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If she might be there...then I have to go. She will be there, right?

I know it seems crazy to even...think that, but...I don't know. I guess it's all I have left.

Idek Harry

May. 18th, 2016 04:43 am
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Have you seen a little girl? Short, dark hair?


Why are you laughing? I don't understand what's so funny.
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 Hmm, do you really think you can handle me? After being so inactive for so long? Honestly darling, [She laughs curtly] I think you better reconsider. I am a god after all... or at least I should be.

We need to talk about that part by the way. I am not about to play the part of a mortal. Not now, not ever! [She stomps her foot.]
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Really? You're actually happy your town is covered in fog for the holiday and reminds you of that place?

Are you out of your mind? Why the hell would you actually want to be there?

Look, if you want to be there so badly, I would happily trade places with you. It would be interesting to see how you fair in that town for a change with all of the shit you've put me through.
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Hey Mun, Player, Writer, whatever you are. I don't have time for the stupid shenanigans anymore. You hear me? It's been, what? Several years of this and we had a good run, didn't we? Now you're going to try to do this here? It's over. We're finally free dammit! Why the hell can't you just leave things alone – Leave me alone? You had your fun. Just walk away. Trust me. It'll be better for both of us if you do.
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Well, we had a pretty good run, didn't we?

For God's sake, stop givin' me that face! It's not like you didn't spend the last three years of my life makin' it Hell for me on that goddamn ship.

Yeah... I guess it wasn't all that bad. Can't say I'm not gonna miss 'em, too.
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Look, I know you're doing that thing where you get all nostalgic and want to relive what you call "good times." But it wasn't good times for me. Not in the least.

I almost fucking died! She almost—



Just stop it already. You already went too far before and you're doing it again. It's not gonna happen. Ya hear me??
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Goddammit Mun!

You need to stop this...this...conspiring. I'm not some damn trophy you can pull off a shelf and show off to your little friends whenever you feel like it. Got it?

Say it so I know you fucking heard me.


Jesus Chr—

Fine. Do what ever you want. Just leave me the hell out of it.
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Are you...Is this really going to happen? Are we...going somewhere? Is Mary going to be there? I don't want to put her in danger...


I see...

So you don't have a plan? [sigh] Why do I have a feeling this isn't going to end well?
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I can't believe... [shakes his head]...seriously Mun?

Look, it's not my fault for what happened. I don't think taking out your frustration on me is called for. Stop. It's not funny. Not in the least.

It's been, what? Two, three years since you were serious about this? I'm done with the games. I want out. Ya hear me??

**possible spoilers in comments**
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You're not doing this to me. Not again. I go through enough shit without you doing this to yourself. I'm not gonna come along for the ride when you're like this.

Look, it's been a while. I get it. But don't make us both look stupid because you thnk you have a great idea. It's not great. Not in the least. So go to bed and forget this ever happened. It'll be better this way – for both of us.
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I can't find my knife. I need it. I thought I saw you in town too, but I was wrong..
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Mun, you've been doing that thing again where you start "thinking" and wanting to get me involved in your "ideas." Don't. From where I come from it's dead out there. You and I pretty much know this already what you want. Never stopped you before, has it? Whatever. Maybe you'll prove me wrong this time but I doubt it.
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Mun, I don't want to leave...Don't you see that everything is fine here? The other muses here aren't all that bad. At least they're...still...human...?

I guess if I don't have a choice, can you at least send me I don't want go anywhere with monsters...
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I'm afraid I don't have time for games. I'm kind of busy looking for my wife, if you've seen her? Her name's Mary, and I--

Good luck with that?

... Thanks?
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Look um...Mun. yeah ...I know you're excited about this holiday, but I'll pass on all of the uh...excitement. [because reasons.] Thanks.

...Don't give me that look...I know what that means.

[sigh] Look. You're not entirely 'terrible.' I appreciate you looking out for me and wanting for me to have a special someone but...

...wait a second...

You already 'have' someone in mind for me? [shit this can't be good–]

...HER?? You've got to be kidding me...
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Look mun, I understand you wanting to make those ridiculous resolutions but now you want me to make them too?

...You don't remember do you? Let me refresh your menory:

"I will be nicer to Pendleton."

Seriously, mun? Do you really expect me to make that kind of a promise at a time like this? Have you forgotten everything that's happened? That's still happening?

Don't give my that crap that you don't remember last night, because I do.
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I don't know why you're so surprised it ended like that again. You know what I'm surprised at though? That you haven't already taken it upon yourself to write out my whole life story. You seem to know every goddamn thing about me. It's not healthy. You do know that don't you? Why am I even bothering? Not like you listen to–


...What? ...You're moving on from me? Well... I... I honestly don't know what to say to that. I was worried and all but...


You're what? You're moving on to him? and I'm going to have to have to what?

Oh...hell no. I've cohabited with some of the screwed up muses in this headspace of yours but you are not doing this to me. Do you understand me? I am not living in the same headspace as him. Got it?


Nov. 3rd, 2014 04:14 pm
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So let me get this straight Mun. You play some games, watch some movies with me in them and then you think it's a good idea for me to make some "friends?" Hate to break it to you but "friends" don't tend to last very long in these kind of places. Oh... wait...

You want me to go there? In case you haven't figured it out let me spell it out for you. Putting me in another monster infested place isn't "better." Not in the least. You got it?

I don't care if the monster are "different." If it looks bad, smells bad, and kills and/or eats things I'm not interested. Find another poor sap to take the job.
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Mun, I...I don't understand. Please tell me why this is happening again?

[James, I already told you like 3 times already]

But–But I still don't understand! What does any of this have to do with Mary?? Why is this all just a game to you??