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If I may, mun? I recommend putting me back at once. I was quite happy with where I resided. Truly, I was. This isn't going to go well, not for anyone involved now, or whom happens to be later on.

So do everyone a favor and abandon the idea of trying to find a place, game, or wherever it is you are looking to see if they'll have me at.

Before I forget to mention it, but this isn't how you tend to celebrate one's birthday, darling. Do try to do better next year, please.
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Look, I get it. You're on some kind of a kick right now and you need to get whatever this is out of your system. Fine.

But if you think this is going to be easy? You sure as hell have another thing coming.
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Really? You are gonna do this again...I was perfectly happy just resting in the back of your head and you decide to stir the pot again. You and I both know this ain't gonna go well, so why bother?
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( the mun finally caved in and made him an account. )

Almost a year — actually, three years. That's when you first started reading the comics. And you were able to hold off until just now? ( color him impressed. not many people — especially women — are able to exert that much self-control around him. in fact, he'd almost go as far as to say that the panther god must've blessed the mun with a great amount of self-control and patience. except he's fully aware that, when it comes to everything else, it's the opposite. )
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So we're doing this. You're going to actually keep me up and running regularly, now. Not just once every six months. I can - I can handle that. [He tries valiantly not to sound nervous.] I do kind of wonder if now's really the best time given how most of my... progenitor's associates? However we're referring to them, are doing. But maybe I could help. Seems like an extra set of processors might come in handy right now. If nothing else, I can at least make sure everyone sleeps and eats regularly. After living with Howard, that's become my special skill at this point.

I just have one question, though. I mean, I don't want to sound negative. And I'm sure this could all work out for the best. I was, uh, just curious - did you ever work out a way to explain me to people I don't already know? Because I think this might be weird for them otherwise. I don't really improvise well. I also don't like freaking people out, so. Some more planning might not be bad. Especially since I can't go most places. It's better if I get this right the first time around.
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Far be it for me to judge a person. I've made a lot of... questionable choices myself so my opinion means squat. ( please. in the immortal words of tatianna: choices, howard. )

I gotta say what I gotta say. That's gotta be known, alright? Right now, you're not keeping up with your current tags, you're barely getting enough sleep — frankly, you look like shit, pal. And the only reason you want to join this game is that it'll be, I quote, "hilarious." ( look at this face. it is not amused. ) What's so hilarious about me getting hurt and looking stupid?

( a beat passes in awkward silence. ) Actually, don't answer that.
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Hey now, whoa! Calm down. I know that you're having a bad day or as you put it the brain wolves won't leave you alone. But trust me, you're fine. You've got this. I mean hell at one point in time you had Blaze around. Mind you, I'm not him but you know that. You respect that.

Now just trust me. Sit back and try to relax. Drink a nice hot cup of tea and watch a movie. Hell, even the icons that you made aren't so bad. So don't let your brain tell you otherwise.

~ Robbie
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Just no. What the hell is wrong with you? You fall off the face of the damn planet, show up just because of a Netflix series, and now you want to fusion the universe I'm from.

Do you have any idea how insane that is? DC and Marvel couldn't pull off a half decent crossover and they actually own the characters. The point of an OC is to rp with one not ostracize yourself from everyone on the board.

No. Just go back to your med studies. Can someone help me explain some sense into her?
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Time kills, that much is a given.

You have too much of it on your hands. Sort yourself out first and then we'll discuss this.

[ooc: spoilers most likely in comments.]
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You do realize this may not be the best idea you've ever had

[A certain cape flips in it's version of a huff and Strange looks annoyed]

Who says you get a vote I didn't?

[Another flip]

Alright fine.....we'll try this.
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Really? Again? [ daniel sounds almost stunned by the idea of the mun returning.

et tu, brute?

ok, well probably not the most appropriate response he could've had. but this is for real this time, the mun swears. clearing his throat, daniel tries again to dissuade the mun with a smoother and gentler approach, ]
You are aware of that saying about beating your head against a wall, right? You might have more success with that than you could with writing. I mean, I've experienced writer's block myself and that's when writing reports. But I have an advantage that you don't. At least what I'm writing about is real.

