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dusting off a muse

[She always was the quiet one, it's amazing she'd turned up again after all of this time. But with so many Star Trek muses about, how could she not be curious about them? Certainly they were younger but her friends must be among them. The one with the yellow shirt who spoke kindly, the man with the pointed ears who cared more than he showed, and her favorite who carries a medical bag who tried to give his life for his friends.

Gem would like to see them again. Even if they did not remember her yet.]
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Totally need to break out my TOS Spock now. ;)
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I haven't moved him from Lj yet. I'll do that tomorrow when I'm no longer hunting and pecking on my iPad. Lol. You want my TOS Kirk too? Heck, I'll even throw in a Bones if you want him. Just let me know!
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I'll jump on that one tomorrow. :)