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I should perhaps remind you that this is likely a pointless endeavor. But I recognize that in the past my complaints have fallen on deaf ears. 

Even so, let me once again be the first to tell you that this idea is, for want of a better word, stupid
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I think it is fairly obvious what is going on here and it would probably be the most beneficial to you to reconsider this plan of action.
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Do we really have to do this again?
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I thought I was the one who made people do things around here.
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Okay, mun, you were right. Being classed as an Alpha is like a thousand times better than being trapped on a battlestar. It's nice to know that I'm not the only person with special powers.

But can you please stop comparing me to Nina? We're not that similar, and I really don't want to live in somebody else's shadow. I just want to be me. Boring, average, normal Jenny Price...who happens to read people's minds.
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Look mun, dusting me off because you rewatched the show is not a good enough reason. I bet there are no canonmates, almost 100% sure on that one. We'll go with 99% just to give some leeway.

Also, you can stop being so amused again with the username you chose. It was a moment, and I was trying to be funny, but it wasn't that funny for all the snickering you do. So how about you just let me go on my way? And really, on Father's Day? I should be off with Tyler, not here with you.

So stop the downloading of the episodes to cap and make icons. Won't be needing them.
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I don't know where I'm going. You don't know. There's no GPS here. That was a joke. I do that sometimes.

Why am I here? The signals are all static. The buzzing sound is back. Where's Hicks? I need him to fix it again. Make it go away. But what am I doing? You didn't answer that. You never do. And that's bad. It's really unfair.

I'm going away now. I'm frustrated. I'm letting you know that I'm going to slam my door. Ok.
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Aw, mun, we'll just call you a late bloomer, okay? I know you've been nerviously playing the idea ever since wee little blonde me strode into the show. Gotta admit though, it takes a special kind of person to find my flavor of weird appealing, to say the least. Seriously, I know I'm borderline impossible to send anywhere without making things really weird for everyone involved, and I haven't really seen many other alphas around.

But let's deal with things one tiny step at a time, alright? I'm going to record the heck out of everything anyway. No pressure.
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You're still trying this? I'm not a coat, you can't just put me on whenever it's convenient.

Or when you're cold. That's when you put on coats.

I would like to see space, but what about my friends? What about Dr. Rosen? What about my friends... What about my job? I have a job, I can't just leave. For space.

But I bet space is really cool. And you keep telling me I'll fit in there. I'm cool, I could fit in anywhere. Especially a cool place.

But -- wait. Wait. What about my routine? What about-- I get up, I take a shower. I brush my teeth at 7:42. I scream for ten seconds. I eat breakfast. I call my mom at 8:00.

I can't call my mom from space. I think this is a bad idea.

Cool, but bad. A bad, cool idea. Because I'm cool, and you're. You're not as cool as I am, but you wish you could be. Which is why you want to send me to space.

[ he'll keep going if no one interrupts him t b q h. ]
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You can't just put me somewhere, I'm an adult. I decide what's best for me and not you and not my mom. Me. I decide.

[ he seems distressed, flicking his hands in front of his face. ] Though going somewhere with more "Alphas" could be interesting. I could really learn something. Or teach them something. I've been at this a while, you know. I know things.

I'm smart. I'm a 32 on the CARS scale. I'm highly functioning. I can do this.

That doesn't mean I want to.
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No one else is there. I need to stay home and find out what happened to everyone. I need to work. They don't have my office and I can't call my mom at eight because she's not there. You're not... Leave me alone. That place is chaos.
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'Rolling around in feels?' Seriously?

[A look.]

I wish I could push you to shut the hell up.
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Glad you were as amused by the Hicks fix as I was. It was a good pun.

Now as for this idea in your head of putting me in a game somewhere?

I don't think so.
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No. Mun. I-, Mun, I can't go somewhere where my Alpha ability won't work. I can't.

And I can't go anywhere, also. I have to go to work. They need me at work. I have to do work at work which is where I live now. I went there because I wanted to because I do what I want. Okay.

Your passwords have no numbers. They have to have numbers. You have to change that. It's not safe. And you should listen to me.

You should.
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No. No no no. I can't, I can't go anywhere.

[ She can't even leave her room ]

It's too much, outside, everyone-

They left.

[ He left. Or, rather, they took him ]

I don't know what to do. I can't just trust anyone and after what happened to Doctor Rosen... it wouldn't work.

I just- I need to stay. Where it's safe.