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Roleswap AU is pinged by the strangest stuff...

A new game, hunh...

[That... smile that appears on his face is very not-protagonist-like...]

A nice, friendly setting. Sounds like fun; I'd love to see what could happen there.

[ crap.]
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I should think that you would have had enough of games, Seito Souzen.
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I find it unlikely that your choice of games will change, particularly if the place you're headed is anything like Inaba was before your arrival there.
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...Saying that sort of thing makes my player wish she had the time to send me there after you. And I must say that I echo that sentiment wholeheartedly.

Nonetheless, even without me there to warn others of your true nature, I'm certain you'll give yourself away in the end, just as you did in our world.
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When faced with something one has little to no experience with, one should always exercise caution. Therefore, if he truly has anything to do with hearts, you had best be on your guard.

[...On the other hand, if he's simply the character from Alice in Wonderland...Seito certainly will have an easy time of things, won't he. :|]
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[Too bad. Well, she can still hope that Saki-senpai will be sent there...or Yukiko-senpai, perhaps.]

Not in the least. Simply a warning, tempered with a trace of an insult. Not that someone of your moral composition would take it that way, of course.
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[She feels it all right. But you're not the only one with a tragic past.]

We all have our ghosts and our skeletons. It's how we choose to deal with them that counts, and that makes us who and what we are in the end.

[She says it all evenly, without any real emotion, her expression calm and her gaze steady.]

No doubt you'll scoff at me for saying as much, and for the 'lecture', even though you know it to be true. So no, Seito Souzen. You will get no pity from me.
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Be that as it may...I daresay it will not make you happy in the end.

[Part of her almost wants to say something like why not make a new start in this new place, but she's too cynical where he's concerned to think that he'd even consider it. He is what he is, and he'll do the only thing he knows how to do, the only thing that gives him any sort of pleasure.]

The truth will surely come out eventually, and you'll be no better off than you were back home.
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[...Nice to know you haven't learned anything at all from your past mistakes, Seito. B|]

Your overconfidence is your weakness.