Jedi seem to be more controlling that the High Council, and he got me out of Gallifrey because of how things were there... It's not that I don't like the idea, actually I really like the sound of being able to move stuff without touching it, or maybe being able to do that mind trick, I just think that... Well, maybe it's not really for me?

Though you are right. Any Force sensitive on Gallifrey wouldn't have been taken to be trained. I suspect there was probably a lot of tension between the two Councils. Or would have been, if they existed in the same universe.

It is a nice idea, I just... Let's not cause Grandfather the worry?
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Now I know you're doing this just because you think there's still some chance that I'll come back. And maybe there is, but you know the plan as well as I do, and there's no coming back from something like that. The best I can hope for is some kind of gray.

But you know I wouldn't settle for that, I'm not the sort of person who does anything by halves, now am I?

Besides that, you really shouldn't worry about me too much. Just because I'm letting him train me doesn't mean I'm going to let him touch me, and more than that, I think he knows better, considering the damage I already caused him.

I'm here because I want to be here. That's really all you need to concern yourself with.
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Yes, by all means. Go on and act surprised, if that somehow placates you. You've only been contemplating my existence for weeks now. I'm hardly averse to admitting it, even if you aren't.

If the so-called "regular" version of myself won't suffice - and who could blame you, there - then I have no objection to keeping you company. Only for a little while, mind, that is; and this had best somehow be productive. I'm a very important woman, you see, and don't have time to waste.
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You're really testing my patience, Girl.

I had high hopes that the Grail and the trust of my son would have been mine by now, but you seem to be taking your sweet time.

You do recall that removing any particular obstacles in my path happens to be a speciality of mine, yes? If Iskandar doesn't wish to form an alliance with his dear mother, then I'll simply have to remind him why a partnership with me would be far more beneficial than his chosen partner.

Where Assassin has failed. Caster shall succeed.
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Alright, can we make it stick this time around? I'm bored, you're bored. Just let me come out and play now.
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I have no idea what you're trying to do here. Do you even know?!

Whatever it is, no thanks. I'm kinda busy here, in case you hadn't noticed, and I really don't feel like jumping into your headspace just because you can't get my male self to work in there anymore. Who'd blame him, anyway? No offense, but the company sucks. We're talking skytree levels of suck. No - if the skytree got an anime adaptation, that's how much it'd suck!

[... You're kinda mixing your -]

The point stands! Your headspace is a suck-ytree, without the view.

Now let me get back to my life. For that matter: get back to yours!