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[homeless forever and ever and ever]

[There is an unhappy dragon who would just love to know someone's motivation for thinking they can tame it. Someone who clearly isn't its master. But no matter. This dragon can bide its time for now. Until its real master shows up, perhaps.]
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[Not your master, sorry. But she does know who you are, stepping back a pace when she sees you.]


White Dragon...?!
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[It's one thing to lecture everyone about how Duel Monsters are descended from physical creatures and quite another to see one in the flesh. Holograms don't do it justice, either.

Still, she'll try to regain her composure, staring back.]

Forgive my surprise. I mean you no harm.
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[She approaches it with caution, thinking over the situation. An idea occurs to her, which brings a small smile to her face.]

You're searching for Seto, aren't you? For the soul of the priest born to command you.
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[Oh, he didn't. She just up and decided they were on first-name terms sometime before their duel, and hasn't stopped since.]

We are acquainted. I'm afraid I couldn't lead you to him -

But if you're here, he will surely follow. Rest assured.
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[She can't help but start worrying already: how long is too long? Should she find the dragon a place to stay? As a tombkeeper and one aware of the existence of flesh-and-blood Duel Monsters, isn't it her responsibility to make sure any and all examples are looked after in this world?

She steps forward, hoping to wait beside it. Maybe...just a hand on its scales.

If it permits her.]
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[Then, very slowly, she'll reach up to pat the dragon, a little in awe both of the creature and her own nerves.

It's going to be all right.]