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On being reserved at a game


First you decide to send me to a strange and foreign planet, one not even in this galaxy I might add. But then you also decide that the best point in time to take me from is right before my death?

If you are trying to make me feel I have nothing to go back to, then I admit you are right. This still does not make me any more interested in being put in a strange land away from everyone and everything I care about. 

And however you use the term "face twin", might I remind you I am used to seeing people who look a great deal like me. Or have you forgotten my handmaidens from when I was Queen already?

Also if what you say is true, and my son is there. Then yes I would like to be there for him. But he was only just born. I don't understand how he could be old enough to be facing a strange land by himself. And what of his sister?

And Anakin might?....

....that is only a rumour you have heard mundane. And if he does show up, I am not sure how the reunion will go. Given ...what happened the last time.

In any case I have made my argument and the choice is now with you. I hope you at least will listen to reason.

-Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo 
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If helps, ma'am, there are definitely worse places to end up.
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At any rate, Luke'll be glad to see you at least.

[Get ready for tears]

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Proud to say I am, ma'am. He was my commanding officer on Hoth. We've been through hell and back together.
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Jansen's right. There are definitely worse places to end up than Verdana. Hoth comes to mind.
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That's the one.

[Kerra lifts those goggles and offers up a weak smile]

Dunno what you'll make of it. More Skywalkers can't hurt, though. Should I roll out a red carpet?
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Hey, I get it. The Jedi Order's different in my time, but I've heard about it from Luke. The...no romance thing is kind of kriffin' stupid.

[Laughing, Kerra waves a hand. Truly no tact.]

Oh, that's right, you get to have the treat of screwed up timeline with Jansen, your son, and me.

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Around a thousand years and two calender changes before you.

Dark Age of the Republic, I think you guys call it?
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That'd be when I'm from, uh...Senator.

Oh, right. I'm Kerra. Kerra Holt, Knight of the Jedi Order. From Aquilaris, on the edge of the Grumani Sector.
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No. Luke's there. Your...uh...son, if I have all the facts straight.
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He is. And...I don't know. Seems he got lucky, missed the purge.

[She shrugs]

And he's...a little younger than me, I'd say? Nineteen, twenty standard years?
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I am so, so sorry.

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Oh, hey. So you're Luke's mom.
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Re: you are wonderful and should be proud

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[Not a problem Padme, Gonzo doesn't know what race he's from either]

Yeah, he, Artoo, and Threepio crashlanded into me and my friends variety show ages ago. Saved us having to use Angus McGonagle the Gargling Gargoyle as a guest star that night.