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I appreciate it, mundane, but it's not as important as you make it out to be.

The day of my birth does not hold the same meaning as it did many, many years ago. Still, the sentiment is appreciated. Thank you.
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I'm not here to complain, but I'd prefer it if you didn't just let me fade into obscurity.

There are many other activities that require my attention, and the Church isn't going to appreciate having one of their Burial Agents playing hooky for very long.
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I don't want to be a part of whatever you're planning, so go pick up someone who wants your absurdity.


What do you mean I don't have a choice?! Again?!
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It's hardly an exciting choice for a canon point, Mundane, but it's highly preferable to your second choice.

More importantly, I'm not sure I entirely understand your plans for me. Do you intend for me to only collect dust over time?
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I'm not usually the type to lecture others on restraint, but try not knocking back so many drinks at once. I know it's St. Patrick's Day but I'd rather have you sober when you find somewhere to throw me.

...On that note, any ideas yet?
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I'd appreciate it if the person that's supposed to be making big choices that impact my future as long as I'm stuck here wasn't also trying to play me running off little to no sleep.

It's my life you're screwing around with here.
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Um... Mun-san... if it's not too much trouble, could you not go throwing me at one of those scary or sexual memes? I'm not really interested in those. So, please? I don't mind being in your headspace as long as we lay those ground ru-

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As I told you before, no. Don't make me repeat myself another hundred times. You are not a good fit for me. Just because I was your first "muse" doesn't mean anything. After what you did, I refuse to be your puppet again.

I'm busy enough keeping tabs on Nii-san and making sure Kohaku doesn't cause more trouble for others. I don't need additional stress on top of that, and quite frankly neither do you. Didn't you pull me out immediately from my last game for some reason? You never did tell me why.

...Hrmph. Don't mistake concern for sympathy.
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Mundane-san, you should be sleeping right now! You have to get up early for your job tomorrow. My account's icons and these memes can wait, you know.
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[There's no need to talk. And she doesn't want to talk.

But the meaning is fairly clear.

"Good luck".

Nothing else is behind that smile.]
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...Goodness. This is already embarrassing enough as is, you know. I'm very flattered that you consider today such an important date, and three whole years certainly is a long period of time, but you really don't have to be so worked up because of just that. Your friends must tire of your ramblings too, and you do realize what this means when I'm the one who tells you that? [...Right, some of us ARE aware of our expositioning tendencies...] So please, calm down and focus on what we already have on our plate. Things are quite hectic in that town, we've both still got a lot of planning to do and see through.

That said, I am grateful for everything. It's been quite the experience, going from one terrible town to an even worse one, haha. [It sounds better when you put it lightly...] There has been so many unanticipated changes, and while I think it's too forward of you to claim "it was all for the better", I suppose I can't quite deny it's been some of the most fun times I've had, even considering my stay in Japan spent with Tohno-kun and his friends. I do wonder sometimes how they're doing now, but things certainly are fine the way they are. Another 'me' must be actively watching over them somewhere, right? These alternate universes and differing dimensions can be quite practical too, when you think about it. Knowing that does put me at ease, but I can't say I care to know how the Second Magic works, nonetheless.

Aha, but let's cut it short here. We have lots of important things ["and people"] to get back to, this is just a small nod of acknowledgement towards all the time we've spent together. Well then, I'll look forward to the future with you too, miss mun. God knows where we may be this time next year, hm?
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Wouldn't just leaving me alone and not sending me into these weird memes be a much better solution in this situation?

If you're going to do useless things, at least leave me out of it.
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This corner is for the Mundane, who rather easily ended up with myself as a muse.

It is time for "Teach me, Ciel-sensei!"

We'll be seeing each other a lot more from now on, so please give me your best regards.

The best way to settle yourself into my voice would most likely be at one of numerous "meme"s where you attempt your best to stay in-character. A place such as Dear Mun will only serve to limit how far you can test the waters.

Also, do not restrict yourself to just one or two memes, but do keep in mind not to stretch yourself too thin. Common courtesy says to not leave people hanging who have taken the time to think up a response.
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So now that the fool of my Master is going there, you feel all pumped up? Can you compromise with that weak will of yours?

I'll await for you to take proper action now, then. I'm not fond of being given false hope.
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Oh, what's this? To think such an insignificant being would dare to use me as they see fit... But it matters not. This place entertains me, and so I will be content for the time being. Still, would it not be more fun to continue with my original plans? Playing "pinball" with the continents would surely pass the time.
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Ahh, I'm really happy to be getting out, don't get me wrong! It's so boring just coming out whenever you have the time, so this is great! Even with stuff like demons and monsters, that's fine, since it's... Well, how should I say it, it's kind of the same as normal, right? Actually, I wonder if it's better than normal...

But there's just one problem. See, all of that is fine, and I'm pretty excited, but getting someone to bring that tricky curry woman along too? That'll ruin all of the fun and you know it! Couldn't you get someone better or at least more tolerable to come along? Like, you know, Shiki!

...Alright, I guess that's wishful thinking, you're right, but still! I don't really like this idea of having to team up with her, and you know that's exactly what's going to happen.

I'll only forgive you because it's still getting to go out somewhere. Even if it's a really weird place... But only because of that! Otherwise, you'd seriously be in trouble.
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[ A Kohaku long gone has reappeared! She went through some sad adventures in her past game, leading her to... ]

Mun, will you let me post this letter? I... want to let Akiha-sama and everyone know where I've gone.

Cut for length )

Ahahaha, it's a bit embarrassing to those who didn't see it unfold, isn't it? I'm sure my sister and Akiha-sama will be confused, but...

Thank you.
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Why doesn't anyone reply to me when I tag them, mun?

[ Um. ] I don't mean to be rude, but I also saw that request on my application. Don't you think it's taking it a little far to have the admins fail to notice me too?

You're going to at least link this post to your friends for me, right?

Right? [ Silence. ] Mun? I know you're still there.
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That was mean, keeping me stuffed in your headspace like that for almost a year! Just because you didn't have any access to the internet isn't any excuse.

A year's a long time, especially long enough for Ciel to steal Shiki from me. You could have at least made the switch from LJ quicker.

...But it's good to be back, regardless.

Now you just need to figure out how to use Trillian!
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I don't mind being picked up. What I mind is how Akiha is going to feel about this.

...You don't care one bit that I'm going to get an earful, do you?