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If she might be there...then I have to go. She will be there, right?

I know it seems crazy to even...think that, but...I don't know. I guess it's all I have left.
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I appreciate that you're trying to help. I also appreciate that you're angrier than I'm capable of being, not necessarily because I want to be angry but I know that you mean well by it. It's just that everything is falling apart, and even if it isn't it is, you understand? Even if everything gets fixed, every last thing, and we all come out of this technically whole... there are some things you can't come back from. There are things that have been broken, no matter what happens, and I don't want to face that but I think I'm going to have to?

And that's even assuming we do all make it through. I know you have opinions about that, which I don't want to think about, but the fact remains: the odds of that are slim. All we've done this last while is stare death in the face, sometimes literally, and I haven't had a chance to really process that but I don't want to. I appreciate your anger because I know it's protective but all I'm feeling is fear and the awareness that there's loss and misery creeping up on us.

On me.

I'm scared. The best-case scenario still comes with a lot of worst things, and there's no way to avoid that.

I'm selfish, I'm so selfish. I'm worrying about personal things when that's utterly unimportant, when there's so many horrors that are weighing on all of us and the world and that's what matters, really, making everything right. I'm trying, I'm trying to get done whatever I can, I'm trying to help, I'm trying to keep my heart and my mind open, I'm trying to listen where I don't know things, I'm trying to stay if not positive than at least not negative, I'm trying so damn hard, but it's not enough. I'm not brave enough to be objective. I'm not strong enough not to feel broken. If only I'd been able to - something, then this - something could have been avoided, and we wouldn't be in this horrible mess, but I can't go back and I can't think like that because there are things you can't go back on, and I... I'm not enough. I wasn't enough.
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[Gibbs sips his coffee and stares off into space for a moment]

Are you serious about this. Do I look like the type of guy who do well in a game? If the answer is no why are you still considering it?
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Mundane, I don't know what you're talking about, but, if you don't mind, I would appreciate it if you let me get back to work. We've just made a magnificent discovery here! This isn't the time to ignore Earth-shaking marvels and stand on the fourth wall instead.

You don't even have enough information to do much with me. I can't go any further than this, if you really want to ignore my research and do something with me and other people.
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Guess I should feel flattered that your excitement over another one of these gets me brought out like this.

[ Obviously referring to Alien: Covenant ]

Can't help but wonder what you plan to do with all of this now.

(( xposted. ))
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You've got nothing to worry about, blondie, I'm still here. You're not getting rid of me that easily. Even after the series has ended. Why would I let you go and do that? Now the question is... how do you want me? Not mind controlled, I hope. We'd have a few problems if that were the case.

I know. I know. You just want to get me back out there because you finally got caught up and you miss me. I miss you too. In a very me like fashion.



PS. You do realize that I don't like sharing headspace with my book counterpart, right? He's a dick.
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Here I thought you had forgotten about me. So now what? What's your plans?
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Wow, I'm really flattered you like me so much that you want to send me somewhere! I think. But are you sure you're ready for this again? It's a big responsibility and I kind of have things I need to do at home. I can't leave Chat Noir to fight alone.

...I know I can't really change your mind, unfortunately but if you think you can handle it... if you think we can handle it, then I'm going to support you all the way, the same I'd do for any of my friends. Though I wish you wouldn't take me away from Paris where Adrien all the people *I* care about are...

I know you don't want to let anyone down. I don't either. But I have things to do too. Let's just make sure we're certain about this, and give it our all, okay?
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There's nothing wrong with Lillipup, but having five of them just so you can spend the early hours wandering around in tall grass and taking advantage of Pickup is a waste of time! Anyway, you know for my "official" team you should probably just rely on the manga for guidelines. It's either Tepig or Oshawott since Snivy seems to be Rosa's pick. I don't really mind either since they're both great. Emboar's as bold as I am and Samurott's underrated. We could just settle it by letting me have all three, you know!

I... guess what I'm really here to say is I can't believe it was seriously between me or Drayden. His entire face is a beard! I'm seriously offended that you even had to consider the choice. Uncool.
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I get the appeal of roleplaying and fantasy escapism but I'm not sure I appreciate the idea of constantly applying 'forever alone' memes to me.

Especially since I keep being put in places alone with Felicity.

Just putting that out there.
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Yeah? I'm here. I've been here.

You're testing me, right? Have some confidence! No one's around to quiz you. You're not getting graded. Just do what you want to do, and if people don't like it? They'll get over it. They're just some losers on the internet, what are they gonna do to do?

Oh, and clean your apartment. It's gross. You think I'm kidding? God, no, I'll show up and scrub the inside of your oven from top to bottom, I swear I will. Look, there's some little crusties on the side. You're as bad as Eskild. Boys are disgusting.

At least your microwave doesn't have anything growing in it. So you have that going for you.
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Um. Hi.

[Raises hand.]

Given my relationship status, you know what the first one of these sounds like I did, right?

You don't even know if my boyfriend would want me to propose. Isn't he supposed to propose? And in case you forgot, the one time I tried to get married didn't go so well. So what are you doing with this thread except possibly upturning my romantic life?

...You're just going to leave it there. Okay. Hm. I guess we'll see if he notices. And see if I say I told you so.
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Hey Mun,

I know what you wished for, but someone had to make the sacrifice play and I was the one willing to do it. I'm proud of what I did and who I did it for. Maybe I'll come back and maybe I won't who knows. I just know I did the right thing.
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[There is a little girl with a bright red kimono and a lot of waterworks on the comm today. Frankly speaking, it looks like she would have run away by now, but every time she stops hiccuping and crying into her hands to look up, what she sees seems to terrify her and she goes back to cowering.]

[With every jerk of one wrist, there's the tinkling of bells, and it's a near constant melody to her more painful crying. In fact, uh... anyone with any flashlights... or anything that sheds light at all... That might start to flicker. Or just not work. Sorry about that. The little girl doesn't seem to notice, at any rate.]

[Sometimes, when the crying goes down a little, she looks up at her mun, jaw quivering as she clearly tries to get her voice to work.... only for it to inevitably fail and she curls in on herself as she hides her face in her hands again.]

[The mun is starting to realize this might have been a bad idea.]
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I appreciate it, mundane, but it's not as important as you make it out to be.

The day of my birth does not hold the same meaning as it did many, many years ago. Still, the sentiment is appreciated. Thank you.
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[River spins in circle and dances lightly from side to side.]

It's May and it's time to play so lets play.
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Hmph. Humans are so sinple-minded. So easily entertained.

Sit back "mun" I will show you how a real conquer rules.
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You mean it, mun? You're really gonna put me into a game after all these years? I've been gathering dust in here and you're seriously letting me come out and plaaaaay?

[Because your brother might be there, so...]