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Hey it's about time that you let me out!


I'm Michelangelo, also known as Mikey, and I have to get over my horrible shyness haha. I noticed that the ninja turtle tag hadn't been used on here in a while so I decided to pop in and liven things up a little! Now that I'm here, the party is officially started!

So where are we going? Memes? Games? I'm so ready for some adventuring. Bring it!
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You mean it, mun? You're really gonna put me into a game after all these years? I've been gathering dust in here and you're seriously letting me come out and plaaaaay?

[Because your brother might be there, so...]

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Don't you think you could have been a little more creative with my username? [Seriously, dude.] It could be worse I guess. Master Splinter will need to know about this though. You bringing me here, wherever this place is.

Any pizza around here?
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Oookay. It's been, well a while mun. Not sure why you're bringing me out now.

[Small tsk and shakes her head.]

Oh no, I am not playing 'mom' to anyone. Four teenagers is enough, thanks.

...okay five. Casey, yeah. It's five. Anyways, I'm good with just sitting back. No need for crazy adventures or fancy jewelry, okay?
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*Sniff* So. In addition to kidnapping, which I'll have you know is very illegal as well as totally uncool and highly bad for your health...you went and chose that for a...whatever ya call these things?


...Seriously? Of all my many illuminating and highly awesome achievements...you picked that one thing. The toaster line? Out of everything?

[I think you meant illustrious.]

And I think you meant "Oh yes Mr. Jones, I'd love for you to take that bat and apply it across my big dumb face multiple times!" C'mere ya little jerk, get here where I can get my hands on ya! I'll teach ya t'go around messin' with Casey Friggin' Jones!
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Awww, man! This is like having your parents chaperone the school dance, only like a million times worse!

So what if I am calling you old! Look I get that everybody wants a piece of Casey Jones, and I don't blame you 'cause I'm so awesome, but I only run with people I can trust and, you know, don't take this the wrong way but I'd have to take about 100 pucks to the head before I'd ever trust you, cool?
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I really don't know why you even decided to pick that up, you know? Don't you think it's quite boring? After all I'm just me [she switches her phone to the other hand]

Besides I sit here most of the time, training with Master Splinter... does that fascinate you? I don't see the appeal at all....

Besides I must do my homework... [she sighs]
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So what's the deal, huh? I thought you didn't like my face?

You sure changed your mind fast.

Whatever. I'm hittin' the clock on this one, just so y'know. I ain't the type you're gonna have funsy dumbass times with. I don't like people, and I don't like gettin' chatty.

Not even sure I like you.

So we're done here, right? Yeah? Right.
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Miss Mundane,

This is unexpected. I guess it makes sense with your time freed up a lot more than how it was. Still, I don't get out of the Foundation often, so I can't complain about the sudden outing. It might be nice to meet some new people, talk to some fresh faces outside of work.

Don't worry about finding a game for me. I have some work assignments of my own coming up. I'd tell you more if they weren't classified, but you know how it is. It's been great getting out of the labs more often. I understand why they keep my room on lock down, but there's nothing like getting out to do what I'm best at. Dad says that he's been trying to get me more work, and I know he keeps his promises. It's enough for me to get more lab time with him right now. I really think we're going to make some breakthroughs on this latest project.

Anyway, this can all wait until you get some sleep. And maybe look into more science textbooks - I know you're apprehensive about playing me.


Tiernan Quinlan, 'SCP 20198-1'
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Aww...don't cry mun. I'm sure we'll find my brothers eventually. I mean, at least we know Don and Raph are just hanging around this place somewhere.

What was that? Oh you're looking for Leo? Well you're not the only one, sister. I know it's tough. But Leo's kinda got a way of turning up when he's needed, y'know? Come on now, no more crying. Oh I know what'll cheer you up! Let's go make fun of that new trailer they released. You know you want to.
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Stop crying. It's getting on my nerves.

If you only decided to 'play' me out of pity, I'd rather be forgotten, and soon.


spoilers for episode 22 )
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[If looks could kill... Well he's deadly enough as it is already, so let's not go there. Anyway, the Shredder seems ready to burst with barely contained rage, a loud roar escaping him.]

YOU! Is this your idea of a joke, cretin? I assure you, heads will roll for this!
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Once again those accursed turtles and their rat Sensei believe me destroyed. Once again they will pay in blood and suffering.

[Ch'rell starts laughing that malicious laugh of his, coming off as pretty menacing for such a small alien.]
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Hey! Hey dude! Heeeeeey!

Take a look at what I found laying around in your brain space. Don't I look snazzy in it? You finished that app already right? RIGHT? Come on mun dude, I KNOW you didn't wake me just because you wanted to see me in my Turtle Titan gear?

Come oooooon! Comeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeoncomeon! I wanna be a super hero already!
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What the shell?! Why are we eight feet tall giants? What's with the cheesy lines? Why does Don look like Urkel? Why is Leo wearing thin bamboo armor? What's with the loincloth? Could they have miscast April any worse?

Eric Sachs?!

This is gonna be the dumbest movie ever. Even Mikey could direct something better.
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Heh, I know you missed me. Yer lucky I don't go that easily. I'm eager for some scum to pound, you?

Oh yeah, one more thing? What's with callin' me a "Bara Turtle God"?

...what? You said it, not me.
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I know, I know, you think we look horrible in the new movie trailer, and that having it come out on your birthday is adding insult to injury. Still, calling us the hybrid offspring of The Incredible Hulk and Shrek is a little harsh.

*squints* Actually, you may have a point, after all. Are we REALLY even teenagers there?

Listen, though, you can just ignore it. You've got the current series, and it's still going strong (albeit in another hiatus ....), and you're having fun in your current RPG and writing your fanfics. You've got more than enough to keep your imagination flowing the way you prefer to have us, okay?

The fact that you have me involved with April in your current game doesn't hurt, either. ;)
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Dude, what are you doing? Don't come crawling over here begging for a Leo, we're doing just fine without him! What does our fearless leader know about being a pirate anyway, I bet I can captain a ship just as well as he can!

Anyway, you've got Donnie already, he'll probably build some interdimensional portal space hopper...thing, you know, with SCIENCE or whatever, and we'll be home before Leo even knows we're gone.

And Mikey—

...Well like I said, Donnie's useful.

Look, just stop whining already and let me go punch that lame Navy Admiral in the face! Yeah yeah, so he's a giant, big deal. We can take him!

...........Alright so maybe Leo would be a little helpful.