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On getting a new journal name and getting his app written

Opening the cage doors again? Hurm. Must wonder how long this time.

Don't understand reference in new name. Last one better, if longer.

Working hard, good. Too bad priorities all wrong.
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dragging an extreeeeemely rusty muse out

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Rorschach, buddy. Good to see you out and about.

[He thinks. Probably.]
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My th-- [He looks at his legs, and then back up, his expression easing out of surprise into annoyance. Rude, Ror. But yeah, he totally missed you.]

I retired again, it's true. This time it wasn't exactly my fault.
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[He knows that, most of the time, but he's sensitive about his thighs, okay. Well, really, more the fact that he's been idle, and he knows it, and he knows Rorschach's going to get on his case about it.]

This time, I -- almost literally had my hands tied. I haven't been happy about it. I've been... [Lonely. Frustrated. He shakes his head.]

Look, it doesn't matter. We're both here now. Plus, there have been all these... other heroes. Have you seen them?

[Weirdos. He's so jealous.]
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[Of course he isn't. To be fair, Rorschach's not the first person he'd go to when he needed a hug. Not that that's a strike against him. Dan really has missed him in all his grumbling ways.]

Well, maybe it is. That's possible, you know. That's what we were always working for.

[And no one needed Dan to get there. His optimism dulls a little, though it shouldn't. Now he's just being selfish, but dammit, he wants a piece of that pie.]
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um can we talk about how your rorschach is perfect

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[Naturally. He hopes he has enough beans. He snorts, distracted from all his conflicted feelings by Rorschach's usual on-point wit.]

Always the optimist.

[He hesitates briefly, looking down at his shoes.] You think there's still room out there for the two of us?
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the cutest and bloodiest brotp of all time

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[Dan's kitchen cabinets will never make sense.]

No, but we aren't getting any younger, are we?

[But now he's just dragging his feet. When he picks his head up, there's a hint of a smile there.]

You and me again, like the old days?
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breaking someone's hand is a bonding experience

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[He watches, amused and trying not to show it too much, as Rorschach paces around him. Maybe he ought to be annoyed, but it's almost cute. You know... For Rorschach.]

I'm sure. I'm ready to get back out there. We can't leave all the saving for these new heroes, can we?