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This is turning into a dance, dear. We leave, we come back, we leave again, we come back again. It's been years since we've last committed to anything. What on earth makes you think we'd find something to commit to this time?

And don't even deny you missed me. This happens nearly every time you thoughtfully stare at that small statue of me next to Steven.
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Why are you writing that fic? It's harsh enough to make it a co-written crossover with the Ace Attorney fandom, but then you go and make Ash the victim? Really? Really?!

*He sighs, drops his arms to his side.*

I'm glad he survives, but don't you think that's a little cruel? He's only twelve...
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There's nothing wrong with Lillipup, but having five of them just so you can spend the early hours wandering around in tall grass and taking advantage of Pickup is a waste of time! Anyway, you know for my "official" team you should probably just rely on the manga for guidelines. It's either Tepig or Oshawott since Snivy seems to be Rosa's pick. I don't really mind either since they're both great. Emboar's as bold as I am and Samurott's underrated. We could just settle it by letting me have all three, you know!

I... guess what I'm really here to say is I can't believe it was seriously between me or Drayden. His entire face is a beard! I'm seriously offended that you even had to consider the choice. Uncool.
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Honestly, mun.

You and I both know I never really died. I'm happily engaged with two kids, in about six plus different universes. You're just not content with that because its been more than a year and we're both in a rut.

Just admit you miss your friends here. Come on, now. Once you do that, we can finally figure out what the next step is.
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[A Floette with a black flower? They might've seen that, sure, but why do you think they'd remember it so clearly?

There are thousands of that species out there, after all, and Mew's always travelling. One Pokémon with a strange accessory wouldn't catch their attention for long. Especially if it didn't want to play!]

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(The glitch starts laughing manically. Oh dear...)
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What lies ahead may be known not even to the gods. Your fretting over a potential "remake" is foolhardy for many reasons, all of which you are well aware.

...your vow to have the Galactic emblem tattooed on you, also foolish.
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Ha, Blue never changes, y'know? Still the same neighbor boy as he's always been. He's gotten so tall, though! I wonder... would the same thing happen to me? Hard to think about, y'know.

But I'm proud of both of them.
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Mun. First off, its been a long time. How are you? You're planning to get caught up on Adventures? Good job...

What? You have plans? Hold it right there, missy. It's been a really long time since you've reviewed any of my canon material, and the last time you played me it was a mismash of weirdness.

Besides, where would I go?
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Really, mun? You think we could be related?

Well, it does describe her as a "big sister", that would so be awesome if it was true! With her criminal brawn and my criminal brain, we could so take on the world together!

I am so booking to Alola at the first opportunity!
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Hey mun, it's Cyrus. I know you're playing me in the future, but you have me for a reason, right?

There's no point in me just taking up space. Besides, you know I grow up. It's pointless and irrational to have two of me.

Though if you won't, then do something with me.
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So these places are like different regions? How many gyms do the ones you want to visit have? Shigeru might be slightly ahead of me now, but I'm going to defeat all of the gym leaders in this new place!

Do you think there's new types of pokémon there, too?

[ err .... ]

New friends and new badges to get? What're you waiting for? Let's go!

[ one track mind: engaged. ]
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What is it with all these people calling themselves trainers playing Pokémon on a mobile telephone?! It's- its not right!Pokémon don't live inside telephones.

[Nope. He's an old school guy.]

What's wrong with Game Boy. I prefer my handsome self placed inside of a pocket device with 8 bit tunes. Replicas of me, of course. So called Rockets. They cannot match me but they're a near enough alternative.

Taking pictures of bushes and floors? Pokémon don't live in garages either. Not mine anyway. Oh- I don't have a garage but even's silly. [Yep, mature.]

Pokémon Go? Maybe if there was some way to steal these phones and give them to the boss I might get rich.
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((Cross posted to [community profile] dear_player ))

Wonderful. You got me in. [He's so very not impressed.] You drag me out of the bubble - complete with memories you sadistic creature - and into a new game. And now you want to drag the Mewtwo from there into this. [:T]

No, thanks. I don't need him there - not when he knows who my dad is... Though I guess shoving my crobat in his face would be nice. Same goes for that Rocket you're trying to enable. [Silver, Crobat's 5'11 in height...]

Tch. Why don't you find Amane, or Cynthia, or Jacob, or Aniki, or Serph or that Gold. Or any one of the friends I made.

[Wait, you admit you made friends? CHARACTER GROWTH GET!] Hmph. ...Do you think they'd be proud? I did get a crobat.
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"The emissary of the sun" and "the emissary of the moon"...

Clearly, further research is required. I'll be on it at once.

With any luck, one or both of them will prove useful to Team Rocket!
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Hmm...well you and I both know you're far too busy to bring me back to the world of the living, right? What with all those sweets you've been forced to make. It's alright, I don't mind waiting. But I really do appreciate bringing me back just for my birthday. I don't really know who we'd end up finding here. But I appreciate the gesture.

Celebrating 20 years of pokemon and 4 years together, right? My goodness, how time flies.
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Th-thirty-one is not old! You take that back!

I hardly think—

[Whatever you say, gramps.]

G-gra...! I will not answer to "gramps" or anything similar!

[But look at you, you're grey already, so it suits you perfectly!]

This is completely out-of-bonds, off-track, derailed!
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Hey, look how gorgeous it is outside! Like summer, except, you know, in March!

C'mon, it's time to go have an adventure.
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Twenty years, huh? I have to admit, that's the kind of dedication that'd get you far in my line of work. But I'm sure you already know that.

So what now? Do we pop some champagne? Make a toast to 20 years? You really went on a bender when you celebrated. But you must be REALLY happy to bring me back from the hibernation.

Don't worry, dear. I missed you too.