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I'm as lost and confused as you are. Who knew I ended up in a choke hold? Peter's reaction to that must have been insane. And Peter...I don't know if we're ever going to have that conversation. We keep trying, but something always seems to get in the way.

I think you should probably stop trying to do things with me until you figure out who I'm supposed to be. It'd be better for both of us than painting me into a corner I can't get out of.
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One commercial is not an excuse to interrupt me again.
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I miss Dan too. Trust me you're not the only one in that. He's a hard guy to let go of.

Just remember that we're all still doing the show, just for a new company, and it's probably still awesome.

I'll always be around someplace. You're never going to be totally rid of me, or us, and I think you like it that way.
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I don't think this is working out for either of us. As much as I'd love for there to be something here and to tell him how I really feel? Maybe you should just add me to your pile of muses.
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Hey, princess, I can see why you're considering all of me. What's not to consider? But I will not cooperate. I do my own thing. Testdrive? Testing is for losers, you get behind the Duncan-wheel, we go at my speed. None of this testing the waters to see if you like me.

You in or you're out. Explosions, knives, poisonous spiders, psychotic tendencies, and my appreciation for women who could kill me and all.

Get on with it!
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Jaysis, ye've got t'be fuckin' with me.

Look, I've no problem with yeh draggin' me out like this, but if ye're goin' to make a habit ou' of it, least yeh can do is show yer ol' buddy Cass a bit of T-L-C, eh? Fix the place up, pat me on the arse, and send me on me merry way, sure.

But would it kill yeh to show a little emotional support every now and again? Think about us for once, wouldjyeh?
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One hundred and three days.

What's that, did you think I hadn't been counting?
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Yes, I know you're excited. Your squealing is still ringing in my ears. However, the fact remains that unless Alex returns, or my not so secret admirer comes back from wherever he may be, you have nothing new to do with me. I will not be subjugated into any pointless games or turn into the generic keyboard puncher in some random canon.

And don't you even think about this bizarre AU of yours. Alex Kane may have faked his death but it would not be to turn into a Chicago lawyer and I would most certainly not be his assistant.
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I think it's perfectly fine they're moving on without me. I'm perfectly happy to be away from all their drama. And Diane can do enough slapping for the both of us.
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I do not understand why we are doing this. It is true I need to extend myself, but I question your choice of methods. Especially as there are others here far more suited to active social interaction.
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Look, whatever it is you're thinking of doing just — don't, okay?

They're going to need me. [ she shifts, as though that isn't quite right, and makes amends: ] It's going to take all of us.
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No, I don't feel neglected. I'm perfectly happy not being tazed. Besides, coming back wouldn't be any fun without Jack or Michael. Every hero needs a good sidekick.
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I don't want new friends. I want my friends.

At least I want them to know that I'm okay.
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I think you should stop asking me about football. There's nothing good for me to talk about and then I just flail aimlessly.

Unless you want to ask me about college football, but then I'm kinda biased...

So yeah. Maybe I should just go back in my box until after the Super Bowl.
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Couldn't just let things lie, huh?
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The Rams being blown out by Arizona makes you think of me. My ex-hometown football team being humiliated on national television makes you think that bringing me back out is a good idea. I guess I should be happy but really I'm kind of mortified. Like anyone else is going to want to talk about the disastrous state of the team with me anyway.

If it makes you happy I'll vent for a little bit but don't be surprised if this doesn't mean anything. There are reasons I got mothballed you know. Very good-looking and valid reasons.
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No, I did not quit my job, move to New York and become an investigative reporter. As much as Alex would have made a fabulous sidekick.

My life is already complicated enough considering your choice of romantic partners.
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I don't know what it is you hope to accomplish this time around. We've established Alex is long gone, as he should be. And your idea of having me collaborate with attorneys and government agents just because you think the crossovers would be "fun" is the kind of thing that would get us both killed.

But I know I can't stop you, so I'll just say do try and keep the angst to a minimum.
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Yeah, that made me think about marrying Connor, too. It would be really sweet if that was how we did it. But to do that I actually have to talk to Connor first.

Even if it doesn't happen I can say I was part of something really special, and that's good enough for me.
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I agree with you; this is the right time for me to propose. And I agree with Will; I've just got to take the risk.

But for me to do that my boyfriend actually has to be here. So I think you should stop worrying about me. If he comes back then I'll ask him, but you can't keep worrying over what might not happen.

It's okay if you just take a break for awhile. I'll be here. I've got patients to help and apparently we're all watching Thursday Night Football.