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Four months of inactivity? Someone's mun needs to pull himself together.

Mun. Is this really necessary? Yes, you were concerned about the other mun's reaction, but you've spoken to her and there is no problem. You are free to move on and get me into the next stage. Or if that is too hard, you can finish Venus Lighthouse for my younger self. The point is that sitting idle like this is no good for either of us. And it sets a horrible precedent if you branch out to a game with activity requirements.

And maybe if you had been more active, you could have noticed some of my canonmates around here instead of griping about how they don't come to you; I refuse to take any blame on that matter.
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Mundanes are really good at being inactive. You have to hit them to make them work right, sometimes.

It seems like there are more of us running around lately, though, so your chances of running into someone you know are much higher!
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Mine keeps giggling at it because... how did she put it again? Oh, yeah. "Ha ha, according to Dark Dawn you keep looking for thirty years and never find them!"

...but I guess it's better than "fallsofflighthouses," which is what she almost named my journal.

[Icon keyword says it all, really.]

They think they're so funny when they're really not.
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It's not, but she's the same mundane who thought that sending me to a tower full of monsters - which seems to be run by a cannibal who can steal someone's powers by eating them - was a great idea, so I'm not surprised that her sense of humor is terrible. [#animusproblems]

It was only one time, but I guess that's what some people consider a "defining moment" for me... [She sighs heavily. If she could choose what she'd be remembered for, it certainly wouldn't be falling off the side of Venus Lighthouse.]

Exploding... radioactive... what? That sounds really weird... Why wouldn't Cure be able to help? Radiation alters the body to a state it wouldn't be in normally; Cure is meant to help restore the body to normal...
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The mundanes who take part in them seem to enjoy them, so...

[She wouldn't choose most things that most muns would come up with, really. Heck, she wouldn't even choose the things the people who make the games come up with, since they apparently can't be bothered to let her find the answers she wants.'s probably best that she doesn't realize that the Sheba this Felix knows is dead. Thankfully, she's used to reading minds for Felix, so she'll stay out of his.]

I can see why he might think that, but... in a way, isn't radiation just another kind of poisoning? A little bit of it seeps into your body and then your body starts breaking down. Unless I said "poison" or "radiation" instead of "it," you wouldn't even know the difference, that's how similar they are.

If anything Cure ought to be able to repair the physical damage the radiation does, though it might need to be cast again and again as the damage came back if it wouldn't purge the radiation...
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I have a hard time imagining you playing the fool. I'm glad you were able to talk him out of it!

...but really, where are you spending your time if those are the kinds of things that can almost happen...?
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It sounds like an... interesting place...

["Interesting" is one way to describe it, she supposes. The way he talks about being turned into a bird or a robot so nonchalantly makes her wonder exactly how many times it's happened to him...]

...what happened a year ago?

[Though Sheba asks that question, her mun is more interested in the details of that plot. ...and is also lurking the comm. Ooops.

Also her mun is sorry for how long this reply took - she got called in to work]
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[From the look on Sheba's face, it's pretty clear that if she'd been around when all that was happening, she'd have been joining him in getting drunk.]

It just... fixed itself.

[Her tone is one of disbelief. She's grown as used to the goings-on of the Tower as can be expected of someone who's been there for three months, so she's been able to come up with some reasoning as to why things there happen the way they do (even if the reasoning was somewhat flimsy), but she couldn't wrap her mind around something getting so out of hand only to spontaneously go back to the way it was.]

That is so weird. If that kind of thing is normal for you to deal with now, no wonder you spend most of your time at a bar.

[late once again because of work, sleep, and... reading those things, ahahaha

It's pretty interesting stuff. XD Does it always get that crazy though? Or was it just the one time for the move from LJ?
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...but not all of them? [Her gaze follows his hand to the Sol Blade and she furrows her brows.] Felix... [It felt like there was something he wasn't telling her. Maybe it wasn't any of her business, but she'd never really been good at keeping herself from asking anyway. Particularly not when it came to her friends - Felix, Jenna, Piers... even Isaac and his group. They'd all been through quite enough already without added difficulties from what their muns liked to put them through.]

You've been able to return to Weyard? That's... lucky. [In the game she's in, a return to Weyard means... well, it's horrible enough that Sheba is fervently hoping her mun never takes a hiatus.] Have things changed much there? Is the world a better place now that Alchemy's returned?

[Ooh, a wide variety of events... that sounds like a lot of fun!]
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[It's a pity she's not bothering to use her powers to read his mind, because the misunderstanding would be cleared up pretty quickly if she did. Because she's actually respecting someone's privacy for once, though, she's still looking a little concerned... but she figures that if Felix doesn't want to tell her, she can't really force him to, so she'll let it go for now.]

I guess being an "AU" would make a pretty big difference... [Her voice trails off and she shakes her head, then smiles.] Sorry for asking a question like that. It must have seemed a little strange, huh? [He's "AU," so even if he says that Weyard is just fine, that doesn't mean her Weyard is. She wishes someone could give her proof that her world hadn't been destroyed, but thanks to the canon point she's been taken from for the game she was apped to, not only does she think it's gone, but she thinks it's gone because of what she and the others did.]

So... what are the differences? If you're "AU," that means there was a pretty big change, right? And if you were an AU before Dark Dawn was announced, it must be more than just those wars and uprisings not happening, because your mundane wouldn't have known about those when making the AU...

[Hmm, sounds pretty interesting!]
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That's pretty nice of your mun! You're lucky. Mine wouldn't know "nice" if it came up and stared her in the face. [Sheba that was completely unnecessary.]

...oh! Right, right, that makes a little more sense. So, what are things like in the world that your mun established? [She grins.] There's more Adepts, and a lot of the wars mentioned in Dark Dawn didn't happen... what else?