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It's Been a While. Rusty Muse is Rusty

Oh, so you remembered I exist then? Nice to see ya got yer priorities so 'igh in order.

Re-reading'd be a good idea. Not that I c'n, but ...

... We gonna get food soon?
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'S that all you think about, Gav? You won' be findin' food round 'ere easily.
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Ain't we all, little brother?

Canada, 'pparently. 'S a bit like France, but people say it's the future.
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[She shrugs]

Don't know what a colony is. 'Ow would you know, anyway? You're just sayin' words.
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Yeah, an' I'm the Queen of Canada. Least I can read and write. You can't do that.
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Yeah, right. Just like we all wanna be stuck in the stink and the filth. If yer could read, yer migh' be a student and earn money proper. Not through robbin'.
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Oh right.

[She blatantly doesn't believe you]

So what are you doin' then?
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No one will just give you food... Though you know, in Port, some do. Just give it... and they would give to you. You're only a child.
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Well, don' tell 'em that. Act like you can't rob 'em and they'll give you stuff while you're pickin' their pockets clean. That's the way ter do it whilst you're still little enough for sympathy.
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Or you can get a job. You know, I have done six jobs in Port already; I do three now. There is some money there - and you should see my bedroom, Gavroche. A whole room just for me, with a bed big enouh for two and wardrobes - and a rug on the floor - and a light without a flame that turns on with magic.
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And you know, I have tasted grapes, and oranges again, and a lemon drink that fizzes your nose - and baths. I have one four times a week! And ice cream. Such things that we have never seen in Paris. And dresses - a man bought me five! All in one go! And a lady leant me a crown and jewellery and I went to a ball.

[She's leaving out all the negative parts of these experiences, drunk on her own fairytale]
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[Gavroche. You're ruining it! Eponine blinks and comes back to reality]

Shoe? I 'ad shoes, but a monster ate one. I threw the other. But no. To me, no. Not much is free. I work for the lady who gave me the crown and the jewellery - she makes me do as she wants. Like Papa... but less murderous.

[That makes her laugh]

And the man with the dresses... truly, I don' understand what 'e's doin' for me. I 'ave to tell 'im where I am every day. But I did eat it. An' I DID go to the ball, which is more than you or 'Zelm ever did.
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You WOULD. There is the most gorgeous food imaginable - and there is talking and laughing and dancing. Marius did not even know me. He thought I was a lady till I spoke. I danced with him, you know.
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No! Never was. 'E's just my friend.

[Yes, she's hung up on him. Of course she always was. She wishes he was more than just a friend.]
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Don' gimme that look, Gav. I know what's what better than you do!
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Then you'll know there ain't nuffin' between me and the M'sieur.
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I don't. No- no, I don't.
'E'd never 'ave me anyway. He wants someone like that Cosette - d'you remeber 'er, Gavroche?
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Cosette? That girl 'oo used to clean at the inn? Then that man took 'er away, an' made 'er a lady. That's who Marius loves. You think he'd still love 'er if 'e knew she were just like us? That we're better than 'er, really?
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If it were, why don't 'e love me?