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Why hello there... Tentatively looking?

Your interest in me has returned?

It is a shame I am otherwise occupied.

[She is the Empress of Chilling Smiles.]

Do not beg. It doesn't become you.
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I doubt your mun really cares.
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Well then, maybe you should go with the flow and stop complaining. It isn't like you're going to be all that bored. Especially if you get put somewhere.
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Such as, don't leave me like one of those cats in a "hang in there kitty", posters. [Because that would really suck and he would have to troll, the Illuminati way.]
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Depends, too early to tell right now. But you really shouldn't leave a brother hanging. It's not cool and shows that you're full of epic fail. [Yes, is that a problem~?]
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You take things way too literally. [Well they do like to spy on people with cameras...also, he finds killing demons extremely fun. That's what his weapons and magic are for, sometimes.]

Yep, you are full of fail.
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Only if you decide to tell me what you meant. [She really should get with the times then. :|]

[Of course that would depend on if Kikyo actually has feelings to be hurt.]

...James T. Kirk. Captain of the USS Enterprise...Esquire. [Like Mitchell is going to tell her who he is when he doesn't even know her.]
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Let me rephrase that, what could they benefit from you? [YES.]

[Really? Because so far she's been pretty cold, and uncool.]

Well it's nice to meet you Kikyo. [Does she want him to give her his name now?]
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Oh, I can do that too. [Though probably in different type of context.]

[Also, he doesn't care if she cares about him or not.]

I'm not sure if I should, even if I wanted to, or cared too. Of course you probably wouldn't believe I'm telling the truth, even if I did tell you the truth. Kind of like how I don't know if you told the truth...savvy?
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I was blessed by honeybees... [And...he comes from a canon full of sketchy powers/creatures.] Well, good thing I'm not, strange, asian lady. I'm as human as they come.

Uh-huh, because you totally look legit right now. [Not that he's any better, wearing a blue suit and coat.]
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Any average joe can do what I do. Granted they look underneath the underneath the underneath and so on and so forth.

[He actually meant her entire appearance; not really being one who knows a whole lot about Japanese culture. The fact that she has those things around her didn't help matters much.]

Really? Because you actually look like you're ready to go to comic-con...and have, what I guess to be, some sort of spirits or other, mythical creatures.
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Don't believe do you? [And he returns that look with narrowed eyes, a stiff, lower lip, and crossed arms. Challenge accepted.]

...You really are full of fail. [He tries poke one of the creatures.]

Maybe you should think of a different, more awesome name.
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Well then I guess I'll have to show you just how boss I am. [He'll bring it alright.]

Exactly what it sounds like? [Tries again! He will touch you if it's the last thing he does!]

Because it sounds too generic.
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But how should I show you? [Don't be amused for long. He'll probably perform some sort of ultimate trollage.]

And that's exactly why you fail. [It's as clear as light and day, jeez.]

[If he can use his anima to shoot ghosts, then he could probably use it to try and touch one of them, which is what he will try to do. Don't pay any mind to the hand that's now lit up with blue fire.]

Whitesnake, maybe. Never mind the potential, legal implications. I can take care of that easily.

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