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Saw the Movie

 Cor, weren't that summat, missus? All big an' on the screen an'


Mayor of Saint Michel, me. Lived in the Elephant an' ruled from there, I did. Ain't nothing to be worrying 'bout. ... 'Cept, well, ... that bit weren't so great. But life is as life does, eh, got ta keep movin' on otherwise ye'll be dust in the street. 

Now, I gave you somefink, you got somefink fer me?
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Don't you think you should wait till your legs get a little longer before you get let out?
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Well I'm sorry to say this but there's a very real danger of you being stood on at the moment.
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[With a chuckle] Good answer.

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You were brave, at least, Gavroche. You stood by men and you fought.
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[She shrugs] ...I don't think I meant it to, either, really. I didn't mean you to see. I'm sorry, Gavroche.

Did he... he did not forgive me. But he held me.
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'S no more than I could expect... Gavroche, why did you run out like that? I know you did... I mayn't 'ave looked out for you in life, but in death... why?

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You were the bravest of all of us, I think, my friend.

[Prouvaire's voice is delicate, and his smile warm.]
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[The briefest of pauses.] The both of you were. I do not know I can thank you.
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It's you!

[And joy, open and pure, is written on his features. He looks down at his hands, his cheeks flushing a little.]

I don't think I did anything so very brave. At least, I don't believe I did anything differently from the way you or any of the rest of us would have.

Please, don't thank me. I was always grateful and glad to be among you.

[OOC: Can I give you some iconlove for a moment?]

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of course you can. <3

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[There's a very small smile, then, and a brief touch to Jehan's shoulder. It's not a hug, but it's as close as he's going to get for now.]

We were -- are grateful for you as well, brother.
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[Prouvaire knows Enjolras well enough to understand. He raises his eyes, still beaming.]

Thank you, brother. It was only my pleasure to give what I could, what I had. I'll take my life for what it was... what it is now... and be content.

If my verse was short, then it was always intended to be so. I cannot say that I regret anything at all. And, maybe that's more than a lot of people have, even if they live a very long time.

[OOC: I play Enjolras as well as JP (AntinousWild) and if you could tell me where I could find the base image for your "downcast" and "Sexy as I know it" icons I would love you forever. I tried and I cannot find it!]

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It was not. But we all knew that.

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What sort of something were you looking for?
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I could buy you some bread, if you like. You have been helpful to Marius, haven't you?
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[ she tilts her head to the side, amused. ] I hadn't even considered myself to be a third pretty to be honest.

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