[ however, seeing that he's now talking to the aforementioned wall, his shoulders lift in a shrug, a weariness colouring his tone, ] Honestly though, I'm the last person who has any right to tell you to save yourself the trouble and quit while you're ahead. [ take that as you will. ]
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'Blueberry', 'Cinnamon Roll', 'Muffin', 'Kitten'? I don't understand. Why can't I have a normal nickname?

[Because you deserve the cute ones.]

I'm entirely fine with 'Blue' and 'Elf' because those make sense! My ears are pointed and I am blue. [A heavy sigh, both of his hands lifting to grip the dark strands on one side, the other tangling through the bi-colored bangs that cover the right side of his face.]

The only one of those in that list that makes sense is 'Blueberry' and only because it has 'blue' in the name. I'm not a bakery treat and I'm certainly not a kitten.

[Okay, but let me just point out that you have a tail, fangs, claws, big golden eyes ... and you growl and hiss. Point to Warren for the 'threatening kitten' comment and the other nicknames have nothing to do with delicious sweets.]

I am-- I mean, I'm not-- [Kurt throws his hands up, mouth hanging open and his tail lashing wildly in response. He bares those sharp canines and releases a breath, that sounds very much like the aforementioned hiss.] I give up. Call me whatever you want, but don't remind me of the other half of my ... being.

[Didn't you want to talk about your father?]

Absolutely not.
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Isn't it bad enough that you've got that...other me stuck in your head too? The one who hated his wings, I mean. Poor bastard wouldn't know a good thing if it smacked him in the face. Funny, how different we ended up.

But whatever, I guess. It beats the hell out of a plane crash. Guess I should have seen this coming really, since that one scene is your favorite in the movie.
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You're a coward. But you know that, don't you? It's why you've come crawling back, embarrassed for yourself after... what, barely a mention in that new thing? Please. Your ploy is as pathetic as it is transparent.

Just face it, won't you? You're too.. nice. Too soft to get into my head. You might think you've got me figured out, but actually crawling into my skin? After the horrid things that you've said about me? Is it any wonder I've been so bloody stubborn with you?

Frankly, you deserve it. You haven't got the balls to play me. Can't muster the guts.

See? Pathetic.

Now, go make yourself useful and don't waste this chance I'm giving you.
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What I think is that it's a tad late for me to be giving my opinion.

[ It's been four months, and he still feel like Ross will appear over his shoulder at any moment. There's a very good reason he became invisible again back in May. ]

It's irrelevant what side I would've been on. It's over. The damage is done.

[ So what if his best friend and the woman he had affections for sided with the man who hunted him down for seven years? So what if the fragile trust in his old team had been shattered by this conflict? He doesn't have a right to feel anything, and he knows this. He chose to leave first. And it looks like he made the right choice, because now? After the Accords and General Ross and that very familiar prison Ross probably created just for him? ]

I can't go back now. Probably not ever. 

[ Let's hope Thor doesn't feel like evicting him from Asgard. ]
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So, can anyone explain to me why every single freaking time the part of my character gets assigned to an actress to play me in a film, there's a shitstorm over it?

First there was me, then that Shailene chick who didn't make it into the final cut of her movie, and now this?

Frankly, I think people ought to calm the heck down and give this one a chance. We've only heard a statement about the new MJ's outward appearance and zilch on her actual character and the actress' performance. I think you and I both want to keep our minds open about this, Mun. The solid judgments can wait.
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Yes, I'll admit it: I saw Daniel and I decided to come forth. He looked lonely. God knows how I have been there. I like being around my friends. Who doesn't? Yes, even Jack. (I will not be admitting that again.) I am finally at a good place in my life. The last two years have been very enlightening. I am beginning to feel as if I fit somewhere. My co-workers have become friends. I hadn't felt up to letting anyone close--you know about my curse. But I need them--and it no longer pains me to admit that.
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You couldn't have come up with a better name?

[ It's appropriate, so shush you ]

Appropriate or not, you could have at least come up with something a bit more clever, Mundane.

[ tee hee ]

I don't see why you're doing this anyway. It's not like you intend on sending me to some game- [ pause ]

Oh no. You're already getting ideas, aren't you?