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[River spins in circle and dances lightly from side to side.]

It's May and it's time to play so lets play.
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I get it, you're excited to have met the guy. Honestly, I don't see it. Sure, he is one good-looking guy, but the hair and the clothes are all wrong. And what was with the glasses? That ain't me, mun. But who he really is, I respect that. Sounds like he said some nice things about me. Glad you got to meet him. Mal, too. Or the not-Mal. The actor.

So... eventually you're gonna stop smiling so much and looking at that picture of him and you, right? Ain't natural. Except for the part where he looks like me. You can stare at me all your want. Just don't let the wife catch you. She gets mighty jealous, that woman.
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All right. I think it's time you and I had a little chat. And by "about time", I guess I mean "right away".

Look, I don't know what you plan on doing with me, but let me make one thing perfectly transparent with you: I am not happy. I am not happy with being off my ship, or being away from my crew. The Alliance? I could do without them for a spell, so if I'm going to thank you for anything, I guess it should be that.

But it looks like I'm not going anywhere for a while. Great.

So why now? You've known me for years now, and you're only just now deciding that I'm worth doing something with? The other folks I've seen don't give you the best vote of confidence, now, so excuse my cynicism. I'm a realistic-sort of man, you understand. Nothin' personal, just not overly-fond of big hopes and dreams and crazy plans being dashed without even so much as a foot forward.

So you keep me around, keep Alliance off me, maybe we can make this work. Capisce?

Good. I'm glad we could get that settled, then.

Poor Wash.

Jan. 3rd, 2015 08:45 am
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Hey, that's right. I'm just the pilot. I fly the ship. Zoe, and Mal - they're the ones who've seen war.

Where's my wife? I'm not going anywhere without my wife.

I'm just gonna sit here until you bring me my wife.

I'm a patient man, don't think I'm not!
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Now, I ain't calling you out for this. It's flattering. Really. But I've seen what you're doing round here. Gotta say, Jayne's made smarter moves than this.

[Excuse you? Jayne? Really?]

Look, I don't have time to go to this other ship you're talking about. Serenity and the captain need me. Wash needs me.

[Yeah, but Wash is there, Zoë. By himself. And the ship's call the Tranquility. That's kinda close, right?]

Not even. Not by a long shot.

But... I don't think it's safe to leave Wash by himself either. Too much trouble he could get into.

[Are you... jealous? Seriously?]

Don't got a reason to be jealous. Wash'd never do anything for me to have a reason. Still, this doesn't strike me as necessarily needs to be done here.
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I'm not saying 'no,' I'm just saying that we really need to talk this over before we come to a decision. Someone discovered the bio-optic camera in my eye. I'm glad she took it as well as she did, but now she's offering to upgrade it?

I haven't even thought about the thing in years, it's just an eye, it lets me see. If the feed could even be re-activated, the people it was transmitting to have been long gone for, what, fifteen, twenty years? Since the very start of the Unification War. That wasn't a good time in my life. It's hard to say if my mission succeeded or failed, and either way, I am still working towards redemption of my actions during it.

"If thine eye offend thee...?" I've never quite believed in taking Matthew that literally. I shouldn't get rid of it, no sense in that.

I foolishly took the offer in the first place, to be a mole, out of pride and vanity. But was it truly foolish, if this part of me can become something more useful here? I've been led here for a reason, just like I was led to the Serenity for a reason. It's just getting a little harder to see the right path.

Maybe clearer vision is exactly what I need, then.
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Ain't no ruttin' way I'm goin' into one of them games again. You ain't makin' me. Not after all this time. Don't pay enough. Don't pay any, as a matter a fact. Why don't ya go back to playin' them prissy cop types and let me go back to my gorram life.
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I appreciate this whole "breathin' life into me" thing, but is testing to see if I'm good for a game really necessary? Don't you have better things to do with your time?

Voice Test

Jan. 15th, 2014 03:26 pm
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Doctor Outlaw?

Is that the BEST you can do? Your icons also leave a lot to be desired.

No, no I don't think I want to be here. No... I'm sorry. I'm ah... afraid this just isn't going to work out. Look, it's nice meeting you. It'm um... Flattered? Is that the right word?


Ok, so you're not going away. I don't what you're doing. Oh, you don't know what you're doing either?


Just great.

Fine... let's do this.

What am I supposed to do? Just talk.


Um... hello out there!

Am I done?
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Really? You want me to list things I am thankful for, cause it's an old Earth-that-Was tradition of one culture on one landmass?

