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You got a strange way of doin' things, anybody ever tell you that? 'Course they have.

Now, don't confuse my meaning; I'm flattered. But we tried this before, remember? No use in tryin' to make somethin' stick that ain't there.
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I get the appeal of roleplaying and fantasy escapism but I'm not sure I appreciate the idea of constantly applying 'forever alone' memes to me.

Especially since I keep being put in places alone with Felicity.

Just putting that out there.
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I shouldn't be surprised; you always did have an interesting way of doing things.

We'll chalk this one up to sentiment, shall we?
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Jaysis, ye've got t'be fuckin' with me.

Look, I've no problem with yeh draggin' me out like this, but if ye're goin' to make a habit ou' of it, least yeh can do is show yer ol' buddy Cass a bit of T-L-C, eh? Fix the place up, pat me on the arse, and send me on me merry way, sure.

But would it kill yeh to show a little emotional support every now and again? Think about us for once, wouldjyeh?
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Wow, you have no spine at all do you?

Just last week you were going off on me and look where we are now.

See, that's just the thing that you have to admit to yourself, you know a good thing when you see it.

And Lois Lane? Well there's a damn good thing.

Hope that cleared things up, because I'm not the touchy, feely, sharing type.
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your level of excitement about my joining this so called "Legion of Doom' has gone from amusing to worrying. You know what I am and what I want so why speculate about my reasoning as much as you are. I know you miss me but honestly it's time to calm down.
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[Ever since this clip was shown, Kara's mun has been squealing nonstop.


Her poor Kryptonian ears ;;;]

I know you're excited--I mean, so am I! [Teaming up with all of those heroes??]--but I can hear you all the way from here and I'm not even using my hearing.

[Sheepish chuckle.] I like that enthusiasm, though!

And... [There's a sigh because the mun has been snickering about it since watching the video.] I'm aware that Oliver was probably expecting ET or, y'know, the alien from... [beat] Alien.
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I hate you for that username.

But I can see why you chose me over the more recent version. But don't you think you're a little late on the bandwagon? I mean I won't complain too much. My duty is to protect the seas and wherever you take me I'll do so. Even if I won't get to see MY Clark or Oliver. But I'm sure you can think of something.
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Oh, come on! Seriously? That's what you're going with?

You could've at least consulted Cisco first. He's got better movie references than this.
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Now that you've made your own icons, you can relax a little. It's not as stressful as it seems and they're not bad either. I like them and others seem to like them. So you should take that as a win. Learn from my cousin a bit.

[He gives a smile]

Also, stop worrying so much. You'll get out of there eventually. Just keep your head held high and be the strong woman you are. Eventually you'll get through this.
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Hey Mun don't be worried. Sure you've only seen one episode with this version of me in it, but you've known me for years. I was just waiting for the right version to settle in your brain. Besides you've got that speedster friend of Kara's in here, so I have company.

This is going to be fun.
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Oh Mun,

Why this obsession with what side I happen to be on? If you know me half as well as you think you do, you know the answer. I'm on whatever side makes the most money, so as long as this Legion of Doom can offer me that I'm happy to be along for their ride.
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I'm afraid I'll be very busy for the foreseeable future.

With school. And whatnot.

["And whatnot": a large category, poorly sketched. By intention.]

Is that all.
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Hah! You liar! And you call your headspace a "mess". [Complete with air quotes from Harley. Possibly dangerous choice of words to say to someone who used to be a psychiatrist.] I call it prime real estate!

[She tucks her bat under her arm, putting her hands on her hips, looking around with renowned interest.] Nice! Verrrrrry nice~ I'm gonna make myself comfy cozy over here in this joint.

[In a sing-song voice, holding her bat up with one hand:] I think I'm gonna like it hereeeeee~~


... What? I thought you liked Little Orphan Annie?

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I still think Sherlock shoved Lucifer's piano over that trapdoor. Two months in Hell's version of House of Leaves that is my basement for that twat. Gabriel is taking that damn piano out, isn't he? I could use the floor space for anything other than that thing playing 'Strangers in the Night' when I walk past.

At least I got to miss Brimstone's Initiation Day. Heard they let out all the criminals the angels over at the Little Hades Police Department managed to lock up and then burnt the place down. What did angels think was going to happen in Hell? And Gabriel saved all of Greg Lestrade's paperwork. Not at all suspicious that. I'm sure the trickster just had to run in when he saw the place on fire. The LHPD will probably be on a hiring drive again with all the angels flooding in with Little Eden being poisoned. Can't just be in Hell, huh, Constantine? Oh no, let's have harp strummers all over the place too.

Speaking of which, there will be no angels in Hellblazer. Bad enough The Powers That Be named my place -that- and the floorboards scream once in awhile with random wall bleeding, but there will be no feathery arses parked anywhere in there. Lucifer came and went as it pleased him when he was down here, and I'm not having his siblings or ilk thinking my shop is the local flophouse now that he's gone.

With Oliver Queen possibly arriving, I wonder if all those lovely girls he worked with will be coming. For them I might make an exception. Least Zatanna, Chas and Zed aren't here to say 'I told you so, John' or that smoking would be the death of me. An old lady hit me with her car. The fact that I had been getting some Silk Cut was purely coincidental.
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Pfft. Should I be flattered right now? Alright, lemme guess this one: unnatural fixation towards a disinterested source and a need to gain their approval.

Did I get it?! Oh, come on, don't look so offended.

[You're one to talk about unnatural fixations.]

Stuff it! We can work with this if we play our cards right... Where to, boss lady?!
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All right Mundane. A few things.

First, you can stop shouting at me about that ending. It's not as though I planned it or, frankly, even know what is going on.

Second, related to the first, this may be a bit premature. I mean you have one icon and you only finished the series about 15 minutes ago. Let's take a step back for an evening, shall we?

Third, I'll give you a pass on the name. It's not the most original, but I've also seen some of the other usernames you've come up with so I suppose it could be worse. Mr. Wilson's in particular is unfortunate.

And finally, fourth, let's make it very clear that I'm not this 'Rory' person you keep going on about. So don't even try to substitute icons from him for me. If we're going to do this together we're going to do it right.

That being said I can already see you're probably going to be putting me back very soon. So at least you're getting this out of your system now.
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So's this preacher, see, he gets up in front of his whole — congregation, like. Standin' behind his pulpit, lookin' a right handsome devil, collar 'n that, and he says to 'em — he says: "Now, I've good news and bad". The people, they're listenin', o'course. Hangin' on the bastard's every word. "The good news", preacher says, "is we've enough money for our new buildin' program." They cheer, righ'? Oh, yeah, man. They're lovin' it. [ he cups a hand at the side his mouth, sound at the back of his throat imitating a roaring crowd. in a stage whisper, he follows up with a get off, reverend, yeh beautiful eejit! ]

[ he outstretches his fingers, waving, then, relaxing the imaginary group. ] He's got his hands out, he's calmin' those charmin' sods down. "Bad news," he tells 'em, "is it's still out there in yer pockets."

[ there's a moment of silence, his expression blank. it contorts, then, and chuckles himself stupid into a bottle of whiskey. ]
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You're not ready.

[It comes out somewhat harsh and Alex is immediately conscientious - she draws back a bit and takes a breath. This isn't a mission, but she still finds herself taking it seriously all the same.]

It's not that I'm not honored. I am. But you said yourself that your attention to detail on my history, on our world was flighty at best. You should go back and review the material before you start sending me out.

[A beat, and her expression softens:] Listen, I know you're excited to see Kara. Believe me, I am too - but she deserves the best from both of us, don't you think? Let's not let her down.