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If you're waiting for my advice, it should be obvious. I'd rather be where the Boss is.

You know, the one with the butthole.
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Okay, mun, what the flippin' heck is so special about this McDuck old timer and his nephews that's got you so excited?  Ain't I enough duck for you?
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You mean to say I have the opportunity to go to Hell? Were it but one consonant, you would be making all of Asgard very happy. [except no one knew you were even gone, little buddy, for like. ages]

I've since accepted it, but sending me there . . . well, I would again be fresh. Still with feathers in my throat. Nasty business for all. Are you prepared?

. . . Well, so long as I can partake in the usual shenanigans.

Re: Logan

Mar. 12th, 2017 03:45 pm
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Oh shut up.

The last thing I need is you getting "inspired" by another girl with daddy issues getting her ass kicked by the world.

I got out of one crappy game only to have you throw me into magical girl hell. Haven't I earned a break yet?

I wonder if dad ever fought the wolverine....
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No I'm not.

[Yes you are, you're rubbing your eyes.]

Well, they are a little sleepy, but I'm not.

Why are we back? Did something else happen?

Those poopy head X-babies try an start trouble again?

[No, but-]

An Bucky Bear's ok?

[I believe so.]

Ok, well.. .I guess it's time for cookies then.
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Listen, I get it. You're worried that he's not gonna be like me. That Fox's gonna take my name an' make it something else. Something worse.

Couldn' be much worse'n I've done t'myself, aye? Besides, we both know there's more than one way ta tell my story. Best jus' ta let 'em have their fun.
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Don't come crawling back to me. We went our separate ways for a reason.
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Puny humans are all the same.

Will never stop bugging me.
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[Behold Virginia.]

Hello. It is a pleasure to meet you.

I require the location of my children and husband. I have arrived here unexpectedly and need to return to them as soon as possible. If that cannot be provided, my current location would also be acceptable.

A game? I'm sorry, I must decline. Games are a distraction for that task. Especially since I have been coded to be an adult, with responsibilities tied to that designation. Perhaps later, with my children, once a schedule has been arranged appropriately.

[A pause.]

You have yet to respond. Perhaps you did not hear me. I can adjust my vocal volume and repeat, if necessary necessary necessary NECESSARY NECESSARY NECESSARY.

My apologies. I believe my vocal volume was briefly adjusted too high.
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...Well, that was horrible.

Spoilers )

I think I need to go lie down, or find a lab - anything to get my mind off of this.
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So what if some random kid super hero found me at a bar? Where else would I be?


And what do you mean 'gentrification' seems like a big word for me? ☠☠☠☠ you too!
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...Mun, I know you brought me out here to talk about what's going on with Cap's team on another version of Earth, but I'm really not up for it. Odds are, I never will be. [Pages like this and this are definitely going to give him nightmares, and the entire idea of what's happening to him in that universe makes Hank feel sick.]

If we're going to talk about anything, what about the other Avengers teams over there? [Might as well stick with what he's familiar with.] Tony's team looks to be doing well; I'm not sure about the idea of having so many kids on the Avengers, but I suppose it's better than the alternative.

As for the Ultimates, where do I sign up? Or is there some sort of audition? [Solving large-scale problems using science, with non-violence being the priority, sounds perfect to Hank.] I'm sure they wouldn't mind if the idea was franchised out to other universes...
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I just don't know, Mun. It feels like... like I'm not doing anything to help there. The city, or anyone, that is. It's not that I don't love being in a game, I do, I just... I don't know if I'm meant to be there or not. I doubt I've filled my incentive, anyway, what with the lack of physical affection coming from me.

Well, okay, so I hug and I hand-hold. But that's... I'm not doing enough, am I? And it's just obvious to me that certain things aren't...

But I've got great friends there, and I really love being able to interact with so many different people - caped and non caped. I'm learning so much, and now we can visit the different worlds and that will be amazing and...

Like I said. I don't know. It's confusion over here.
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Mun, shh. Shhhht. Shh- shut up.

I'm already here, so you may as well just sit back and let the magic happen. I've got my phone for a quick google search, and a backpack full of weapons just in case a bad guy shows up! How hard can this be?

Hello, world!
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And why should I not be? My brother has been preoccupied with his own personal struggles. In his absence and distraction someone must tend our home. Wakanda does not function without a leader or defender, I intend to be both.

And do not think my being a woman will affect the quality of either position.
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Riiiight. It's always my fault. "The muse wakes up every time I watch a Marvel movie." Who are you kidding?

Admit it. You just can't quit me, can you?

But honestly... )
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I can't believe I'm going to say this but...

[ He leans against the wall looking directly at his mun. ]

You're starting to become about as fun as Scott on a good day. Loosen up a little will you? Because really you're head space is looking more like military academy, without any cute girls in uniform. Total tragedy!

Don't make me get the other muses here to fix that, I don't think you'd like the result. Though your A03 account might like it. and strip poker with the girls up here would be fun, even if the redheads are deadly

While I'm here, find me something to do will you?
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We're doing this again?! It's going to be nowhere near as epic as Cap/Thor and you know it.

I'm on a team with both of them, team relationships are so not of the good. And yes, I'm Buffy-speaking, this is my day for Buffy speak and you shall deal with it. It's not that Sam and Miles aren't awesome - they really are - but come on, you've got how many ships for me now? If Ammi and Abu ever find out, I would be in so much trouble because of you and your shipping.


Think I'm done for now. It okay if I go back and finish that Cap/Thor fic I was writing?