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Looks like I'm finally getting to know Derek's first Beta and Scott's.
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Here I thought you had forgotten about me. So now what? What's your plans?
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A cuddle game? Really? I'm not sure how you got the impression that I'm cuddly? How would I be able to further my goals in that setting? But I guess that's your point. Making me into a nice guy. I don' see my presence being desired.
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I know you crave something more longterm, maybe even something to do with Liam. But do you really think there would be a game out there for me? I'm not so sure. Maybe you ought to face that there's no interest left in the show.
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I think you're putting too much faith in me. You know it too, otherwise you wouldn't feel as conflicted. Am I good or bad? I guess time will tell, or perhaps you already know deep down. Don't let far too positive people get to you. They're blinded. Probably.

I guess you could AU it.
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I don't care how "fitting" you think it is, I don't want to end up in some "game" set in Hell. Sure, it's a tempting way to gain power but that's quite outweighed by the shitty conditions and you know it. Yes, I've been reading over your shoulder and so far I'm not too impressed. As intriguing it is I've a bunch of reasons to stay where I am. One of them being avoiding punishment.

I hope you reconsiders.

No love,
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So you're sending me to a city with me knowing that I'm dead. What's that going to do to the others there though? To Isaac? Allison? Derek? You realize that it's going to be heartbreaking for them, right?


I still want to get my licence and learn how to drive. It's something I never got to do.
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I might get new powers? What may those be? I'm actually kinda curious about it. And Theo is back. I wonder if he'd want me to follow him? As the only remaining chimera? I'm not sure I can trust him. Maybe I should follow Scott. But he's really scary and I don't think he likes me.

I'll do my best to keep Mason safe.
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You want a redemption or do you want me to remain evil? Make up your mind.
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I knew it was just a matter of time before you'd cave in and make an account for me. You can only take so much beefcake until you get tired and wanna try something with more consistence, sarcasm and funny quirks!

Now on that other thingy you thought about... as much as I'd love to go back to when things were easier, before everything went to hell and back, (See what I'd there?), keeping up to recent events might be better. Would avoid any potential confusion. I don't deal well with confusing things.

I won't comment on that username either. Everyone already know how bad it is.

So where to? I wanna met Scott and Kira and Malia and Liam right away.

And maybe Derek. Maybe he isn't such a sourwolf now?
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You're going to make me cry reading those threads about my possible grandchildren. I never got a chance to meet them.
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Bet ya didn't think I'd be back again.
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The show isn't as popular as it was and finding canon mates is going to be hard. Do you really want to spend your time waiting around for people to respond to your posts and ads? Because I have better things to do and so do you.
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So where are you going with this? You think I'm redeemable? Don't make me laugh. You have already taken away some of my hard earned powers abd screwed with others. No, I'm not pleased with that. Don't you dare weaken or break me. Or this will end ugly for you and everyone else.
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Don't ask me, I've no idea either where I am. Probably staying out of Scott's sorry ideas to focus on a better lead.
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Uhm... are you really sure about this? I'm not liking the idea of being throw into something... It's bad enough back home.

I just want to live a normal life.
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If you intend to play that out, you'll need more than 15 icons. Cos I'm not getting rid of my beard cos you get a whim.
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Lovesick puppy? Really? [He burrows his head into his hands.] I'm not a lovesick puppy...
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To be honest I had expected a worse welcome. Maybe I'm just lucky. Or they're afraid of me. Who knows.

I'd wonder where your thoughts are going. You know more about me than before. Not nearly enough mind you. But you still throw me out. I'd wonder what you're fishing for? Redemption, vulnerability, a reason? Feel free to let me know when you have any leads.

For now I'll watch you cautiously.
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So you remembered me? What you want to do now then? I'm waiting.