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So what if the ninth anniversary of our canon is also the 11th anniversary of another milestone in the history of intemorphic art? I'm not sure it "averages out to a tenth anniversary", heibon-kun.

Not that I'm actually opposed to your idea, as long as the canon version of Hataka-mura is still one of the options. We promised Harley-chan a visit years ago, and one of these days I still want to deliver.

A new pup

Jun. 19th, 2017 12:41 pm
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So you're my mun, huh? Don't think that means you've earned my respect.

Still, I am grateful that you've put me here, and that you've written some headcanon for me. Let's hope you're better at playing me in here than you are in my actual game. How can you be better with that dork Spring Man than with me!?

And another thing... [she blushes slightly] Did... did you really have to put me in ... that place?

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 Hell no.
This is single-handedly the worst idea I've had to endure since that time Echo thought going to Hunter Islands at high tide would get us more 'loot'.
No way in hell am I going there.
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It looks like it's our fault that there's a whole slew of vampire posts as of late, livestock.

[You think!?]

So much for it slowing down...

When is Dio coming back?

[You can't really be serious...he's going to hurt you when he comes back...]

Maybe, but I like playing with him...
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[The wind coming out of your sails?]

No, it's not that...it's just the next idea that you have...

[What about it?]

You don't really have to drug me that badly do you?

[You need to get laid and give a good show...you'll enjoy it.]

I better be put in a room this time instead of out in public...

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No! No, no, no, no, no!

[You know there's nothing you can do for now, right?]

Mouuuuuu~ no one hurts her! Not even him!

[You're not listening again, are you Chess?]

I didn't want Horn hurt!

[Should have thought of that sooner...]
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Well, it looks like I, DIO am going to become a father once again... and by extension of using his body so is Jonathan, thus added yet another tangle to the Joestar family line... Heh, I'd love to see the expressions of shock on Joseph and Jotaro's faces if they were to find out. The good news is that this offspring will be of immediate use to me unlike the others ones I've produced.

Not only that but I've humiliated that little rose-haired bitch of a Vampire Queen and showed her just who the superior vampire is in the same night! Truly, fate as ever is on DIO's side!
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[We've been through this before...mun or mundane!]

That isn't important! I'm gonna be a mommy!

[Yes...you're going to cause a lot of hell for the others there...]

*she isn't listening~*

I wonder what I should name it~!

*rambles on and on :D*
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[Mun or mundane would suffice...]

*she's not listening one bit...*

How dare you let that place humiliate me like that! You know full well we vampires are the superior race no matter who or what is in control of that ridiculous place. I will not stand for this at all!

I'll find who's in charge...I'll make them pay!

[You're going to be disappointed as well as strung up again...]
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Oh, oh mun...

You know, I'm really liking this predicament you're putting me into. I always did enjoy having foxes come after me with their foxfire trying to burn my braid.

*so sarcastic it hurts...*

But in reality, the new fox is rather cute. He's a lot more gentle than my actual 'mate'.
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Fuck you and your Easter idea.

You lied to me.

[Eyup :D]
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[What now...?]

I'm in this headspace, I can hear your thoughts...your terrible ideas.

[What? It's not my fault that you're getting around a lot more than usual, and you know how the place is...and the fact that you were human when you showed up.]

Stop beating around the bush!

[Ok...ok...I'll stop. I'm not even plotting it. *dismissive wave*]

*pinches the bridge of her nose*

You are insatiable, mundane...quit thinking about awkward positions to put me in.

[*snerk* Awkward...]


I give up...
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[Yeah and your point? You seemed to have a really good time with *ahem* HIM.]

Shut up! It's bad enough that you're not even plotting with them, and you have so many ideas swimming in this space that I don't want any part of. I don't need that hell again, thank you!

[Come now, Hubert, you might actually be one of the few that may get him to soften up. You managed to do it with a few others.]

He's an egotistical prick. I'm able to protect my family this way, and they're none the wiser.

[Keep hiding behind that little idea...I know full well there's more to it than that *smug*]

*deadpans* I'm not talking to you anymore...ever...

And if you post again in that place you're going to make me look like I'm desperate. Give your ideas a fucking rest.
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Those little 'secrets' were never meant or required to be put down! The last thing I need for you to do is create more hell for me in that place!

[Oh hush, you're enjoying yourself.]

That's not the point! There's nothing wrong with keeping those little facts private!

[I should honestly probably add more...there are truly so many that you have...]


[Oh come on! What's the worst that could happen :D?]


Are you really that blind...? I'm going to end up someone's pet! AND GET THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!

[Too late~]
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Damn them... I'm DIO! I was suppose to be at a place where there would be none who could oppose me. Where I could take whatever I wanted and  indulge in every whim. But instead DIO finds himself to be met with challenges and resistance at every turn! I should by every right have the advantage... My powers as a vampire should be superior to theirs! They can't see or comprehend the World or Stands in general, let alone have a counter for me stopping time!  I even have Pet Shop there to assist me!

So why is this third time in a row,  I been forced to retreat in fear?! 
If only I had more of my followers there to aid me in subjugating them ...

Still, I, DIO refuse to given in! I will overcome this, just like I've overcome Human Weakness, Death and Jonathan! DIO WILL BE LORD OF ALL HE SURVEYS OR HE WILL BE NOTHING!!! 

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[ a long, weary, exasperated sigh. ]

I'm not even sure where to begin. You know I don't approve of this 'username' you selected. What's more - and I don't need to tell you this - I do not like where you are going with this ...hotel.

Please tell me you aren't hoping to find Hannibal there. [ or worse. there are worse things than your murder husband waiting for you, mister graham. this is the internet, after all. ]
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You immediately put me in that hotel?

I won't question your judgment, Mun, but perhaps I will question your morals.

[[ oh shush sonia. anyway, uh, looking for an actual game to drop her in, so if your game is in desperate of a hella radical princess, suggestions would be awesome. ]]
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Well done, mundane...you've now made it difficult to thread with other people.

[How is turning you a vampire making it difficult?]

For starters, you could stop locking the posts...

However, not everyone wants to play with a vampire. It's hard enough with your still idea of 'rule 63'. Plus, not everyone is going to read whatever information you've set for me.

And this...thing...you and the other seem to have planned...you're not really serious are you? It is just a game...right?
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Your want for humans to torment me over there is unreal.

I'm dealing with enough on my plate as it is with the nobles that are there. I don't need the Demon Army there either...


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It's cute that you and the vampire's mun are plotting out turning me into one of his followers, but at the rate you're going, with the amount of threads that don't get finished...

Well, you know it's probably not going to happen.

[You like the idea though. The vampire's growing on you.]

Perhaps, but it's not going to work with both of your schedules.