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Brand new muse fresh out of the box

A muse out of me? Yes, I understand the concept, there's no need to explain.

However, are you certain humans are ready for interspecies communication? Most are not ready to accept the idea of aliens, especially not one like myself. [Jake licks a paw before continuing.] I'm not adverse to meeting other people, just be cautious.

Now about meeting these "Star Trek" and "Serenity" muses...

[Glad to know you're on board with this.]

Just until my ship is repaired.

[canon is The Cat from Outer Space]
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Wow. It's been a long time since my mun's seen your canon. I wouldn't worry about people accepting aliens, at least on d_m. I think you'd be surprised how open people here can be.

Games might be tricky, though.
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People may open up more, but I find respect hard to come by from humans who consider me nonsentient. Especially given how hard it is to get them to change that point of view once they form it.
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I am. But that doesn't mean people treat me as a person. Things aren't as simple as that, most of the time.

A pleasure to meet you. My name is Saul. [He has a technical sounding name and classification, he just refuses to use it.]
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I'm from the mind of a madman. Literally; I'm a hard light hologram that achieved independence from my programming early on.

[Whether Jake will take that to mean Saul is a person or not is always up for debate. Every individual or every species seems to react a bit differently.]
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It's not the most advanced hard light - I can only stay solid for an hour at most. But it's certainly advanced for the era I was made in. No one can deny effort went into my creation.

For what it's worth, you're the first non-human I've met in a while. If I do anything offensive, you'll have to tell me.
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Thank you, Jake. I wouldn't mind at all, given that holographic technology is a woefully understudied field. If I can help, I'd be happy to. I'm not sure I could return the favor, though. My canon is fresh off an alien invasion; it's best if your existance goes unrecorded on my end.
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I understand that, but you can't blame humans for being skittish after an unprovoked attack like that. I suspect it'll take a while for this particular wound to heal.

Not in full, no. The plans to create me went through six versions before the final 'draft' was created; I have the fourth draft, but the others were destroyed by the man who made me.
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I'm... painfully aware of my solitary status. However, the son of my creator has been working on it. He's easily one of the brightest men on the planet. It won't be long by my estimation before he's able create someone else like me.

In fact, I would recommend talking to him in a few years. He'll have at least made progress. It's in the genes.
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It hasn't gone well. They largely treat me like I have no sentience, with the few exceptions still usually unnerved by me. So far I've made only two friends.

To be fair, I was offline for a good number of years.
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There isn't. Not that I've heard of, anyway.

One of them is my creator's son and the other is my human basis' girlfriend. It's... awkward. At best.
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...thank you. That's the most encouraging way I think I've ever heard anyone look at the situation.
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If you're on memes, my mun would be thrilled to respond to you. I think we could be good friends, even if my social skills are still developing.
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I'm aware of that, but I'm also used to it. It comes with the territory of being a fandom OC.
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...I'm trying not to, but I really do take offense with that one, actually. Give me a minute; what exactly did you have in mind?

[He knows it's not as bad as it sounds, but this hits a nerve.]
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I don't even want to think about a machine revolution. If I had a stomach, it'd be churning at the thought.

I know you're not thrilled with being sick on that meme, but it's a step down in dramatics from war. I vote we choose the path of least resistance.
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It's alright. Mine is easing back into RPing, though, so... that meme might've been a bit much for the first day back in months. We'll find something suitably adventurous later.
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Awww, what a cute kitty!