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On her username choice...

Really? Your other "muses" all got clever usernames having to do with them in some way. And all you can think of for me is my name?

It's simply unacceptable!

Now, think this through a little more, and then let's try this again, shall we?
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But it's a nice name, isn't it?

[Please don't, Mia. No. Why.]
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Why hello~

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Nowell...don't you think you should consider you Mun's feelings on this? There are many other muses out there with their given name as their 'username.'
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From the same timeline too! Not too often that happens, huh?

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I haven't met too many people with such a name over my travels. It is indeed a unique, and not a bad choice for your mun.
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Indeed. I wonder about how DD!Piers would be anyway, so it's nice playing off of castmates.

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We shall see where the tides take us, for they haven't led us astray yet. Perhaps we can even aid your brother and his friends once more.
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/makes it a party

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Yes, I'm afraid these mun people prefer to not take the time to do anything remotely creative.
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My associates' actions were entirely their own. And I'm not certain that's the wisest means for judging whether or not you agree with something.
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/eats cake

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Of course she wouldn't be. You mother always puts the well-being of others above anything else.


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do you mind me commenting even though it's days late?? it's just... mercury adepts. :>a

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It's much better than some of the names my mundane was considering for me. I was simply lucky she decided that not enough people would understand the 'jokes.'
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NEVER ENOUGH BLUE HAIR. now we just need Rief for the party to /really/ start~

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Thank you, yours is very straightforward as well. There's really no need for 'creative' usernames when some of them borderline on offensive, so consider yourself lucky. I've seen some horrific ones around here.

[Mundane here was SO upset when 'amiti' was taken.]

Yes, I am. Have you visited before?

the Rief username is taken by what looks like a Rief roleplayer... HMM...

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I suppose... though I must admit it grew tiring seeing it almost every day for nineteen years. Adventuring with Matthew and his friends was much more exciting!

[Does Amiti know who Nowell is?? I can't remember if Rief ever mentioned her and since I'm breezing through most of the dialogue on this play-through... /just gonna go with yes??]

Imil sounds fascinating as well. Think of all of the history associated with the Lighthouse! [/nerd.]
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Perhaps it was just a trick to keep it simple? I think muns have to come up with a lot of usernames for us, so this way she'll know who exactly you are!
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[Yeah, has she seen the one her mun gave him? Not that different.]

Well, it wouldn't be very polite of me to make people worry... [fingerpoke]
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...obviously you don't know me that well yet

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That's not the only reason! When you view everything from a positive light, it makes everything that much more interesting and exciting!


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