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[voice testing for maybe I'll play him somewhere. Someday.]


Was the journal name really necessary?
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I keep confusing my Ryous. Damn it. XD

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It's... certainly not the worst name that could have been chosen.
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What would you have chosen, if you could?
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It's not so bad. My own mun used part of her screen handle as a screen name for my male-self when she first started role-playing on Livejournal. She renamed the account so that he has a name that pertains more to him than to her and she created her own personal account to keep the two separate.

She also mistakenly misnamed Squall-san's account name, thinking that his first weapon was called 'Rebellion' but finding it was 'Revolver' instead at a later date. She was embarrassed for some time, but she didn't want to change the name since it was pretty much stuck with Squall-san.