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[sticky entry] Sticky: Mod Contact Post

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[personal profile] liorafae2017-05-21 09:34 pm

Canon is Flight Rising

Um...mun? I know character analyzers are nice and all, but...perhaps you should focus on the actual writing? The story won't make any progress like this, and I...really don't have time to sit here and wait.

[She's especially worried because said story is about her.]
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[personal profile] war_widow2017-05-20 09:33 pm

Oh mun, I'll always be in your head...

So you seem to believe that simply because something was... "cancelled" a year ago, you should have forgotten about me by now? I should have just gone away?

Certain disgusting mustachioed war profiteers aside, I'd like to think I'm a little memorable to most people. Well, unless I don't want to be...

Oh, yes, and I am persistent. [dark smile] I'm sure no useless entertainment executive has the power to keep Peggy away, and where she shows up, I'll be. [dark smile grows to dark grin] Don't you worry your pretty little head about that!


On another subject... regarding this ridiculous picture you just saw about the childish man and the aliens and the talking racoon? No, I will not start or be part of an... [beat for eyebrow raise]... "Awesome Nemesis" club with the blue woman. Apart from the bit where I'm not into "clubs," your insistence these... creatures'? existence could be in my reality in any era is... well, it's just plain silly.

Besides, I won all the fights I was ordered to as a child. That's why I was allowed to live.

(((Voicetesting like whoa. Assistance appreciated.)))

Canon is RWBY | Mun is avoiding her responsibilities.

I know you are quite stressed out with this class and finding a new job but don't you think it would be just a little more productive to actually put your mind to your work instead of putting me on here? If you need an A so badly the best way to achieve that is to actually study.
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[personal profile] avaldez2017-05-19 01:54 pm

canon is Chicago Justice

Just because Peter's gone doesn't mean you have to keep playing me. You're allowed to leave too.

I appreciate that you don't want to give up on another muse, but sometimes things don't work out. And it's not like you're never going to play me again. If we see Peter again you can always bring me back out. You wouldn't be the first mun to dust off a muse.

It was fun while it lasted.
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Chapter 536

So, ten more of these "chapters" are left? Time certainly flies...

Things are finally looking up, but now is no time to drop our guard. With so much time remaining, there's bound to be more to this than meets the eye.

Spoilers )
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[personal profile] pulpits2017-05-19 01:03 pm

canon is preacher.

You got a strange way of doin' things, anybody ever tell you that? 'Course they have.

Now, don't confuse my meaning; I'm flattered. But we tried this before, remember? No use in tryin' to make somethin' stick that ain't there.

Canon is SWAT

Yeah show looks pretty decent. Young Hondo should be interesting to watch turn into the guy I know. Time will tell how it does though right? We'll buckle in for the ride.
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One Eli Vanto here, because, why not?

Miss Mun,

"Why not?" Maybe because I shouldn't be here. Or if that's not enough, why don't you return to your Jedi in a computer, or to your ISB deserter?

[mun can do three Star Wars characters. Sometimes. Would love to do five or six, but not enough time.]

[he sighs]

Last question: why me? You're not even 'apping' me. And giving me a temporary PB just shows it's a rushed post. What's the point? Let me go back.
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Canon is The Dark Tower series, Voice testing a very confused muse.

...Cry pardon, Ma'am, but is this a good idea? I mean, I've got things I'm meant to be doing. Places I'm meant to be going, and people I'm supposed to go there with.

Ka-tet and all that. And really, I should be getting back. Who's gunna feed Oy while I'm gone? Or make sure he smiles every once in a while? I mean, don't get me wrong this is a nice set up you're offering and I say thankee sai for it, but I've got a place there.


Well, I guess if I'm stuck, I should at least ask you to find more pictures of me. And really? 'And that is the truth'? I know why, but that's some taste, Ma'am. Some taste.
likeapotts: pepper potts from iron man has a small smile (Default)
[personal profile] likeapotts2017-05-18 12:08 am


So, a couple of things:

1) No one should watch six movies in one weekend. At a certain point you are looking at blood-clot issues from lack of mobility.
2) You don't have time for this.
3) You're a few years too late for my story arc.
4) Hey! You don't get to get bored by your own -- [snaps fingers] over here -- list.
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canon is Blindspot

Don't look at me, I have no idea what that was. It was definitely, weird.
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[personal profile] superkid2017-05-17 11:35 pm
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i-ignoring superman #23 and focusing on super sons #4 instead...!!

 ...No I don't want you to try and 'find me a Damian' to play with. Did you even see what just happened?! That is a terrible idea! I'm probably gonna be grounded until I turn thirty or something as it is.
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After intense gardening work and a reread that involved a lot of Feelings

I should go to a game? What, are you expecting me to listen to you just because you've got a garden and were feeling 'inspired'? Maybe you didn't get the message, but agriculture isn't exactly nature. And guess what? You're not exactly brimming with wisdom about what I should do with my life either. So stop trying to tell me what you think I should do.

Oh yeah, and you can stop reading all that old crap from when I was a baby, too. Nobody needs to remember any of that. [Least of all herself. So many times worse than the usual rounds of baby pictures.]

On recent episodes of his series...

You missed me, mun? Aw... don't worry I'm sure I'm around somewhere on the base. Or with Doctor Grey. You should really write down all these thoughts you have in a blog! I'm sure I could help you with that, or Donut could too. And Grif will be back, he always is don't worry.
shelbycobra: (Definitely pissed at you)

Canon is Need For Speed.

You're lucky Connor wasn't there. Having me need a doctor after the race? When he finds out, he's going to kill you. And then me for not telling him.

But you need to put your head together with his mun. There's some very big things happening for me now, and I can't imagine that he would miss all of them. You two need to figure out what's going on and where he is before you say something else stupid.

And how did I drive three hours from Indianapolis to Chicago with two injured hands anyway?

[Uh Shelby. Shane actually would have...]

No. Don't tell me he's lurking around here somewhere. I'd rather have the blisters.

Officially game hunting again

Me though? Are you sure you wouldn't rather use one of your usual muses? Or is this because of the whole Leo Takumi thing.

[Don't you judge me, woman.]

Now why in the world would you think I was judging you? I think it's adorable that you've suddenly grown so fond of my little brother.

too much coffee + one post = chatty muse

I don't know what we're doing here either! And regardless of what Erin says, I don't think you can make me pregnant. My husband hasn't been here in ever, and even if he was, I think he'd have a cow about it.

A box of Rice Krispie Treats says nobody even notices this.
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careful, shaky dusting off

Waking me up aft all this time? What is is, ten years? Or nearly that. Don't blame my sense of time, I'm not yet so old that I don't know what year it is. I'm going to have to politely ask you to reconsider, seeing as I'd just gotten used to the quiet.

H-hey, don't just ignore what I said! I just told you, I'm not coming out like this, so you can-- [a carefully delicate cough] Well, I'll put it for you a bit more plainly, then. No. And since we hardly see each other anymore, I don't think we need to waste time on further pleasantries. Good day.

[he turns to leave]

No, I'm not bitter about being left when I stopped entertaining you! Although I do imagine something like that would be fair grounds for a dispute.
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[personal profile] pediatric2017-05-11 10:10 pm

Canon is Chicago Med; finale spoilers

minor spoilers behind the cut )

If you want to worry about someone's love life, ask Connor if you can climb into his head for a while. I'm sure he'd appreciate the company of a woman not trying to get into his pants.