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voice testing an old muse; considering [community profile] trahere

Pardon the intrusion, miss.

While critiquing nostalgia is hardly my place, present obligations should be minded before shouldering more. Existing duties mustn't be shirked for a moment's excitement.

Step back and consider before committing yourself.

I trust you'll make the correct decision.
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I'll need a dictionary to catch all that you said.

[Of course he's smirking. He caught every word.]
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Heh, well that's where we come in an' kick them in the ears. Mun's're funny that way. Good to get out once in a while though, right?

[Oh good, she caught on his game. Well, at least she's still the same Isis he remembered from his watching at Doma.]
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Sounds like fun. Oy, got any ideas where you'd like to go? I can loan ya a bit an' bridle if ya need it.

[He's definitely having fun talking to her. Varon has always wanted to meet Isis since her broadcast before Battle City.]

Ah, I'm gonna be bold here but you're prettier in person.
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No worries. I'm sure she'll find your home as exciting as you do


You are excited 'bout it right? Sounds like it'll be a good fit for ya. Where I go, not many can stomach it.

[He's mostly referring to the Mist that messes with people's heads and makes them either kill themselves or kill others if he's exposed to it for too long.]

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[Well, there was someone he hadn't thought he'd see around here.]

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[Apparently, muns have other ideas.]

You as well.

Perhaps you should speak to my mun as well. Your advice sounds like something she should hear as well.
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Atem, Isis.

She's still contemplating it. She had placed me in something called a Fourth-Wall Event, and apparently was pleased with the results.
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[That get a smile out of him.]

It was... rather strange. There were a few duelists there, and quite a number of them knew of me.

[And not just as Yuugi.]

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Trusting your mundane doesn't get you very far.
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In my experience, they rare have our best interests at heart.
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That is a very strange choice of words, coming from you.

[ Oh, he knows. And remembers. He would have had more to say about it if he wasn't fighting an infection from having the Millennium Eye ripped out of its socket. ]
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Well, I suppose I can't blame you. The God Cards are in decent-enough hands now.

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Big sis! You're here too?!