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I'm not one to criticize inspiration whenever or however it chooses to strike. In fact, I applaud your enthusiasm. But do you think that perhaps you’re getting a little ahead of yourself? We barely know each other after all and you already have plans to insert me into alternate universes. [Gentle, tempered smile.] I think it might be prudent that we discuss the matter in detail first, don't you?
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[Forgive him for a moment, but Kal-L is a bit overwhelmed for a moment.]

Jor... Jor-El?
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Alternate universes?

[ It's theoretically a safe topic, and beats visibly flailing. Which may or may not happen anyway. ]
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Once again, you presume too much of this race, El.
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[Queue one early-20's, American gal looking at you and your outfit with a lot of curiosity.]

You lost, mister?
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Mundanes specialize in making decisions about our lives without consulting us.