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You've got nothing to worry about, blondie, I'm still here. You're not getting rid of me that easily. Even after the series has ended. Why would I let you go and do that? Now the question is... how do you want me? Not mind controlled, I hope. We'd have a few problems if that were the case.

I know. I know. You just want to get me back out there because you finally got caught up and you miss me. I miss you too. In a very me like fashion.



PS. You do realize that I don't like sharing headspace with my book counterpart, right? He's a dick.
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 It's been a while, hasn't it, love? 

You've barely caught up on the first season and you already think you can dust me off and obtain my voice, hm? I hope you know I'm far more complex than that.  You're enthusiasm does amuse me, though. What now?  You want to wait it out here, hope some poor soul invites you, or me, to one of  these so-called "games"?  Perhaps you  should practice with some of the other fools you've got trapped inside your head. They seem much simpler.  

Or you can start with me..... 

Good luck.
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This is so like you.

I know you didn't have internet but you had Word and Notepad and... things. Things where to write.

I'll actually be surprised if we make it through.
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You're tired, love. Which means that you should sleep. Don't worry about tomorrow because you know you've got it. On top of that I will warn you when I please. There's been enough snow and ice around this bloody place. Don't need you falling and hurting yourself. Now do I?

Also, I know what you're thinking. Don't even bother tormenting yourself with that again. It'll only end in your tears. Now how about we just relax and wait for tomorrow to come. Then you can focus on tags. Get a few things done, love.

Now I'm going to go have some fun. No need to keep you awake, yeah? Don't worry... I won't get into any fights.
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I must say, this is quite the endeavor you've undertaken. I'll admit I'm not quite as... exciting as some of the others you've taken up but I'm sure the two of us will have an interesting time all the same. My advice to you is to take it slow for now. It wouldn't do for either of us to rush in to things.
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Power ballads? What is wrong with you, Woman? I am not brother. Either of them.
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So, this weird little thing you have for Enzo lately is getting old, fast. I'm starting to feel a little rejected. And you know what happens when someone hurts my feelings. He's my bro, but not one of your muses. You just want to see us hang out, which I can't blame you for, but the shit we get into is ultimately destructive. Also, it's fucking creepy. Little miss Stalky. Get to work on my app already, it's not like it's boring in your head at ALL.
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You already know we work awesomely together, but there isn't much point if you're going to get impatient with phone typing. Aaaand, if you're sick of poking around memes like a creeper, how about getting off your lazy ass and finding me a new home? You know, since you got us both kicked out of the last one? Maybe we can actually make activity this time.
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Alright so I don't ask for much. Seriously - you should be like, so proud. And I'm happy that I'm out and about - it's fantastic, honestly, and the beach is a major bonus... BUT you decided it'd be a solid idea to plop me on a stupid island with pissy gods and dumb collars? Really? With both Klaus and Rebekah there?

[Yeah, she's not even gonna touch on the whole Hayley thing. That's a can of worms she'd like to shove back into the closet. Way back... Like way way back into the stone age.]

I miss my friends. I'm pretty sure I'm gonna legit die of loneliness soon.

[No, she won't.]
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You're complaining about being too hot, do you know how many years it's been since I actually felt warm, without a cup of coffee or tea to aide it? You could have been in your full dress uniform like you were at the parade; at least your boss let you remove your shirt, the waitresses did not have the same option. Get off the pity party mate.

On to more important matters, how many times can you watch a hand full of episodes. Are you really going to make me wait the entirety of next season before giving me a home; I spent years in the cell. Give me a place, now.
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Love, just because you've seen snippets of what is about to happen, that does not mean that I will be defeated. I will have EVERYTHING that I want, including Genevieve's head on a platter and my newborn child in my arms. Fear not, little human. And stop doubting me before it gets you into trouble.

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If you're expecting something out of me, you'll be waiting awhile, darling. I have nothing to say about the whole deal. Kol can make his own decisions. I've yet to see why I should step in the way. Yes, we don't have our powers here, but I have nothing against Elena and the Salvatores either. The doppelganger has her brood to protect her well enough.

I'm not the one to negotiate. That's the other brother-- no matter what I told Stefan. [Look, he can't help shit stirring.]

I have other matters to attend to. Like finding Hayley.
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Okay, look, we both know you'll get through this. You've been through worse. So just get back on that horse and give a low growl. Snarl at the world if need be. Do what I'd do. No, wait, Stefan might actually have a fit. Or Elena would. Not that I really care who does what. Just get back into it. You'll love me for it later.

Take your time. Your rp partners may not know what hell just decided to drop on you but they know you're around. You've got their weird little plurks and other messenger bits. So just reply to things and clear out that inbox. It's not that full and we both know it.

Love forever,


P.S. Don't you dare tease me. I want to have some fun too.
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You can talk about narrative parallels as much as you like, but what I did was not out of revenge. There was no other choice.
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So you finally decided to let me out, eh? You've certainly been waffling over it long enough. I can't say I'm still entirely comfortable with there being two doppelgängers of mine around, even if one of them is excellent company.

Well, I guess we'll just see where this goes, won't we?

And as for you wanting to change this journal name... Knowing your past choices, I'm very curious to see what you'll come up with.
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Alright, let me get this straight. You're having trouble coming to a decision. On the one hand, you have a wolf -- not a werewolf, not a hybrid. Just a wolf who everyone sees as a guy. Kind of a loner. Sparse with the dialogue. Fine. On the other hand, you've got a space marine.

Sorry, space mercenary. Yes, I can see how that's different. Totally.

Anyway, you've got this talking wolf guy and this futuristic mercenary pseudo-villain... So why am I here, again?


You know, that's not how decisions work. You're supposed to eliminate options. Pick one. Not... come up with more.