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Mar. 20th, 2016 06:54 pm
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Well, I mean, I can think of a couple weirder things you could be doing.
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Congratulations, mundane. You have won the honor of having THE Barnebus Stinson in your musebox. You should consider this a great honor. And don't worry, by the time I'm done that place is going to be legen... wait for it... DARY!
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Listen.  Mun.  Maybe.... I was mistaken, but personally I thought I was very clear when I said that I'm not really the biggest fan of feelings.

So do you think maybe you could hold the waterworks and, I don't know, maybe...

stop watching that scene over and over again??

I mean, don't get me wrong, I appreciate your sudden renewed interest... and the fact that you think my hair "finally looks good again" -- actually, the more I think about that, I think I'm kind of insulted by that commentary -- but you've got, you know, things to do today.

[ judgmental stare-down, scherbatsky style.


... annnnd then suddenly she's the one reaching for the play button, with a giddy tiny smile. ]

Ok, maybe just one more time.  
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I cannot believe you're choosing John Watson over me. He's not even the John Watson, you can't say he's really the John Watson.

[ Pause. ]

But even if he was the John Watson, it would still be a disgrace because. Come on. He's not the Barnacle.

[ He spreads his arms, all smug, confident smiles. For a moment, before his expression turns annoyed again. ]

But, fine! Be that way. Just know that you are making a mistake, and you will regret it and, once you do, I won't come running back. Or walking back. Definitely not crawling back. I won't be coming back at all. So, there.

[ Why won't you love him? ]
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Well, I hope you're happy.

[lkjasdflkjasf what even, man. what even.]
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I can't do architecture anymore. I haven't been able to do any architecture for the past year. Thanks for that, by the way.

I am literally so bored I am teaching a sex maniac woman how to play tennis.

And, oh yeah, and if you thought that wasn't enough? You gave me an ELECTRIC GOAT. Because, you know, I have such a great history with goats. --Yes I am well aware you did it just to spite me and I know it's a friggen sheep but it's close enough, damnit!


All I'm saying is... I think we should just both be civil people and not put me and one of my closest friends in the castle on a love loss.

No. Not even for a day. Not even for a second.

Christ! [Ted throws his arms up in exasperation.]
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No. Bad mun. Don't even think about sending me anywhere, especially that place with the collars and the "evil goddess" that you're so fond of. I don't care how great you think I am -except okay, yeah, maybe I do - you're not sending me somewhere. Okay?

Especially if you're thinking about taking me post-Robin break up, 'cause that's just not cool. What if she were to show up someday? I'd have to deal with the pretending-to-be-friends thing again, and then the learning-how-to-be-friends thing again. And both of those are pretty exhausting; doing them once is more than enough. So just... stop.