Aug. 15th, 2017 06:03 am
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I leave you alone for a little while, mun, and you've gone and done this, now?

You know you can't really take me anywhere outside of a meme community, so why are you even trying?

... Nostalgia? Aw, shucks. I'm blushing. 

I hope you have some idea of what it is that you're doing.
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This again? Truly, how often must you summon me to alleviate your boredom before once again losing interest? I've long lost track of how many moons have passed, since I last stepped foot upon the Legacy.

I wish to return home. Either make up your mind and bring me to a stationary realm, or send me back to MelFes.
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Salutations, my lady. I am most honored that you have given me your time and attention while you engage in this most curious form of entertainment, though if I may, perhaps you'll care to enlighten me as to your purpose in doing thus?

...and what is this 'shipping' that I keep hearing about? Am I expected to engage in naval combat?

Voice Test

Feb. 9th, 2017 05:09 pm
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You've got some nerve bringing me out here. Or maybe you're just that stupid.
Whatever, I'm not going to those games you want me in. No way in hell.
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I can't decide which is dumber - this name you've picked for me, or you.
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Are we really going somewhere? It's been forever!

I want to see Anise! Is she there?

[ u-unfortunately not, tiny green. ]

Well, if she comes there, do you think she'll like space?

...Can I try piloting the ship thing?

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I don't know, Mundane... It seems like such a scary place for a small, innocent girl like myself.

[She giggles softly.]

I'm not used to entertaining anybody else but myself, you know. So there'd better be something in that castle for me. Like a Cruxis Crystal for instance. ...Didn't you say Colettie was already there? ♡

If that 'Sol Raveh' place was to prove disappointing, I might have to find you a nickname too. And that would make me so terribly sad. [Mock pout.]
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You know, you could have asked me first.
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 Wow! It really has been a long time!

Are we gonna do anything again? It's been kind of boring around here, so we should play! Or find Anise!

...Or find Anise and play! That sounds good, right?
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Fuck you and your Easter idea.

You lied to me.

[Eyup :D]
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[What now...?]

I'm in this headspace, I can hear your thoughts...your terrible ideas.

[What? It's not my fault that you're getting around a lot more than usual, and you know how the place is...and the fact that you were human when you showed up.]

Stop beating around the bush!

[Ok...ok...I'll stop. I'm not even plotting it. *dismissive wave*]

*pinches the bridge of her nose*

You are insatiable, mundane...quit thinking about awkward positions to put me in.

[*snerk* Awkward...]


I give up...
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[Yeah and your point? You seemed to have a really good time with *ahem* HIM.]

Shut up! It's bad enough that you're not even plotting with them, and you have so many ideas swimming in this space that I don't want any part of. I don't need that hell again, thank you!

[Come now, Hubert, you might actually be one of the few that may get him to soften up. You managed to do it with a few others.]

He's an egotistical prick. I'm able to protect my family this way, and they're none the wiser.

[Keep hiding behind that little idea...I know full well there's more to it than that *smug*]

*deadpans* I'm not talking to you anymore...ever...

And if you post again in that place you're going to make me look like I'm desperate. Give your ideas a fucking rest.
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Those little 'secrets' were never meant or required to be put down! The last thing I need for you to do is create more hell for me in that place!

[Oh hush, you're enjoying yourself.]

That's not the point! There's nothing wrong with keeping those little facts private!

[I should honestly probably add more...there are truly so many that you have...]


[Oh come on! What's the worst that could happen :D?]


Are you really that blind...? I'm going to end up someone's pet! AND GET THAT SMIRK OFF YOUR FACE!

[Too late~]
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Me? No, I'm all right. Things in Lhant have been keeping me plenty busy, you know? Sometimes I'm not even sure if I'll be able to get to it all.

What about you, though? It's been a while since we went on any adventures together. You mentioned you've been working on a few stories, but I guess it's not quite the same as it used to be, huh?

Yeah, those were good times. But...if you really miss everyone, you could always tell them know you're thinking about them, right? Even if they are busy these days, at least you can let them know you enjoyed the time you had.

And you never know, maybe one day you and I can go on a journey again. See the sights, make new friends...

[Fall in love?]

Fall in-- Guh! W-where'd that come from all of a sudden??
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I'm glad that you found an outlet for all the voices that you've been holding onto, and I'm pretty excited that mine was one of the first to come out! Thank you!

...I don't mean to say that you have voices in your head-- I mean, people think I have voices in my head when I talk to Mikleo and the rest, but I'm just fine! And you'll be just fine too!
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Heya, sweetie. Giving Zaveid here a try now that you understand things? A damn shame we're probably not going to do anything, but who am I to refuse a lady who clearly has her thoughts on me.

[Oh dear god....]

If you're itching to give me a go, why not go for it? But, I guess I understand your time constraints and all. [Well, maybe if time all--]

Then I could totally meet all the babes all over this place!

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 Is it true? You're really really really bring me back for real this time? Munnie, you shouldn't have! Really, I'm shocked! Tickled pink, even! You haven't even remade my icons you lost like an idiot yet, and you're gonna punt me back into the thick of things?

Heehee, I like your thinking though. No sense waiting for the right time, right! You gotta bite the pillow and go in dry~!
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So. You like playing with little old me, huh?

[In a weird way she almost seems happy about that... until she starts brandishing her umbrella.]

But you chose little Meebo first. Did you think I would forget that?


But that's fine. At least I won't be the one getting dragged around when you get ideas.


Oct. 18th, 2015 09:56 pm
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Are you kidding me, this again?!

Either let me do something for a change or just leave me the hell alone and stop pretending! Ugh, this is worse than the manor.
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So look.

I know I haven't really said anything about it to you before, and maybe now isn't the best time either, but don't you think maybe we should, um, talk about this? As in all of this?

What? No, I don't have a problem with it! I mean, I guess I don't??

I just think we should figure a couple of things out first, that's all.

Oh. You want an example? Well, what about that time in Fendel? I know things just sort of happened, but I don't think it was an accident, you know? I don't really think it was a joke either.

Should concerned?