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Happy Birthday to all Americas out there

Indeed, it is America's birthday and wishing him well may be appropriate. But... Given the current situation I am not sure how I feel about congratulating him, mundane. This is a matter of trust...

Further, your interest in spending more time with us has been noted. You may need to put some effort into that task.

This is all.
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It's that time of the year again? [A bored aristocrat who has no time to take note of such things that doesn't interest him.]

Well I suppose it comes every year.
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Well I suppose I can do that. But what sense is there to keep track of his birthday.
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The party. [aristocratic tone]
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It's classless though...

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So you two have gotten close, have you?
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[shrugs noncommittally, but not stand-offish] I suppose I knew that. I just find it strange, since I haven't heard you wish others well on their birthdays.
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Wouldn't you like to know.
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Perhaps I'll tell you, if you explain to me why America is different than the rest of us. [leer?]

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[Levi squints up up up at Germany, arms crossed. This guy looks very similar to some other guy he knows.]

You fucking expect muns to put effort into anything you gottanother thing coming.
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Tch, just like him, too.

Yeah well, these assholes don't work like that. All they're using us for is procrastination anyway.
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I am so sorry I missed this!

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...we talked about that, Bro.

[He's not like some nations who can keep their mouths shut about spying. He is just simply never told about it.]
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[He reaches up, touching Germany's shoulder and guiding him down to his level a little so they can touch foreheads.]

Happy birthday to me, huh? Well thanks for at least not hating me.
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[He like it! It feels more intimate than a kiss sometimes.

He answers with a soft sigh.]

I'm sorry, for what it's worth. I really just...don't want anybody to hate me yanno? Least of all you. I think we both have enough enemies right now.
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Mm...as always, responsibility is your middle name...

[Though America has a feeling you really don't hate him. Even with national relations to think about, it would be very easy to push him away and still stay in a fair relationship. Germany should at least understand.]

Hate makes me more ansty than...well friendship and love decisions. Try to make up your mind quickly, Ludwig!