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So this face is what it takes for you to finally try your hand at telling a part of my story?

Shouldn't be surprised. Writers are a fickle bunch.

As long as you don't intend to keep me from my quest for long, this may yet work.
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...Cry pardon, Ma'am, but is this a good idea? I mean, I've got things I'm meant to be doing. Places I'm meant to be going, and people I'm supposed to go there with.

Ka-tet and all that. And really, I should be getting back. Who's gunna feed Oy while I'm gone? Or make sure he smiles every once in a while? I mean, don't get me wrong this is a nice set up you're offering and I say thankee sai for it, but I've got a place there.


Well, I guess if I'm stuck, I should at least ask you to find more pictures of me. And really? 'And that is the truth'? I know why, but that's some taste, Ma'am. Some taste.
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Nick can't help but look confused. Finally he reaches for his pad and starts writing.

Okay, I get you want a new character to write, but of all people you go for the deaf mute guy? Really? Communication is going to be tricky, don't you think?

It's been kind of nice talking to people who hadn't lived through the superflu, but I still don't think this is a good idea.

Okay, fine. Look for a game. Who knows, we night even find someone I remember from home.


((canon is the Stand, primarily the book version, but I know the movie version too.))
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Mun. That's what you're called, ain'tcha? Mun. Mun mun mun mun mun mun.

Let's talk. Y'know, hash things out a little - you and me, right here and right now.

Ya see, I can't thank ya enough for the whole "let's bring this crazed son of a bitch back from the dead" thing. Whatever the fuck was going through your head when that thought came up? Keep it up. I like it. But as much as I respect a fellow writer, I don't exactly have a lot'a fuckin' options here. What, you think some game is just gonna suit -my- needs? No, no. You and I both know that if I get plopped into one of these little "wonderlands", things won't end up pretty.

Then again...it is one hell of a change of pace from where we were at before, ain't it? Send me wherever your pretty little heart desires.

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Okay. So, this is new.

I mean, voices in my head is one thing, but actually being the voice in someone else's head? Pretty weird if you ask me. And I've seen some weird stuff now.

I should probably point out that you're jumping the gun a bit on this one. Especially after you so kindly told me about the track record this show has with women who aren't Audrey. It doesn't exactly make me feel super positive about my already tenuous position there.

Let's just take it slow, okay? Seems like the best idea for both of us.
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It certainly is not my fault you had those dreams. You're blaming me because it's convenient. It's understandable. It's completely understandable, even if it is misguided. Why wouldn't one point the finger at the nearest suspect for such a thing? I've ceased to be surprised that you'd blame me. There's no call to get petulant over it.

Although, let's be honest, shall we? Yes, let's. I did rather enjoy them. To be specific--I mean, aside from general imagery and fire and ruins and so on, the usual thing--I liked the part where you chased down the Allgood brat while shouting, "I will thank you not to handle my possessions!" and then tried to beat him senseless with a boot. That part was especially good. Were you playing pretend?

[Stop giggling. Why are you giggling?]

And good morning to you as well.

Go get your pen and your needle. You have work to do.
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How about you take that idea to put me in a game and go fuck yourself with it? I don't know why you think this'd be a good idea.

This isn't even remotely funny.
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Sai. Ye are truly despicable sometimes. Splitting me between the two... Imagine what they would think of me if they knew?
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You know, I thought I'd gotten off the hook when that place fell down. Should've known things weren't going to be that easy, shouldn't I?

...No. Don't start looking. Just don't bother, because even if you tried to make me go there, you know it wouldn't work. It never works, that's why I've been stuck in "headspace" for this long.

Just let me get back on the road, it's easier that way. For everyone.
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I know you've been watching the show for a while now, and teetering on the idea of playing me, but it took all of that to motivate you into making a journal? I'm probably channeling Claire a bit here, but I think you have some issues. You should probably take a while to let all those feelings settle down, because let's face it, you were kind of a mess back there.

But if we're going to do this thing we're going to need a few ground-rules.

1. Find Nathan, Duke, everyone. I know you've seen at least some of them.

2. You can't get all wishy-washy on me. Figure out if you can pull this off and make a decision.

3. Stop telling me how horrible it is that you have to wait until Fall for more episodes. Imagine how I feel about that.

That's about it. If you stick to those I think we can work something out.


Nov. 26th, 2012 10:28 pm
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Is your refrigerator running? It IS!? Well, you better go and catch it!


I'll be here all night. Every night. What do you mean by "here"? Why, down here! Down here. You should all come down here. Every last one of ya.
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Six? Just six? I can do that.

*...that's seven, Mordred.*
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Sai, I ken well that ye have not the focus for more than one person, and sai Master is yet the main focus o' thy time. So ye will not be 'round enough for me to stay.

In any case, thy ka and mine be Outside. They will throw us out, ye know well that they will. For people are cruel, especially when they have a little power o'er ya.

And mayhaps worst o' all, they wish for ya to change the things that make me me, not just some poor hume with my name and powers! I am Roland's and the Crimson's only son, not some random foundling!
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 Mordred is a-bored and Mordred is a-hungry. Ye be a trig cully, I'm sure ye can find me good food and aught to be a-doin'.

Now do so, quick-quick, afore I get a-hungry enough to eat thee!


Nov. 6th, 2012 11:12 am
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Gooooooood morning, mun!

Now was that so hard? You really ought to do something about that procrastination thing. I don't know how you get anything done.

But now that this has been taken care of, we can have some real fun. Your friends have so many interesting people to work with, don't they? I do fancy myself some Gunslingers when it comes to little boredom-alleviating thrills. But then, I think you knew that already.

Is Lloyd anywhere around? Come on, don't be shy. I might cook you up something fancy if you're a good boy. How does foie gras sound, hm? Probably best not to wonder where it came from, but hey, foie gras is foie gras.
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It's a smile, and that's all I wanted. No need to be anxious! I like it fine. Didn't I promise you that? Haven't I been patient, haven't I been as good as I can be? I have. Waited loyal as a dead dog, and now you're back — so you see, it was right. It was very well done.

Now you should let me make some friends. We all like to have a good time.
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The Avengers 2: Jack Nicholson Torrance Kills Everyone?

I don't know, girl. It has potential, certainly, but you know what? There's more to me than ax-crazy psychopath, which you've been ignoring. Don't get me wrong, flexing the grip of a handle when it actually hits something other than that dumbass chef, that's nice. But I had a wife and son, you know. I have pathos, genuine feelings other than...you know. I don't think you're exploring that enough. That hurts.

I'm a writer, you know. I have heart and sincerity. What about one of those romance things? I think I'd do, well, real nicely in one of those.
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Of course I don't know how to go about looking for these moderators, much less how you are to get interest for this silly game of yours.

I'm not to be trifled with and that is what you're doing, if I were meant to be a condominium then Rimbauer would not have bothered bringing that mansion overseas in the first place. I swear, you are absolutely impossible at times.

Oh, do stop sulking about it. It's most unladylike.
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Mun, can we talk about your need to make me talk to all these hazardous people?


Well, fuck you too, then!