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[There is a little girl with a bright red kimono and a lot of waterworks on the comm today. Frankly speaking, it looks like she would have run away by now, but every time she stops hiccuping and crying into her hands to look up, what she sees seems to terrify her and she goes back to cowering.]

[With every jerk of one wrist, there's the tinkling of bells, and it's a near constant melody to her more painful crying. In fact, uh... anyone with any flashlights... or anything that sheds light at all... That might start to flicker. Or just not work. Sorry about that. The little girl doesn't seem to notice, at any rate.]

[Sometimes, when the crying goes down a little, she looks up at her mun, jaw quivering as she clearly tries to get her voice to work.... only for it to inevitably fail and she curls in on herself as she hides her face in her hands again.]

[The mun is starting to realize this might have been a bad idea.]
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There's never any talking you out of these things, is there?

If I could just make one request. I know it's a long shot, but... if Hisoka was with me... Maybe it would at least be bearable.

It's the least you could do.
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Mmm, this is a...

... Surprise.

You are not like the doctors; what is your name? Yes, but 'Mundane' is an insulting name, maybe you should be something else. And this place is... Do you know, then, where those girls are?

I think I would like to see them again, if you think it is possible.

[We're going to pretend it's closer to a full moon than a new moon because the fuller the moon is, the more lucid she is. Getsuyuu Syndrome and all.]
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And where would I go, mundane? Have you even thought about that? Certainly not a place where zombies are doing the housework or people making satellites out of microwaves, I would hope.

Well, if you expect me to cooperate, I expect you to refresh your memory on everything.
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Will I ever be free of this, mundane? Will you ever let me move past the illness? I don't want to forget. I don't want to die like the others. That place will only bring me to life so I can die again.

I won't let you kill me like that. I refuse to die so easily.
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 It was bad enough you dropped a constantly teething blue alligator on me when I was first starting out.

The creature I received for Christmas happened to be blind and violent. Yes, its kind of cute and of a rare color but do you really think its worth the trouble of raising it? You could've even given me one of those useless flopping fish and that's saying something.

It didn't have an idea it ripped up my only shirt and one of the gifts I received from a friend. Not to mention he's been tackling everything, including myself. I'm surprised his horn hasn't pierced my chest yet. I'm not going to even describe how training it is like.

I know you are cruel to your other muses but this is just ridiculous. 

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No, it's really all right. Really. I'm fine with not having anyone from home with me.

You're right in how I've missed them so much, Mun.

But I could never let them be risked by the things within this House. It's all right. I'll pretend a little longer that I'm not lonely.

Maybe someday, I'll be able to see them again.
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They turned me into a doll monster?

If you expect me to come out of this situation in one piece then I think you are the mad one. This has to be some sort of sick joke.
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I don't understand.

Where is nii-san?

Where is Chitose?

It's dark.

She doesn't like the dark...
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You are truly sending me there, then? ...That's all right. I'll have Sae, won't I? We'll never be apart again. I'm sure Ryozo will understand... Both he and Mikoto will wait for us, I'm sure.
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I'm not sure which fate is worse, spending years in the Underworld being tortured or returning home to tell Madoka's family of her fate.
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Oh, that's good! It's a shame Mayu and I won't be in the same room, but she's not that far away. And we're out of the village, too.
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Am I supposed to be happy that your recent drop will let you focus more on me, mundane? You should know by now that no matter how much you try to break me it doesn't matter. I will recover.

Besides, I know what happens next and you've run out of people I care about to haunt me with.
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I can understand your concern. Truly, I can. But I don't understand your sense of humor.

To take me to a point where I'm alone, and unsure of myself, or what I have to do? Where I may fear to sleep, in a house that may be worse than the Manor?

I'm not amused.

And I am not certain I will be allowed to take the camera obsurca with me. Besides-I may not be able to rely on it. You know better than I do how horror games can be when it comes to 'powers'. It may not be pleasant., please stop laughing. You're not very funny.
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I don't want to die, mun, but my opinion hardly matters does it? I've lived for this long, survived despite every incident of zombies, sharktopus, ghosts, fungi and now I will die because of a splinter?

Do not even bring up infecting Ruka either. I do not want to contemplate it.
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Mundane, please wait just a little bit longer to see what happens. I know your preferences and the game was a risk but there's still a chance. Please. One more week. If you still have a waning interest after that we can find a new home.
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Please, please, reconsider. [Ruka is trying hard to keep it together, to keep from being forceful or panicked, but it's hard.  She wrings her hands.]  You could do anything, even... [She pauses, swallowing hard.]  I'd rather die.
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Are you sure, Mun? I don't know if I want to forget so many things and they mean so much to me. ...If you're sure I can earn my memories back then okay. I'll go there and work hard for Miss Yubaba.
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For how long, Mundane-san?

... I see. But--

But you'll promise me I can have Onee-chan back, right? Without her, I...
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I hardly see the point of my being here if everybody else is still over there, including our game. You even had a chance to make a new name for me yet to relied on the old one.

Mun, you are an idiot. Now stop playing around with things over here and get back to work on those responses.