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someone enjoyed himself (major spoilers for RE6)

You enjoyed that, didn't you? The power of the C-virus. Nothing compared to my own creation, of course, but still rather potent. It's a pity Simmons got his claws into this "Carla"- it's clear she had talent. I might have been able to make use of her.

I did warn them, you know. Stopping me didn't save the human race- it only delayed what's coming, and ensured no one will survive rather than the chosen few. What began in Raccoon is something that will never end, no matter how many bullets and [this is where he would twitch, if he weren't Wesker] rockets they throw at it. I may be dead, but at least I have the pleasure of knowing that dear Chris and his associates will waste the rest of their lives trying in vain to stop the beast that Umbrella unleashed.

...Nivans won't have to worry about that, of course. Oh my, you're frowning. Too soon?
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And here I was beginning to hope you'd finally decided to stay in the past. [Should've known better, sob, but it's been a while since she's had to deal with you. Any of you.

...Then, more stiffly:]

As long as the world lives to see another day, we won't call any of it a waste. Haven't you figured that out by now?
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[It's a petty thing, but agitating him in any form is satisfying on some levels -- she can probably be forgiven for that, considering pettiness is all she has left for a hatred that simply refuses to die.

Her eyes are the only hint of her agitation in turn, but it's fleeting.]
Assuming that's true, what other alternative do we have? Just lay down and die without bothering to fight back?

After three years in your service, I would think you know that's not my way of thinking.
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[Once upon a time, Jill would have reacted a bit more emotionally to that, angry and disgusted that he'd think that way -- she still is, but it's no longer worth an outburst.

So her glare and tone are level.]

I could say the same thing about you, potential-wise. But the biggest favor you ever did the world was leaving a son behind -- he can't undo what you've done, but at least he's making an effort. He's not so desperate and full of himself that he's willing to run away from the world's problems by just trying to scrap it all and start over.

It's more than you've ever contributed, so stop acting like you're in any position to pass judgment on anything.

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[Well, hey, fair's fair. She knows him, just as much as he claims to know her.

Her eyes thin slightly -- not in anger this time as much as confidence, even determination. Some things never change.]

He made it through this. He'll be fine. Keep underestimating him if you want; it's part of what did you in, though, so I thought you'd have learned that lesson, too.