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Hehe. Why do you look so nervous?

Like you said, it's just messing around, right? It's nice to be able to stretch my legs, I was getting bored in there!

There's supposed to be people from all different worlds hanging out here, right? So I don't think anyone's gonna be surprised about me. We both know I'm nothing special. Let's just hang around and kill some time, okay?
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I don't know what you're complaining about, I had a great time~

Of course things could have gone better but there's plenty of time for that isn't there?

Now why don't we discuss how things are going to progress from now on in [community profile] soulgemmed ?

On the off chance anyone...unexpected should drop in I want to be ready for them.

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 Glad you caught up, with old threads and my part on the show.

But, no. It's great that I'm the only one you feel comfortable with after all this time, but we both know what'll happen.  I'll be forgotten in a matter of weeks if you put me anywhere. And wiping out my memories... what was the point of even refreshing, them?  Girls are so confusing.

[ sigh. ]

Go back to whatever it was you were doing before you stumbled back upon lil old me.  It'll make it easier on both of us.

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 Wow, mun, this is a total surprise.

And putting me in a game sounds super fun but have you, like, thought this through?  Like really, really thought it through?  It's just that you've never played me anywhere and it's been a loooong time since you've.... 

[ I got this, Ty Lee. ]

Yeah, I'm sure you're right.  You'll be totally fine!  Let's just be careful with these games, some of them don't seem very safe.  And make sure you get practice before I actually go anywhere.  And try to find one with Mai... okay?
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Well, well, well.

I have to admit, lady, I'm pretty flattered that out of all the muses you made up in this place, mineis the only one you remembered. We do have a lot of memories here, don't we? I'd suggest putting me somewhere but I-- don't really think Katara or Sokka are around.

[ And since he never met his Freedom Fighters here, he pauses and frowns. ]

Do yourself a favor and don't leave me in the dust. Again. You really don't do all that much, there's plenty of time in your life for little old me.
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Hi mun, Zuko here,

So, uh, thanks? I guess.

I mean it's nice to be missed and all but uhm... What exactly do you plan to do now?

I can't even remember the last time I was off doing stuff. What was that place? Discedo? Yeah. That sucked. Can we not do that again.


Oh. It doesn't exist anymore? Well good.



Yeah. I hope there's another Zuko there so I can't go. As... weird as that sounds. Sorry other me??

Ya know, don't even bother looking. I'm kinda starting to be sorry I asked.
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I don't need to go anywhere. You don't even know where you'd send me.

If you even claim to understand me, you know that I'm not what you'd call a team player. Sending me to somewhere where I'd be stuck, or would be in a new world, wouldn't be interesting. Or an adventure. It'd be stupid.

[and what if you knew people there?]

Who would want me?
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Caaan't really say I'm 100% sure about what's going to happen next, but I'm with you every step of the way in any case.

...Just make sure you don't send me somewhere to my death and we'll be golden, okay? Okay good.
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Wait, wait, wait. You want to wake me up and stick me where? And from the same place in time?

Look, lady. I think you need to do a huge review first off. Secondly, are you sure you're not seeing turtle-ducks? Because I think you've hit your head too hard somewhere. Or maybe you need to go to bed.
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I don't care! I don't want my friends to come to Panem, even in a dream!

It's terrible there! It's not that I don't miss them; it's just that I don't want them to have to go through that.
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I didn't have a choice. I still don't. Nobody sees that because nobody else was there, and when they look at the city I'm pretty sure they're not seeing just how dire things are. And anyway, I'm through trying to get through to anyone, even you. My job is to bring balance to the world. Nobody ever said that people were going to like it. I don't even like it!

But if I don't get out there who will? Not Chief Beifong or Tenzin, that's for sure. They made it sound like Amon was going to be the end of this Equalist uprising thing! Take one look outside for just how true that turned out to be. You don't have time to 'play' me and you shouldn't, because I have to go. I've got work to do.

It's a full moon, after all.
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I guess I see your point, on having to pick between one of me with my boomerang or one with the space sword I had. Still, you could've made a picture with both of them on it. Not that it would have been any problem for you.

[True, but Mun doesn't have the right software installed to do that, not yet anyway.

To her fortune, this is soon dropped. A glimmer of fondness and sadness in those blue eyes.]

Yeah... I'm wondering, could there be any chance for a meteor to land in Nexus sometime? [No, wait. That was a slip of the tongue!] I mean--! We wouldn't want any more danger over there than there already is! I'm only sayin' that somehow, some way, it would be nice to have a new sword. It doesn't have to be just like the space sword... We could think about that, right?

[Her nod of consideration helps to give his morale a boost. Lately, he hasn't been doing a whole lot besides hunting, and whacking at some of the monsters with either his hand-made spear, or a club he recently found.]

Thanks. You won't regret it. [There's a smile and thumbs up.] Whenever you have less on your plate, we could discuss this in more detail. No pressure!

We both know you're really on a roll with music-related things, and I'm not the only one who's noticed. You've obviously been all excited about that game remix for what, a week? At least that long...

I heard the last one you finished, with that catchy beat in it. You are one seriously talented lady. Though I don't think you should let yourself get too carried away here.
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I feel like you expect me to say something like 'I'm glad you finally remembered me again.' But last time that happened I ended up spending months in an underwater prison, so no, I'm really not.
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Alright, mun, that's a perfectly respectable username. Personally, I would've chosen something with a clever pun, but that's alright. Not everybody's cut out for being hilarious. You know how it is... some people can bend the elements, some people can tell funny jokes, and some people pretend to be manly Water Tribe warriors on the internet for fun.

But listen, this little reunion's been a lot of fun. Now, if you don't mind, I've gotta go do important hero business. You know, help save the world, stop the Fire Nation, stuff like that.

What? It's not like you have any plans for me or anything. It's gonna get pretty boring around here.
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[The young man with a scar on the side of his face looks antsy ad agitated, for he's been impatient with his mun for quite a while.]

I'm sick of war. When will there be peace, for everyone? How much longer will the island exist? [Does she even know? It's about time she explains things to him!]

I'll still help my friends liberate their world. But after that, I must return to mine.

You understand the importance of what I must do for the Fire Nation, as their ruler. You finished watching all the episodes again, last week.

[Mun wonders if he's caught up on all recent events through anyone he shares head-space with. She'll find out soon enough, right?]
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So, you've decided to send me to that place. I suppose it's better than being a water-logged corpse, in any case.

And really, what better place could there be for someone with my skill set, than the open ocean?
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Obviously you have great taste in people, since you like me. But do you really think you're as great as I am? Because I'm pretty sure you're way too worried about dirt to be anything like me. Maybe you should give Katara a try.
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Wait... why are you looking around for a game for me? I didn't think you would ever pick me or anyone up again. I thought you were too busy or something. Don't get me wrong - I like the attention and I am all for getting back into a game.

But - you got me a little confused.
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While I know you'd have liked to see Korra and I meet up after her long journey, I'm sure it'll be revisited in your "comics" or whatever you call them. There was a bit of a time crunch. You can't cram meat from two seal-snakes into a bag meant for only one, no?

That being said, I'm glad that she finally seems happy. Maybe now I can go a few months without worrying about someone trying to murder my child.

As for the other matter, I suppose I'll have to leave it to Senna to explain to Asami some of our traditions. She's got quite a bit to get caught up on!