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[Gibbs sips his coffee and stares off into space for a moment]

Are you serious about this. Do I look like the type of guy who do well in a game? If the answer is no why are you still considering it?
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You got some catching up to do. Not entirely sure why you suddenly brought me out again? You need to sort your priorities boss.
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You know what you should be doing right now?


You know what you should not be doing?

Looking around for a place to play me. How long has it been anyway- Actually, you know what. Don't answer that.
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I'm really not looking for the 'everything will be okay' speech right now, mun. It's almost funny, coming from you, given how angry and annoyed you are. I guess that's better than feeling--you know.
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...You cannot be serious. After one episode? Seriously?

You are serious, aren't you? I know that look. Yeah, you are serious. Great.

the rest under the cut for minor spoilers-ish for NCIS 11x09 - 'Gut Check'; )
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[Abby is casual as can be, sipping her Caf-Pow and all smiles, conversing either with the denizens of Dear_mun on a whole or with her mun. Take it as you will.]

Can you imagine if McGee came back? Seriously I think his face would get so red a vessel would burst. Or Jimmy. That would be pretty hilarious.

[Sluuurp and then her free hand goes up!!]

Oh no- wait, wait, picture Gibbs here for a second. Atia would probably actually enjoy making him mad though. At least I wouldn't have to talk to pictures of him anymore?
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Mun, I know you think I can handle Tony all on my own here, and how much I miss everyone else from NCIS, but I need help from Gibbs. Because if I have to fill in for all of that head-slapping, I am going to have a very tired hand that I would rather be doing other things with (Tony, that is not what I meant so, say a word and I will slap your head all the way to next week) and you are going to have to do a lot of typing about head-slapping.
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 Well, at least it's not sex island this time. 
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Look, I get it. Holidays are coming up, you're reading about me seeing my dad in the future, it's all exciting and fuzzy feeling inducing, like something out of a Hallmark Holiday special or whatever. You're a sentimental sort and I know you're all for reuniting families and whatever, but...

Seriously? This place? Not the best for family reunions. We're not going for National Lampoon's Christmas Porno here and my dad on Atia? Would become exactly that. I know he's missed a lot of important life developments for me here, but hey, that's his pattern. He misses the big stuff. Why break it now?

So let's drop this topic and move onto something slightly less brain melting.
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Seven seasons in and you still think I'm the cat's meow? I'm not sure if I should be creeped out or flattered! Anyway, Halloween is coming up and you should really get to work on that costume of yours. Just don't do Marilyn Monroe alright? That's already been done to death.
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....No, don't even think about it. You know how it ended the last time you sent me there, and I don't care if Abby and McGee are more active this time. You've mostly ignored me for years and just because the 4th wall thing came up...

...Even if I do miss them, that's no reason to put me back on that island. I don't care if I'm going to forget the last time.

Voice test~

Jul. 2nd, 2012 05:44 pm
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Hey, hey! It's totally fine to be nervous!

[Here have a Caf-Pow, Mun. And a shoulder punch because you're too nervous!]

I think this will be fun! [She smiles, the excitement reaching her eyes.]

Tony, Ziva and McGee are there right? It wont be so bad then! Sex islands aside.

[See that mischievous grin, Mun? She's definitely up to the challenge.]

Get working on that application, okay?
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[The look on McGee's face says it all: he's not amused.]

Let me get this straight: I'm trapped in this - you call it a "headspace"? Okay, fine, let's go with that. I'm in this headspace and I have no say in anything you do with me.

Well that's great.

[Sarcasm. Tony's taught him well. But that's not what's got him annoyed.]

See, with a computer and internet access I might have been okay with this. But now you're sending me to a sex island? And you think Tony being there is a comfort? With Ziva. Both of who seem convinced I've only lost my virginity in the last couple of years.

[Well, that might be a slight exaggeration, but pretty much yeah.]

You're a twisted person, "mun". More so than Tony. And that's saying something.
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I do have -- what is the word? Imagination. Whimsy. Yes, whimsy. More whimsy than Ziva; she is such a practical child.

But I have anger in equal measures. I do not wish to face this lion, the one who you say could see into my soul.

If I had any request of you...

...perhaps I could see my mother? It has been a long time.
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Is there a particular reason you're considering that place? This is starting to feel like a damned merry-go-round. I bet you there are better pla—DiNozzo's there? Huh. Go figure.

I know you know what you're getting yourself into again. I'm glad you're pacing yourself. Shouldn't be taking you this long to go down memory lane, though.
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If you say "I ship it", I swear to God I will shoot you.