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Voice-testing! Barsad being Bane's little duckling follower in tDKR.

What would you have me do?

-- Anything. Find me a way to the League, and I'll do anything.
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Your loyalty is admirable.

And futile.
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A maxim shared by fools and fanatics.
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[ Oh, he understands it. But only from an outsider's perspective. Devotion is something he has never known. ]

And who is this man or group that commands your loyalty so completely?
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A shepherd, hm? From your gear, I would wager a man not unacquainted with war.
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[ Elliot, by comparison, is not nearly so impressive a physical specimen: not at first glance, at least. He carries no visible weapons or equipment; his dress is that of a citizen, not a soldier. Yet he carries himself with a confidence that belies his unassuming appearance. ]

I would have the name of this shepherd of yours.
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[ His eyebrows briefly raise in surprise; the answer, apparently, wasn't one he was expecting.]

I've heard the name. The masked mercenary, isn't he? A curious sort of visitor to this city.
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How curious, to place one's loyalty in the hands of a man who sells it to the highest bidder.

Where is Bane? You cannot be too far from your master's side.
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You were informed correctly.

[ A shadow falls across his features, there and gone again just as quickly. ]

You would be wise to be wary, however. It is not merely one's allies that cheat death in this place.
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[ At that, he something that might almost be called a smile, if it were not so mirthless. ]

I cannot imagine you would be, if you truly serve the likes of Bane.
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[ He inclines his head towards his guest, a polite if meaningless courtesy. ]

Dr. Thomas Elliot, at your service.
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I do. Gotham is where I was born and raised.
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[ Another tilt of the head, but this time it's more appraising. His tone is one of wry amusement. ]

Don't misunderstand. I had the misfortune to be born to fools who chose to make Gotham their home. When I became a man, I left. And now, I have returned, but strictly as a matter of business. Gotham's fate does not concern me.
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[ He's still more amused than anything else.

Because, really, he stopped caring what anyone thought of him a long time ago.]

Do you believe you will find your master in a place like this?
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no worries

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I hope I have a chance to meet him, should it come to that.
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[ If the prospect of death frightens him, he does not show it. If anything, it seems to have energized him. ]

I am not one of the many. And should he choose to kill me, so be it.
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Zealously devoted right hand men for the win?

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Might want to be careful about what you're wishing for. I understand wanting a way back to the boss, but these mun-types will abuse a promise like "I'll do anything."
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There's a difference when you're doing it for the job and when you're doing it for someone else's entertainment.

[He's familiar with this concept. Seb's had to do a lot of things for a lot of different people.]
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omg let me love you.

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You need not look far.
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Of course!

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[There were few who could claim themselves as loyal as Barsad; fewer still that Bane would place any amount of trust in. To see that he would take such lengths to return to the League - to his side - was hardly surprising.

They had much to discuss, but then, their exchanges rarely involved verbal communication. There was far more loaded in Barsad's single word response than most could deliver in several sentences. Something wasn't right.

I trust you have found your mundane... accommodating?
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A heavy promise that no doubt you can fulfill, brother.
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Such loyalty, though expected, is still to be commended.

Though Gotham is beyond the reach of the League of Shadows in this current circumstance, there may yet be other opportunities for it.
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Fate appears to be in the hands of the mundanes. Still, the mission of the League of Shadows will be completed and balance restored.

For what crimes will this destination be held accountable for?
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Ample material to work with. Though the citizens with minds so weak and spirits so broken must also be made to understand their failings.
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A difficult endeavor, but either you will succeed or they shall be your own end. [ spoken like commentary on the weather ]

The wonderful thing about fires, brother, is that it only takes one incendiary spark to spur an inferno.