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Don't even think about it.

[Wash remains cryptic as ever.]
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You missed me, mun? Aw... don't worry I'm sure I'm around somewhere on the base. Or with Doctor Grey. You should really write down all these thoughts you have in a blog! I'm sure I could help you with that, or Donut could too. And Grif will be back, he always is don't worry.
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Okay sister, I get it. You fucking miss me, and why not? I'm pretty fucking awesome. Like, seriously, dude. I never thought I could get MORE kickass, and I managed it.

[A pause.]

Or you know, kickass for the first time. Whatever. Anyways!

We'll find a place, okay? Just ... not by myself. That would suck beyond measure and fuck knows I need my fellow Red and Blue assholes.

Even Church.

...and fucking Caboose.

Okay and fucking Doc.

I'll deal with Locus if he's there.

...but I am so fucking kicking Felix in the balls. Swear to FUCKING GOD that guy is a douche canoe.

And yeah of course I have my own slash-fic bookmark list. Excuse fucking me, but I am awesome in any fucking way with any fucking person. EVEN Felix.

...Although that is seriously fucked up -- that guy hates me, and like fucking mutual.

But I'm down with the Wash stuff. Because you know, two fucking hot guys being fucking hot together? Sweet.

Still prefer boobs though.

Anyways! Don't worry about it, dude! We'll find a home. We always do.
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Okay, slow down. Can we at least think about this first? Throwing me into a whole mess of fucking test drives is not a good idea. You wanna know how I know it's not a good idea? It's because you marathoned through this series, and now I'm not even a main character anymore, so how long do you think this is really going to last?

Because it's not as long as you seem to think. Could I just be around one person whoisn'tafreelancer who isn't incredibly impulsive? Just one. That's all I'm asking for.

Come on.

And don't even get me started on my face.
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You're kidding me. You dragged me back here? I thought I was done with you. You're worse than Caboose sometimes.
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You've got to be fucking kidding me. No, I don't want to go back to the castle. Not unless you promise me working firearms this time!

[No, South, probably not.]

Seriously, fuck you.
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Son, before you do anything else I suggest you start watching those last few seasons. You've got a lot a catching up to do.
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Hey Mister Mun person! You said you found Church? That is so. Very. Awesome! I so want to see my bestest friend ever! I hope he's okay, because he always seems to be getting stuck in things that he doesn't belong in. I know he's a ghost and a AI thingie, but he needs to stop getting stuck in things!

You found them on a place called Plurk? Uh-oh. Make sure you take a bath afterwards. That is the sound that gross things make. Like ukeleles.
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Oh come on mun, this could be fun.

[Doc, what are you kidding me?]

There's a need for a medic at the castle. We'll need to make sure I have pretty of orange juice in case someone gets hurt. And what's with that expression? I'm a medic, I know what I'm doing. I helped Tucker give birth to Junior if you remember.

[Doc, there is so much wrong with that comment I can't even start. I'm just glad O'Malley isn't going with you.]
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[No words, though he's early enough to use them. Instead, he's going to glare at the mundane from behind his faceplate, simply giving out a low, even growl. He knew how close that app is to being done. He's getting restless. Mundane had better watch herself if she didn't get her ass in gear and finish that thing up.]
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Requesting permission to return to Blue Base.

I must assist Captain Caboose.
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Oh! Oh! Oh! This is going to be soooo much fun! I don't care what those other mean people in your head say, you're not a scary, mean lady after all.

Church is my bestest friend but you can be my second best friend forever! [Caboose had to stop and 'think' about that for a second.] Wait, no that's not right. Freckles is my second bestest friend but you can be my THIRD best friend if you want. And then we can go have all sorts of fun adventures. Church can come along with us and Agent Washingtub but not Tucker. I don't want Tucker to come with us.

Hey wait...what's a me-am and why do all the scary people in your head keep running away when you bring that up? Is it a scary thing? Are they leaving you? I won't leave you, not-so scary lady! We're third bestest friends forever.
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Are you sure this is ok? It's really big out here, I liked being able to watch from back there better. There are so many people out here, and most of them seem really angry.

Do we have to go out?

[It's ok Theta, you might be surprised at who is looking forward to seeing you here.]

If you say so, I guess.

Are you sure I can't hide behind you though?
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[Washington. Wash-ing-ton]

"Stop it."

[Twelve stories high, made of radiation.]

"Any time you feel like putting me back in the canyon, that would be--." He pauses a moment, and face palms.


"It's nothing. I just never thought I'd be asking to go back to the Reds and Blues."
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Oh, Mun, don't be so fucking dramatic. No one's test scores can be that bad. I mean, mine were pretty pathetic but I still got through to basic training. This Lavernius Tucker idiot can't be that baaaaa...wait. That's his score? That is seriously his score?



What the hell! Did he just fill in bubbles randomly and lay on the floor the entire testing period? How can someone be that awful of a soldier!

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So let me get this straight. Up until what was not even an hour ago, the fact that your reserve was being challenged lit a fire under your ass. And now that you've learned the challenger is a returning player, you're quivering in your boots?

Are you fucking kidding me?

Let's get one thing clear here. Yeah, you might get declined and, frankly, I'd rather that was the case. But I can say without a shadow of a doubt that you will get declined if you go into this all scared and nervous.

Plus it's really sad being associated with someone that easily freaked out.

Now shut up, stand up, and man up. I'm taking care of enough problems without you being heaped onto the pile. Granted you're a problem either way, but look at it this way. The least you could do for me is be a problem I won't feel about about shooting when I finally get the chance.

Because if you're going to be nervous about something, the least you can do is be nervous about me.
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Oh yes, I see what you did there... very funny.     You're lucky I need you to type things out for me.  

[[Oh come on, everyone likes the over the top evil schtick.]]

Mercifully,  I'm not in that idiot anymore and he's not around in this pathetic waiting room for muses you call a mind.    Now, find me a proper host, one who won't turn me into a cartoon version of myself or crack like an eggshell under my thumb.   

But you know who I really want don't you... where is she anyway?   You said she'd be here.

[[For the record, I did not say that.  You assumed that because you're a freakishly obsessed psycho.  If were her I wouldn't come anywhere near this thread.]]

If she doesn't come here, then I'll just have to look for her out there... and I'll make sure to make thing interesting.    

[[why do I get stuck with all the terrible characters?  Seriously, is one nice normal character too much to ask?]]

You're an idiot, shut up.

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Um, yes. I don't want to go to the place full of mean people where I can't have be a Blue.

I'd just be peach.

And that's not even a team.
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Ok, enough is enough you can quit now.

You don’t need to get everyone and their fucking brother into this. I guess it’s cool or something that you are but it’s getting out of hand.



Fucking enabler.

And don't think I didn't see that reserve, we're gonna talk later in your head.