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voice testing this Black

Look, it wasn't my fault that my homework ended up all screwed up and battered, since I flushed it down the toilet. Then, got it back out again. It fell out of my pocket. Besides, it was only for old Slughorn anyhow. It's not the end of the world. I could say the dog ate it but I doubt that old Slughorn would appreciate my humour.

As for these games you talk about? I'm already having enough fun and games as it is. I'm a Marauder and I've already told you what that entails. James for one should know. Ah. I do need to remember to give him those Stinkbomb pellets to place into old Snivelly's bag. What? Don't look at me like that. If I don't have fun around Hogwarts, I'll surely go mad. know what madness runs in my family.
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Indeed, the best thing in light is the pursuit of interesting diversions
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That's what you call having fun? [Not amused.]
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My idea of fun is so far removed from yours that it's on a different planet.
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Something that doesn't involve hurting someone else.
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How do you know it doesn't hurt someone? What if they throw up or feel sick? I know I can't stand that awful smell.

James and I are nothing. Are you expecting me to look after your boyfriend, Black, because really, that's not my sort of territory.
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By that logic, most pranks are perfectly suitable. [She can't help it. Her Mun chose a horrible time point.]

Oh I know, but we're not. Going out, that is.
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I noticed that much. [She would have to be blind and deaf to miss his flirting.] All of the Gryffindor girls are good looking.