Wash is the talker, he;s the better one to ask, I'll just let him do that. Or that Captain, or Kaylee, hell damn near anyone on the ship's a better choice'n me ta get all philosophic.

Talk ta the Shepard or Inara, maybe Simon. Jayne's about the only one I might not want to hear from. No tellin what he's thankful for and frankly I can live without knowin.

[Come on Zoe...just a couple things? You don't even need full sentences, just the spirit of a holiday from part of your cultural history on a planet that is no longer.. yeah I see your point. Just do it for me, ok?]

Fine, I'm thankful for full fuel, plenty of ammo, a good ship, an even better crew and a better'n decent husband.

We done here?

Good, cause I got work to do, cargo don't stow itself.
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For me to find that in bad taste yer assumin' I have been exposed to some kinda good taste. You know who I ship out with, you know how they are. There ain't nuthin' new there except..hope.

There's a possible future out there, it ain't how I wanted it, never gives you anything without blood, sweat or tears. I reckon all three got used on this.

Given my choice you know things would be different, but in the end I've always taken what I could get and never had any of it handed to me. New life, new leaves turning an all that. And you can be damned sure there will be stories about the best damn pilot that ever sailed the black. Child's gotta know their papa.

And lady, if I ain't tearin' up you don't get to either, so stow that gou shi right now.
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Yes, Mun, it's soooo funny that half the town thinks I got a bun in the oven. Hilarious.

If I didn't know better I'd swear this was what ya were goin' for. Just tossin' plot info out there, ya said. Ya know Luke's mom is here, right? I ain't even met her yet and now this is goin' 'round given everyone notions.
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Well, I got no fancy for repeating myself, so listen close. First off, I ain't cargo. That puts me and all my baggage off-limits to pawin', jawin', and any kind of clapper-clawin'. Second, seeing as how you look to be low on ways to pay up, I'm thinkin' we won't be doing any other business anytime soon.

Third, it may be touching your mind that an arrangement like that cuts both ways. You'd be wrong. I will be settin' the conditions here. On account of my pretty face and 'cause I said so. Ni dong ma?

—now you hold it right there, what's wrong with my Chinese?
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You shouldn't stir up old ghosts. They don't like to be disturbed, and they're noisy. Crowding up the room with their chatter. It's loud in here.

( but she glances pensively off to the side, oddly tranquil -- for now. )

Is it time to wake up? No days in the black. I won't know.
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... Asgard?

[ there's a thoughtful pause. ]

Well, I-- I suppose I wouldn't be opposed to going back there. Some day.
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It was better for both of us this way. That place was killing her and... I couldn't do anything to protect her. Not much of anything, anyway. And that was killing me.

It's much better for her if she stays home. Away from danger. If she never comes to Paradisa, well... it would not be the most ideal circumstance for me, but then again, it's selfish to wish she shows up in the first place. I want her here, but she's better off back home with me, and neither of us being aware of other worlds in the first place.

Snap out of it, mun. There are still plenty of things we can do together.
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We could go out again. Play games. The ground's familiar, even if it changed. I could change, too. Be easier to work with. I'll be social. I can be sociable.

[Awkward smile.] I'll hold your hand, if you want.
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It's really been 4 years, hasn't it, mun? I can't say that it has been an entirely enjoyable ride, but at least the things you have put me through have been memorable. I've lost my memories, had River lose her memories of me, been to Wonderland and a city of eternal night and a castle that grants my every wish- among other places, seen people who look and sound just like my crewmates and yet aren't them...

And then there was the time I was killed by a gigantic praying mantis. I definitely could not forget that one.

I will not say "I hope there are 4 more", because one never knows what may happen, but we've had a great journey together.
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I believe the two of us must speak. Wǒ bùdǒng your need to put me in another game. Oh yes, for the... How did you phrase it? For the lulz.

Oh yes, very funny putting me in a game set in an AU New York City. When I had said I would love to see Earth That Was, I didn't actually mean it literally.

If you insist on doing this, it would be nice if you could find me some of the crew. [She hesitates and then quickly adds:] And by crew, I do mean anyone but Jayne.
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We're coming up on that anniversary. I don't suppose you could try and find Kaylee for me in time for it, hmm? Nothing would make me happier than having her here and in my arms again. I took her for granted- I see that with painful clarity now- and all I want is to tell her I'm sorry for being such a fool and show her that I can make it work, make up for lost time.

I feel like I'm losing my purpose here. I could use the extra sunshine.