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So, you have put some more thought into this. I still do not think it is a good idea, but I will admit that it is an interesting one.

I would much prefer if you could decide what era to use at least, if nothing else, and whether or not I am still a part of the program or if it was disbanded as Marissa's was, or if I was able to escape from it in some other way.

I can also say that I do not approve of your plan to play out different versions and 'see what sticks', these are the sort of things you should know before playing with something like this.
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Fuck you.

I know you like to keep me historically accurate, but fuck you. This is one time you could have deviated from reality and not wrecked my life.
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Oh my God I'm so bored.

[Exaggerated sigh.]

I don't know what to do without a race. And I don't think you know what to do with me without a race.

You should find Tommy's mun and apologize for dropping that thread. Because he was really fun and I would've liked to get to know him better.

And there's the Championship Celebration and its open bar which hopefully will be fun for my friends to tease me about being in a dress.

But other than that do we even have a clue right now? Nobody is going to tag a thread where I'm talking about mowing the lawn. Not unless it's a very awkward euphemism. So seriously, what are we going to do until March? What do normal people post about?
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I'm not sure I like this idea of yours. The one about making me some sort of fairy creature was alright, but this one isn't as good.

I wouldn't mind having the powers, this Force, but the rest seems unpleasant, it's as if Marissa's project actually had a chance of working, and that doesn't make sense.

...though I suppose making me some sort of fairy creature didn't really make sense either.

At least wait until after your vacation, think it over while you're away, decide if it still seems like a good idea once you've returned.
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Look- I... I'm fine with new experiences, but just... please don't put me in another game like Nerve.
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His centenary? You're right, Miss Mun, this is a long time. And he managed to write all those wonderful stories that people still enjoy. That's a type of immortality, I think, to have your work like on all these years.

Do you think he'd be pleased, Miss Mun, with my story? I know I'm changing it a little but... you have to take control of your own story or people will think you will let anything happen to you. And that's not right!

I hope he knows, though, how grateful I am. It's nice, to be a story. Even one you have to direct yourself. Someone cared enough to let people know my story. That's nice.

I wonder if I can read any of his books...?
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Here we go. The big one. The last race of the season, at my favorite racetrack of the series, and at the end of it there's supposed to be a trophy and a bottle of champagne for me. This is going to be a huge weekend.

What would make it mean a lot to me is if you're able to round up some of my friends and loved ones to share it with me. I haven't gotten to see many of them all season, and that's been a bit hard for me. Maybe you can put out some feelers and find a couple of them for me to bring to Sonoma?

Red would be amazingly proud of me if he saw this. He predicted it after all. I'm still wondering what happened to John, there's Tobey of course, and I'm starting to think Mike did something and got himself in trouble.

But try and find them, okay? This could be the biggest day of my career - hopefully not, but it could - and I'm not going to be happy if you end up having to write it as a blog post again.
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Whatever. Close the door on your way out.
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I'm really excited about being back in New York. I really want to take Mike out for that dinner I owe him. I miss talking to him; he always makes me laugh and he has to be one of the craziest people that I know. In a good way, of course!

But I'm glad that I can come back and see the garage. I want to make sure that Tobey, Julia and the team are doing okay. If I hadn't spent a year in that garage I wouldn't be where I am now. So I should go back there and see how things are now. Maybe pick up a wrench again and get my hands dirty. I still know how to do repair work.

This trip should be good for me. You've always been saying I should go back and now I have an actual reason to go back. Let's make the most of it, make amends and maybe I can finally tell him how I feel, too.

Oh yeah - and win this friggin' race.
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Got any customers for me, pretty?

[He's not standing in that doorway for nothing, is he? All done up. That's why he's here, right?]

Send 'em in already! Got any handsome lads for Dickie? Young lads. Fresh without any diseases.

[Ooh, he'd be so lucky!]
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So I know I've been complaining a little recently...okay, a lot...but things are really looking up. We get to go back to racing this weekend finally. And my back feels fantastic and I feel really confident in our chances.

Plus the clean bill of health means I can take Mike out on that date I've owed him since forever. And to see Tobey come back again - I can't tell you how much that means to me. I have so much that I never said to him and it's also just important to have someone else around who's a racer and understands what it's like. That's not in your head.

Things are going to look up. I believe it. We got through this. And I'm going to celebrate by taking this cake to my boyfriend's office and apologizing for spending the last three weeks keeping him waiting.
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Oh god I ran Mike off didn't I.

[Shelby, shut up.]

I know women don't normally send guys flowers but I thought it would be sweet. I mean, I had to do something to show him I want to go out with him. Women shouldn't expect guys to do all the work, right?

But what if he thought they were weird?


Or I'm sure having him go to a funeral with me didn't help. That's not romantic. He never should have been there.

I don't know what I'm doing. Actually now that I think about it, I've never known what I'm doing. Ask Red. So why do we keep trying?

...oh yeah. Hopeless romantic. Right.
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Hello, thank you for calling the Deplatement of Metal Fishal Extrapolations, this is Kevin.


What is a "mun"? That sounds like something you order with coffee. Or something you adopt from a video game.

Is it a ghost? I bet it is.
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Oh man yesss. Let's do this! This is great, you gave me a journal before you even gave that old geezer one? I thought he was your oldest, what happened? Can't resist me?

Who cares if you don't have somewhere to toss me? Get your biffle to bring in one of the other girls, it'll be great! Especially Erin. Or Abby. But Erin's-...well...[Huehuehue] Don't look at me like that, I can wink if I want to.
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You know what? I have an idea. Let's play the Quiet Game. I sit here [ he gestures to an armchair ], you sit way over there [ slowly, he reaches behind him then forward in an exaggerated direction ] and we can just, I don't know. Think about how good it is to just not — do — things.

I was perfectly okay before you started [ he pokes the air with his index fingers ] pokin' around again like some sort of — really long pokey object in which one meddles with. Like a stick, maybe. A kind of —

[ marty pauses, caught in a daze. eventually, he blinks, snapping back to reality. ]

Where was I? — Right. The Quiet Game. Don't speak, my hyperbolic friend. Just think.
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Just...stop putting me in all these marriage memes, baby memes, domestic memes. As much as I want that no one is ever going to want to play being married or having a baby with me. The last time you tried that my fiancee disappeared on our wedding day in case you forgot.

I am going to die alone, surrounded by trophies. And I might adopt a cat. You know, save an animal in need and reinforce a stereotype.
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Are you... are you sure this is a good idea? Weren't you just, literally just talking about how you have too many people anyway and should pare down?

And I don't know how I'm going to get my old job back, since I know you aren't looking at games, not that there are many would accept someone like me with all of ten minutes of screentime and no real name.

I don't even know if I'd want my old job back, not now. Not after everything I did. I know you say Anderson will vouch for me, but that means she has to exist, and people have to actually respect her enough to listen to her and I don't... don't really know how likely either of those things are.
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Sorry about you losing your job. If there's anyone who knows how much that sucks, it's me. And I won't give you that bullshit about it going to be okay because the truth is, you never know.

But I'll share one piece of advice. Don't bail on everyone and flee to the other side of the country. That only worked out for me because of Tobey. You try shit like that, you're going to be in even more trouble. Stand your ground and hopefully you'll land somewhere else.

And it's perfectly okay to take tonight and cry.
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...I'm not sure what your trying to do here and honestly I don't want any part of it.

(A very not amused crossing of the arms and an eyebrow raise, though one that is very slight.)

Also? Since I am only now seeing the name here? It's terribly unfunny and despite what others may believe - I still stand by my opinion on the matter.