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You've been really procrastinating on that application. Not having second thoughts, are you?

I don't blame you; it's been a long time.
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Thank you for dusting me off. I know it's been a while, but Brother really needs me. You and Brother's mun have talked, after all. Besides, it'll be good to see him again. And make sure he's getting enough sleep.
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You - or rather I - may receive some flak for this, Mun. I am not especially popular with the fandom, it seems.

But who knows? Perhaps with your help, I can reclaim my former stature as a renowned State Alchemist.
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Hello to you too, Miss Mun~! Long time no see, welcome back -- or should you be saying that to me? Let's say it to each other and that works well, right?

No more journeys in the world of Pokemon? That's fine, everyone needs a fresh start sometimes... Even if it's a weird change after all of our years there. Don't worry about it, let's try something new!

But really, you didn't even think about sending me to Genessia before you met Ed here? ...Seriously? [What the hell kind of a logic is that? Seriously considering other games before but not this??]

Well, I guess they always say that it's better late than never. Maybe we'll find some others to join too? I might go insane if I have to be alone in there with Ed, Ling and Greed, who even looks like Ling's twin. [this Greeling in different bodies thing is not going to be confusing at all, nope.]

Anyway! It's great to see you too, I'm glad you're so excited about me again. Don't be so nervous, I'm sure we'll be just fine this time too~! [Some things never change, huh?] And I can't wait to see this new place, so go type my intro there, okay? Yes, good. No, I'm not taking a "No" for an answer to that.
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Hmm, a treasure hunting type place? I guess I could have some fun there, but what do ya mean, I gotta volunteer to work under this corporation? Don'tcha get it? I'm Greed. I want everything, even to be in charge.

I guess I can work my way up. It's not like I haven't had to work under people and forge my own way before. Look, I'll do this, but you gotta do something for me. You better help me find some good underlings to reform the Devil's Nest. Oh, and make sure you give me as much attention as that serious military lady.
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Ma'am, I don't think this is a good idea. I mean, you've tried it once before. Multiple times...

Having three of us just doesn't work and neither does having us in separate games.

[A soft sigh.] I do miss brother and Winry though.
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Now, now mun. I would have thought you'd have more dedication to your commitments outside. Don't you already have enough on your plate? I should certainly hope you'll show much more dedication than that to me.

Oh well. It's nice to be let out after all these years, at least.
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Hm. It has been quite a long time, hasn't it? I'd rather thought you'd forgotten about me. And considering where you've sent me in the past, I was comfortable with the idea of being left to my own devices.

Yet now, here we are again. If you must, I would politely request you seriously consider your decision.
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Miss Mun!

Did you know Al's gone? Ed's...Ed's really upset, and I...I'm.

[Deep breath.]

We need him.

Ed needs him!
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Miss Mun!

I can't believe you let this happen!

[Gestures to a thick, black, leather collar, with two buckles.]

Do you know what that jerk, Malfoy, is going to make me do while I'm wearing his magical collar?


No, I don't care about 'leveling up!' Geeze!
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Miss Mun,

I have both brothers in this game you've put me in. I ought to be happier! Why are you letting me mope around and be miserable?

So what, Ed has...other...friends. He's...having sex with.

[Such a blush on her face now, but she's still angry.]

It doesn't mean I can't be happier!
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[ sparkle sparkle sparkle. Armstrong stands attentive at the recent news he's received. ]

Another military assignment?! Amestris is in such a fragile place, there needs to be creation, rebuilding, support!! The people are in need of the Strong Arm Alchemist and.... [ His shirt rips, revealing his rippling physique in a shower of twinkling pink stars. ] his beautiful muscles!

[ Unfortunately for Armstrong, the decision has been made, and the app has been written! Besides, your friends need you and there's serious eviiiiiiilllll afoot in the city! ]

If that's the case, I'll go. To protect from evil is a personal creed of mine that I will uphold! Heropa! Beware the cunning talents of the Armstrong family that have been passed down for generations! [ Sexy, proud, strong flexin' for the honeys immediately follows. What an impressive demonstration of strength! ]
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Don't you think you're going too fast? You're doing this on memory at this point. You're not even done with the canon reviewing, are you?

I don't particularly like this place, and I don't particularly like that you chose me, but fine. It was me or that bastard Kimblee, right?

Something tells me he'd like [community profile] consignment a little too much.
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Aah, if you're going to find someplace for me, it better be somewhere that doesn't do anything like taking my powers away from me.

If I don't get to mess with those idiot human rats, where's the fun in it?
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Miss Mun,

It's okay. Ed's left before, but he always comes back. Things will be all right!

Of course, I'll miss him, but I'm okay without him.

I just hope he'll be okay without me.
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Dunno what the big deal is anyway. You didn't even watch it.
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We only just met and you're sending me there, huh? How forward of you. The sooner I get in, the sooner I get my abilities back. That's the deal. There's always a price, but, oh I think it'll be worth it.

Now, who did you say was going to be there?
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Mun-sama! It's about time you let me out again. It's really boring in your head y'know. So what are we going to do now?
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You have got to be joking. Tch. It's not even an entertaining joke, if that's what it is. is a joke, isn't it?
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And a fine evenin' to you too, Mun! I see yer chatterin' about wantin' more of the circus with me.

Now, don't get me wrong- we both know I'd be happier than anythin' if anyone came while I'm still near that cozy little town. Just somethin' I'm wondering about... Who's this Lust lady, and why are you suddenly so interested in her joining alongside Beast so they can have them a chat?

[Joker, meet Lust.]

[...Yeah, this isn't quite what he was expecting. Huh. Just... Wow. His eyebrows rise up.]

It might nearly be a family reunion with how much they look alike.

[He's actually kind of impressed.]