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What do you want?

[A second later:]

I'm not interested. Bring my brother or...someone else. Not Kagome.

[His lip curls, revealing a fang as he growls.]

She has enough to deal with!

And don't think about Sango or Miroku either!
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{He uncurls lazily, molten gold eyes cracking open to reveal the fire within.}

Are my wishes so complex that you cannot understand them? I thank you for returning my treasure to me - it smells even more of Dwarves and a Hobbit too - but I will thank you for naught else and I will not grant you any favors.

{His smirk is positively wicked.}

Did you think I was generous? Clearly you do not know Dragons.
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Hey, princess, I can see why you're considering all of me. What's not to consider? But I will not cooperate. I do my own thing. Testdrive? Testing is for losers, you get behind the Duncan-wheel, we go at my speed. None of this testing the waters to see if you like me.

You in or you're out. Explosions, knives, poisonous spiders, psychotic tendencies, and my appreciation for women who could kill me and all.

Get on with it!
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Stick with it this time!

-Well someone's grumpy...-

Of course I'm annoyed! You keep picking me up and dropping me like I'm some stone to be cast aside. It's frustrating!

And I'm not exactly thrilled about your plans to fill my entire team with ghosts... It makes me ill to think about.
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A game? Tell me the rules and I shall learn them swiftly. (Her eyes are bright and playful; mischievous, truly.) What do you mean the rules apply to you and not me? That is how it should be, yes, but isn't that odd? How will I know if I've won?

(She pouts, her rosebud lips pursed.)

This game is either too easy or too difficult!
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So, if I've got this right... I'm being whisked off to an enchanted land where emotions control beautiful crystals, there are plenty of mystical beasts, and they have princes and princesses galore?

If this doesn't get my destiny back on track, nothing will! I can't believe you thought I wouldn't want to go.

Oooh, maybe this can count as extra credit towards my Damsel-In-Distressing class.
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While you have concerns in returning to this place, I am confident that together we can find and help others in a game of some kind. There is nothing lost in taking a step forward, only in holding yourself back.

Perhaps, once you feel ready, we can browse the games to see which are still active and test ourselves if the offer is available, but for now, rest should be your priority. This site will still be here when you return, as will I.

Sleep my friend.
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Oh, c'mon, where's your sense of adventure? Don't tell me you're chickening out. We barely got started...!

( a small pause and then a tiny sly grin spreads across her face; saying in a sing-y tone: )

Ya knnnnnooowwwww, if you give it chaaaance - you might just like it~♪.

( giggles. )

Besides, I'm not going to leave you alone otherwise. ( she places her hands on her hips with her head held high.) -- So we should just get going. I wanna be out there to the great unknown.
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Th-this is a bad joke, mundane!

You don't place me anywhere or do anything but "lurk" with me, and yet you felt the need to rename my account? What was wrong with the old name? Did you find it too generic? I am truly sorry if that was the case, but why THIS name as a replacement? Out of all possible names, why THIS one!?
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All right already, can you and your idiotic friends stop squealing about that trailer? I've had about all I can stomach of that sappy little family.

So what if the children have more of a personality this time around? That will just make them easier to manipulate!

Just you wait, Scroogie ~Dahling~. That dime will be mine, and Magica DeSpell will be the richest duck in the whole world!
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(The glitch starts laughing manically. Oh dear...)
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 ....This, URL you have chosen....It leaves much to be desired.
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What the hell do you think you're doing?

Leave me be and go find someone else to bother. I've got more important things to do with my time than be anyone's plaything.
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You going to stop lookin' like that?

What happens happens, we don't have a choice over it. It isn't like you were hanging around like this last season...

Yes, I am glad I'm off the boat. Even if I wasn't on the boat but ...

No. Stop it. She'll be with her family. That's ... it's important.

[Gendry is not pleased with his mundane. Forgive her, for she has fandom feels]
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So... more memory loss? Really? Like Kyriakos wasn't enough for us?

I'm kidding, flower. I know it won't be like that. Curious how you'll make me fit, though! What do you think? Muggle teen heartthrob? Actor? Singer? Oh, singer. I like that one. Make me some bad boy who sings at open mic. [ snickers to himself. ]

Just don't take too long making up your mind, duckie. You've only got til the end of the month.
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...If I knew how to escape your mind and make that no good jerk pay for what he did to you and those other people too I would.

Just now that you have a super ticked off dragon on your side who'd be more than happy to set him on fire for you. I just wish I could do more from here.
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I will make a bet with you, Writer. It is my belief that Magic exists in some form or another in every world. We can either be connected by it or driven apart by it, yet it cannot be ignored.

(This is a subject on which he is passionate.)

Muggles and No-Maj need not be hidden from it as if they cannot possibly understand it! Wizard, Witch or otherwise, we are all humans and we must find a way to share otherwise there will always be fear and persecution.
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Dear mun:

We have known for little time, and I appreciate your enthusiasm on roleplaying as my persona.

Still, I'm not sure dropping my name at pornographic threads is, actually, a clever idea.
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Don't know why you've called me here. I got work to do. What are you, anyway?

Hell? Funny. No, I don't think something like me is going there. Don't think that I'd fit there. Don't think something like me would fit there.

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Voice Test

Feb. 9th, 2017 05:09 pm
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You've got some nerve bringing me out here. Or maybe you're just that stupid.
Whatever, I'm not going to those games you want me in. No way in hell.